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Level 7, Menara TH 1 Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Level 7, Menara TH 1 Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur




To be the preferred partner to high growth organizations and high performing individuals.

To be the preferred partner to
high growth organizations and
high performing individuals.

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Who are we?

TDCX was founded in 1995 as a provider of outsourced services to a diverse clientele. Over the years, TDCX has evolved into an enabler of the digital economy, with more than 15,000 talented employees in eleven strategic locations Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Spain, Colombia, Romania, and India, serving some of the world’s best brands in Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe markets, and beyond.

Guided by our 5 Core Values - courage, initiative, teamwork, trust, and innovation to ensure that TDCX is a place where all employees are seen, heard, and felt, we want our people to experience life through work thus our campuses are designed to accommodate 'play' while regular employee engagement programs bring 'work-life balance' to reality.

TDCX Malaysia
  • Leading BPO in Malaysia
  • 3rd most desirable country for BPO operations (after India and China)
  • Large Market of 600M people of the ASEAN economy within close reach
Our commitment to #BeMore for our people, our clients, and our community has led to us winning multiple Industry People Awards such as:

Preferred Employer 2021
Awarded by Talentbank Asia
  • Graduates Choice Award
HR Excellence 2021
Awarded by HR Excellence Awards
  • Excellence in HR Innovation
  • Excellence in HR Communications Strategy
  • Excellence in Talent Acquisition
Customer Experience 2021
Awarded by Contact Centre Association of Malaysia
Best Recruitment and Retention in a Contact Centre People and Community 2021
Awarded by Contact Centre Association of Malaysia
  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Innovation and Technology 2021
Awarded by Contact Centre Association of Malaysia
  • Best Digital Innovation Award
HR Asia 2021
Awarded by Business Media International
  • Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021
Asian Experience Awards 2021
Awarded by Asian Business Review
  • Asian Employee Experience of the Year Award

Workplace Policies and Practices

TDCX is focused on the people and care aspects of keeping connected to one another – without the luxury of being in-person at the office. We also believe that a well-thought, open and collaborative workspaces make happier employees. Our offices use an office design plan called Activity-Based Working .
  • If an employee needs to be in an isolated quiet area to reduce distractions from co-workers.
  • If an employee requires close collaboration with co-workers, then he or she can sit at a traditional desk in an “open communication” type of seating arrangement.

When the pandemic first started, the problem encountered was largely the complete change of working lifestyle from office setting to a remote home base which discouraged the human touch and dissemination speed of information. Nonetheless, the organization adapted almost instantly by moving over 95% of our staff from office to work from home in just days (with now, still 75% of our employees still working from home).

While keeping employees engaged has become quite challenging for HR leaders, with constant support from the top leadership and proper utilization of the available software tools, TDCX engaged their employees digitally by optimizing the business performance beyond workspaces with our enhanced services and operation modules such as home protocols, fraud playbook, code of conduct, NDA , online courses and more. TDCX also invested in technology for home offices to ensure data security, RPA for smoother operations and remote hiring for thorough online recruitment.

As such, the agile reactivity makes communication barriers almost none albeit a new style of working. With the strategic planning in place, we provided them the best solutions we can give. We built a more human employer-employee relationship and employment deal to meet employees’ demands.

Other than that, to ensure the mental well-being of our employees, the organization provided the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 2.0 via NALURI which Digitalizes Mental Wellbeing (in conjunction with our #BeMore and #BeHappier belief that all our employees are to be always provided with access to mental healthcare).

Employee Benefits and Activities

Employee Centric Programs

One of our Strategic Objective: SO#2 focuses on Employee Experience: Create Condition to Attract and Retain Employees .

Our employee value proposition is to #BeMore and #AccelerateYourCareer. Through career development, it enabled us and allow 50% of our successors to be promoted in 6 months’ time within the company and an internal placement of 10%.
  • Career counseling – We have trained 777 career development coaches and conducted 134 Group Coaching that comprises of more than 2,000 employees who attended, 64 Batches with 3,000 employees who created their Career Development Plan, 4 Sessions of Workshops and 28 Batches of Program ALIAS Name projects and 138 Sessions of 1on1 Coaching initiated by employees . All these activities aimed to support employees achieving their career goals.
  • Mentoring - It involves the activities that allow for the transfer of knowledge and skills, which both Mentor and Mentee may grow in the mentoring process through invaluable professional experience and consistent support. We have 37 leadership mentors who attended career development for manager workshop and there were 387 employees scheduled to meet with career coach .
  • Succession Planning – creating a talent pool of leaders. A total of 392 successors were identified to fill key and critical positions and 50% of the successors are ready now for the next level positions . This is due to the robust leadership assessment and personalized development plans for the successors.
  • Learning and Development – an employee can enroll in learning courses offered by Leadership Development to support growth and development. This significantly increased and achieved 79 learning hours per employee through TDCX Flash Learn and LinkedIn Courses vs yearly target of 48 hrs/employee . Over 120 trainers provided blended learning to employees. To enhance this experience, our tool enhancement and innovation integration has enabled 100% employee and manager self-service.

