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Bangunan Zakat Selangor
3-01-1, Presint Alami,
Pusat Perniagaan Worldwide 2,
Persiaran Akuatik, Seksyen 13,
40100 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Bangunan Zakat Selangor, 3-01-1, Presint Alami, Pusat Perniagaan Worldwide 2,
Persiaran Akuatik, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam,Selangor Darul Ehsan


Collection And Distribution of Zakat


To be a leader in zakat institutions
that adopt management standards
comparable to the global level.

To be a leader in zakat institutions that adopt management standards comparable to the global level.

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Lembaga Zakat Selangor (“LZS”) was established 20 years ago and synonymous with zakat management in Selangor. LZS plays an important role in complementing the State Government’s poverty eradication effort. Zakat is one of the fundamental pillar of Islam, it serves as the purification of wealth and is categorized under obligatory charity in Islam for Muslims who fulfills its requirement. Core functions are collection and distribution of zakat and asnaf (the needy) development.

In achieving the fundamental aspect of LZS, the main objective of LZS is tailor-made to Strengthen Zakat Management, Maximize Zakat Collection and Improve the Zakat Distribution. The objective statement is supported by its:
  • Vision - To be the leader of zakat institutions that adopt management standards comparable to global ranking;
  • Mission – to provide services to Muslims with full integrity and professionalism in the collection and distribution of zakat.
Consequently, LZS employees are continuously trained and nurtured with programs and activities to internalize the 7 Core Values as specified below:

Workplace Policies and Practices

Human resources policies and procedures are in place to ensure that corporate governance is followed, particularly when it comes to managing work processes and employee conduct, such as recruitment, compensation & benefits, disciplinary, learning & development, conflict of interest, bribery, and safety & health.

Various audits and assessments have been done to maintain and assure compliance with various rules and procedures. As one of the organizations that has achieved ISO 9002:2015 accreditation and has taken the step to become Anti Bribery Management System certified, compliance is critical.

All policies, procedures, and processes are designed to balance the benefits of the organization and its employees in order to achieve high performance while maintaining a kind and caring work environment in order to support a positive employee experience and increase employee engagement.

In the initial pandemic outbreak, LZS swiftly launched work-from-home policies with clear guidelines, handbook on the same policy for employees and supervisors, extended telephone allowance and to all staff rather than a selected group of employees and renamed it connectivity allowance, and changed work arrangements (in accordance with the pandemic scenario and government restrictions) such as implemented shorter work hours and branch operation hours, reducing the number of employees working in the office, and establishing split teams that come to the office.

Employee Benefits

LZS place a strong emphasis on employee perks to ensure that employees feel valued and secure. Since the pandemic, the challenge was to monitor employee well-being and the unusual stress level notable among our employees. Hence, we believe that by providing proper benefits to heighten employees’ well-being, they will be able to strike a good work-life balance. Enlists below are the “extra” benefits enjoyed by our employees:
  • Medical
    • Dental
    • Prolong Illness Benefit
    • For Parents
  • Leave
    • Compassionate leave
    • Paternity leave
    • Hajj leave
    • Umrah leave
    • Study leave
  • Statutory Contribution
    Additional monthly EPF contribution of 16% (after confirmation)
  • Education
    Education sponsorship
  • Membership
    Professional / Association Membership
  • Loan
    • Personal loan
    • Housing Loan
    • Car Loan
  • Allowances
    Connectivity allowance
  • Pandemic-related new benefits
    • Employer arranged vaccination program
    • Assisted COVID-19 swab test
    • Virtual health care consultations
    • Additional working tools
    • Tablet for staff’s children

Employee Engagement

In today's competitive economy, employee engagement has emerged as a crucial driver of corporate success. LZS is committed to providing a high level of engagement in order to enhance talent retention, develop customer loyalty, and increase organisational performance and stakeholder value. We are looking at employee engagement in three focus areas – committed, contributing and captivating. We have implemented activities that are aligned towards these three focus areas as below:
  • Committed Want to remain with the organisation and being enthusiastic about its mission
    • Established corporate core values, with commitment as one of the values with various internalization initiatives.
    • Virtual town hall and communication session with leaders to explain organisation direction and achievement.
    • Teams demonstrating core values as one of divisional KPIs.
  • Contributing Motivated to help the organization succeed
    • Tea-talk session with CEO
    • Various learning & motivation program
    • Employee participation programme for social media promotion
    • Prayer program
  • Captivating Feeling energized and looking forward to coming to work
    • A digitalization transformation initiative to make work easier
    • Fostering a welcoming, caring and safe work environment

Employer Branding

LZS believes that our employer brand is how the general public perceives us. LZS's "unique smell as an organization" to the public at large is its formidable CSR efforts to support the less fortunate or also known as the asnaf.

Our employer brand is built on multiple factors including the policies, programs, rewards, benefits and perks offered to our candidates. Our employer brand is strong from our solid presence in the distribution of zakat broadcasted through our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Aiming to the potential candidates and those with the desire to give back to the community, country, and religion are drawn to our major presence as an Islamic organization and a zakat institution.
Our service level generates its own benchmark, thus Service Delivery Model (SDM) is also our branding. A satisfied employee, will exhibit the proper attitude and leave a positive impression at LZS. This statement is evidence from the statistic of staff attrition in year 2020 that shows only 1% of staff turn-over rate. Consequently, the longest serving employees stand at 25 years of service further strengthen employee loyalty and belief in the LZS logo and brand carried on them.