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QI Tower, 3, Jalan Toman 8/18,
Seksyen 8 Petaling Jaya,
46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

QI Tower, 3, Jalan Toman 8/18, Seksyen 8 Petaling Jaya, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor




Our vision is to touch a billions hearts
with the aspiration to help build a
better and sustainable tomorrow.
We aim to make a positive impact by
empowering people, transforming
communities and safeguarding
the environment.

Our vision is to touch a billions hearts with the aspiration to help build a better and
sustainable tomorrow. We aim to make a positive impact by empowering people,
transforming communities and safeguarding the environment.

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390 (Malaysia)



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Founded in 1998, the QI Group is a diversified multinational entity catering to varied businesses that include education, hospitality, direct selling, financial services and retail. We employ more than 1500 people across 30 countries, and have key regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

As a group, our focus is on enabling people to rise through solutions that power entrepreneurship, enhance urban lifestyles and pursue educational excellence. We are constantly expanding organically through tactical investments in global markets, creating high-quality interrelated ventures, products, and services worldwide.


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi is the corporate icon of the QI Group and the company operates on the vision statement “To touch a billion hearts” with the aspiration to help build a better and sustainable tomorrow. We aim to make a positive impact by empowering people, transforming communities and safeguarding the environment”.

The Core Values of the QI Group, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and built on Raise Yourself To Help Mankind-RYTHM, are:



Buddy Program For New Joiners

As part of the Onboarding in QI Group, a “Buddy program” was introduced in 2019. It aims to transition employees smoothly into the company and provide ample support.

Diversity In QI

Being a global company, QI group believes in equality. The company attracts and develops talents regardless of race, culture, and gender.

Flexitime Introduced

QI Group places importance towards empowerment of employees and the year 2019 saw the introduction of flexible working hours for all employees. This move was met with rave positive feedback from employees.


QI Group offers employee benefits that are above market practice in terms of variety and quality. The company continuously reviews policies to upgrade the employee benefits.

SERVICE AWARDS To encourage employee retention, the company grants Service Awards for different milestones:
  • 5 Year Continuous Employment | USD 1,000 cash award
  • 10 Year Continuous Employment | USD 2,500 cash award
  • 15 Year Continuous Employment | USD 3,500 cash award
  • 15 Year Continuous Employment | USD 5,000 cash award
The awards consist of recognition, a choice of one of our products, and a monetary gift. The awards are given only once per year at the Company’s Anniversary Celebration to all employees

  • Overall Medical
    From RM 40, 000 to RM 100,000
  • Optical benefits
    Up to USD 200 for employees who had served company for 2 years and above (once every 2 years)
  • Dental
    RM 500 per annum (all grades, employee only)
  • Group Term Life
    The sum insured is at 36 months basic salary of the employee
Covid extended coverage covers (employee & dependent) the claims incurred due to COVID-19 that are medically necessary. The coverage amount shall follow GHP policy/plan entitlement limit, and the reimbursement amount is based on Malaysia reasonable and customary charges.


Mobile phone allowance: Employees would be provided a company mobile depending on the nature and requirement of the job

Car Park Subsidy: Seasonal Parking - RM 200.00; RM50 subsidized by company
Reserved parking – RM 250.00; RM50 subsidized by company

Employee Referral Program: From USD 200 to USD 800 given to an employee if their referral is recruited in the company

Medical Certificate (MC) Exemption: Employees shall be exempted from having to produce medial certificate for one day sick leave

Leisure: Various attractive discounts are offered to employees for stay in the different resorts owned by the company.


We started to reinvent our development programs in order to adapt to the new normal and decided to step up the game and elevate our support to the business as well as become more customer centric. We changed the way we did things and focused on following attributes:
  • Right size & content, as learning sessions moved virtually it needed to be practically shorter and more focused.
  • Just in time, as knowledge needed to be accessed when it needed.
  • Innovative, to cater to the needs of future generations and skills.
  • Adaptive, as it needs to be customized and personalized to suit individual needs.
  • On demand, to give flexibility and the ability to connect with the needs of today’s workforce.
Based on our training needs analysis, we created the Multi-Level Tracks to cater to the learning & development needs of our workforce that sit across different levels within our organization.

Key Talent Development and Succession Planning :
At Qi in 2021 we have accelerated the growth and career progression of our high potentials through a 1-year job rotation program whereby the incumbents rotate in the different areas of the business to gain critical experiences that are tied to their development plans. These included a targeted Development plan, A dedicated mentor, Self-assessments, Structured Learning, Check-in, feedback and networking with our Chiefs.

In addition we launched various Leadership programs to target future skills like Emotional intelligence, Critical thinking and Leading workplace Change to enhance and strengthen our Leadership portfolio

Manager Series:
The Manager Series was created for the purpose of unlocking the potential of our People Managers and to create a stronger and more consistent management culture while building managerial competencies. The manager series closely resembles a Netflix series, where modules are launched every 6 to 8 weeks for this complete 10-month program.