ACTIVITIES: Employee Experience

We use our core values to guide us in everything we do, as they form the foundation of our culture, how we perform at work, and conduct ourselves. With 75% of our employees still working from home, our #BeHappier and #BeMore efforts zeroed in on bolstering employee morale and well-being through a host of seminars, games, and contests in the virtual space. Embracing our #BeHappier motto, TDCX has been recognized as one of the best places to work.

Our Flash Pulse platform enables our management to understand and quickly address the concerns of our employees. Our internal surveys, which we conduct through our Flash Pulse platform, and which are based on self-reported employee information, show that:
  • 98% of our employees knew what is expected from them
  • 96% of our employees strongly understand and align their work to the vision and mission of our Company
  • 84% of our employees felt that they had opportunities to grow and learn
  • 82% of our employees felt that someone encourages their career development
We address weekly feedback from our employees on 10 matrix Flash Pulse - Happiness, Wellness, Satisfaction, Recognition, Feedback, Relationship with Manager, Relationship with Peer, Personal Growth, Alignment, Ambassador. We address Bottom 3 SSS Score - Learn and Grow, Encourage Career Development and Recognition by improving our employee engagement and retention strategy.

The data gathered using Flash Pulse is collected in real-time where data insights can be accessed that helped us to create an environment that motivates employees to become deeply engaged in their work, we invest efforts.

We want our employees to feel safe and empowered and strive to create an optimal environment by advancing human rights and economic empowerment, promote diversity and gender-equal workplaces, and investing in our people’s development and wellness.

We the following activities as well:
  • We have Leadership Forum - CEO Connect and EVP Connect biannually
  • We have Leadership Dialogue of CEO and C Suite with our leaders
  • We have Career Development and Learning Festivals
  • We have Innovation Live Talk on innovation and ideation
  • We have HR Programs and Initiatives sharing
  • We have a Diversity and Inclusion celebration
  • We have Corp Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) activities
  • We have monthly wellness and mental health program
  • We recognize and celebrate achievers - Best Employees Awards - Core Value Awards - Engagement Awards - Leadership Excellence - Anniversary Celebrations
ACTIVITIES: Giving Back to the Community - #BeKinder #BeGreener

At TDCX, we are committed to bringing positive transformation to empower our people, uplift communities, and promote environmental sustainability. #BeHappier and #BeMore – We want our employees to feel safe and empowered and strive to create an optimal environment by advancing human rights and economic empowerment, promote diversity and gender-equal workplaces, and investing in our people’s development and wellness.

In Q1 2021, we implemented 3 projects in support of #BeKinder causes such as being part of the Pahang Flood program to assist with the relief of flood victims, as well as Hospital Sungai Buloh and Kuala Lumpur Hospital to help the frontliners during the pandemic with a donation of $1,436 (USD) for both causes in total.

Whilst in Q2 2021, we participated in 2 projects the Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur in planting 48 trees amounting to $783 (USD) as part of TDCX’s #BeGreen initiative and was involved in the INITI International College Employment Project on Leadership Responsibility #BeKinder.

We also leveraged our partnerships with several local and international non-profit organizations in implementing an array of #BeKinder projects to uplift local communities which includes a donation drive to raise funds for charity (as part of our regular partnership with the Singapore Red Cross).

Organizational Structure

Global Leadership Team

TDCX Malaysia Human Resource Organization

Current and Future Plans

Current Plans
To accurately measure our staff satisfaction, various steps were taken monthly:

In 2021, for the Staff Satisfaction Survey, overall, we achieved 87.9% for H1 and 89.6% for H2. We drive employee engagement and retention strategy by achieving 89% engaged employees and 19.7% voluntary attrition (1.6% per month)

Future Plans