Foundation Of Management:
To smoothen the leadership transition and equip new managers with fundamental management skills, we created the Foundation of Management program. The program also provided a platform for new managers to share their people management experiences via group sharing and discussions. The program also offers gamified simulations and LMS self-directed eLearning’s.

All Employees:
Our workforce deserved a well-blended learning journey that encompassed programs on efficiency & functional specific trainings, General workplace skills development as well as the following modules for a sharpened career progression:

- Gold standards of Customer Excellence

- Achieving Business Excellence

QI Young Talent program/ Graduate training program: text
An exclusive program for high potential recent graduates for a duration of 12 months. Trainees will undergo on-the-job training, cross-functional assignments and personalized rotations to different business functions.

Executive MBA: text
The company offers all employees the opportunity to pursue MBA on a collaboration with QUEST University.

Online e learning platform | Qi LEARN:

The e learning platform “Qi LEARN” that was introduced in 2019, has enabled our employees to engage in tremendous self-directed learning. The platform which comprises about 90 courses and made accessible to all employees, has seen an adoption growth of 10% to 50% during this pandemic period. Qi LEARN has also been used to create some of the learning journeys of the employee development programs.


QI Group believes that a happy workforce improves wellbeing, promotes retention, and increases an organization’s productivity. Hence, the Group has implemented various employee engagement initiatives to establish a happier and more productive workforce.

The groupwide engagement survey was created to identify employee sentiments and satisfaction at work, while keeping their feedback anonymous. Qi takes employee feedback seriously and makes every effort in providing its workforce with the best solutions and remedies to better their work, health and life journeys. The engagement survey has seen 79% participation which is excellent and indicative of the trust that our staff have in the company and in its values.

Happiness And Wellbeing Calendar

The Happiness and wellbeing calendar reflects the engagement efforts Qi has made for all its staff to enjoy. A very specifically planned activity is crafted out of suggestions, Ideas and requests for every working day of the month. These activities are not effortlessly repeated every month, but instead replaced by something different in the efforts to provide variety and to drive the growing engagement.

Clubs & Leader Sessions

There is a total of 7 clubs that have been formed with the purpose of catering to the various interests and life-skills development of our employees. They are the Music Club, Cooking Club, Fitness Club, Baking Club, Dance Club, Book Club & Cycling Club. Each of these clubs have their own engagement activities and are growing membership numbers. There are also ‘Up Close and personal with senior leader’ sessions held to give all employees an informal fun filled engagement experience with top management. These leader sessions allow for our employees to engage with their leaders as regular everyday people and ask the most personal of questions.


Virtual Yoga Sessions

At QI, our employees’ well-being is treated with utmost importance. Regular yoga sessions have been introduced in virtual classes. This way all our employees have had the benefit of enjoying instructor led Yoga sessions from the comforts of their own homes during this covid-19 pandemic.

Qi Cares Program

QI cares about the wellbeing of all our staff and has partnered with Naluri, a digital care provider, to provide services via the Naluri app in:
  • Personal physical and mental health support with Psychologists, Health coaches, Dieticians and Personal Trainers.
  • Providing continuous community webinars on different topics.
  • Integrated approach and holistic support that considers mind, body and lifestyle factors.
  • Furthermore, Naluri keeps all personal data and exchanges of information from its users confidential.
The Zone

The Zone is a unique leadership development program spearheaded by the Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran. This exclusive 4-day program is by invitation only and participants are drawn from a combination of employees of the group, the Board of Directors of QI, and distributors of the Group’s direct selling business. Participants at the Zone go through 4 days of intense reflection and self-assessment to help them find their purpose. The first Zone was held in Thailand in 2011.

QI Rising

QI Rising which is a team building programme spearheaded by the Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group, Dato Seri Vijay Eswaran, to boost the employee engagement. QI Rising aims to develop a sense of teamwork, self-confidence, urgency, and a spirit of ownership for the company’s vision among the employees.


STEER is another employee engagement initiative which aims to develop a strong commitment in employees to deliver a genuine, heartfelt SERVICE in respective fields of work; a sense of TEAMWORK, a feeling of ENRICHMENT by nourishing the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of employee, a culture of EXCELLENCE in everything they do and, ultimately, a RESOLVE amongst employees identity, well-being, and purpose in the company.


QI Group ensures that the company creates sustainable social impact. In January 2019 the Group launched the Malaysia Super League team, Petaling Jaya City Football Club (PJ City FC). PJ City FC is named for the vibrant city of Petaling Jaya, which has been home to the QI Group’s operational Headquarters for 20 years and houses our 15-storey green certified QI Tower. It aims to galvanise the community of Petaling Jaya and create something new and exciting for a new generation of Malaysian football fans. QI is committed in giving back to the local community and one of the ways to do this is via sports. With this latest collaboration, QI and PJ City FC aim to enliven the Malaysia football scene, inspire sports excellence among youth and promote unity within our diverse community.


As Manchester City FC went on to become one of the top teams in the English Premier League, Europe and the world, QNET extended its partnership with the English club in 2017. In 2018, QNET decided to go a step further by spearheading the sponsorship of Manchester City’s first women’s team.