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Suite 3.02, 3rd Floor, Wisma Ali Bawal 2,
11, Jalan Tandang, 46050 Petaling Jaya,

Suite 3.02, 3rd Floor, Wisma Ali Bawal 2, 11, Jalan Tandang, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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KONE in brief

Our roots go back to 1910, when a machine repair shop in Helsinki became known as KONE, Finnish for "machine". More than a century later, we enable the smooth flow of millions of people in urban centres across the world.

Our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. We make cities better places to live by understanding People Flow in and between buildings and by making people's journeys safe, convenient and reliable.

With our new strategy Sustainable Success with Customers ; our key focuses are:
  • Driving Sustainability in everything we do. We think about sustainability in a broad sense, covering our offering, operations and culture, encompassing the environmental aspect, but also diversity and inclusion, safety, quality and ethics and compliance.
  • Expanding the scope of business with customers through value-added solutions, creating significant new revenue streams for us and supporting our customer’s differentiation.

KONE Malaysia

KONE Elevator (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 1982 and situated in Kuala Lumpur, with branch offices in Johor Bahru, Penang and Sabah. KONE acquired Fuji Lift and Escalator in 2006 and today, KONE is one of the fastest growing elevator and escalator companies in Malaysia.

Innovative People Flow solutions have made KONE an industry forerunner for several decades. Several major real estate developments in Malaysia featuring KONE solutions, includes the KL118, Capital Square, Menara Binjai, Sky Residence and Volvo office building.

KONE prides on its values of; CARE - We care for each other; CUSTOMER - We are committed to our customers’ success; COLLABORATION - We collaborate as one team; COURAGE - We perform with courage.

In KONE's employer branding strategy , we look at internal and external communication activities. We focus on attracting talent through promoting KONE as a great place to work.

Onboarding experience is an important step to give the best first impression about the company. We believe our new hires will share about their first day experience in the new job with their network. In relation to that, we want to ensure that their onboarding experience had been utmost exciting for their sharing. Also, we strive to ensure good experience during employees’ tenure in KONE through the retain and development strategies.

Employer Value Proposition at KONE encompasses:

Growing together
  • We believe in strong leadership; a common set of values and dedicated employees are what makes us successful.
  • We have provided inspiring career opportunities in the elevator and escalator industry for more than a century.
  • We encourage and support our employees’ development.
  • Global megatrends like urbanization drive our business growth.

Winning Together
  • We build strong teams that are motivated by great leaders.
  • We are passionate about everything we do.
  • We focus on engaging our employees, looking after their well-being, and creating job satisfaction.
  • Everyone is involved in making KONE a great place to work.

Improving urban life
  • We develop solutions that make people’s lives easier and more comfortable.
  • Our solutions are known for their industry leading eco-efficiency, design, and innovative technology.
  • We want to delight our customers by offering the best possible People FlowTM solutions.
  • As a KONE employee, your work helps to improve the quality of urban life.

As a global company KONE provides equal opportunity as employer for employee career development . While every employee is personally responsible for their career development, our line managers provide guidance and support for them to grow internally.

It is recommended that career aspirations are discussed as part of the Performance Management Process. All KONE employees are entitled to apply to the internal job positions via Workday by following the job rotation guidelines.

Some of the important job rotation guidelines include:
  • Employees do not need permission from their manager to apply for open positions within KONE.
  • Once appointed for the open position, neither the employee nor the employee’s current HR/manager shall negotiate a salary increase or other benefits in an attempt to retain the employee in the current unit.
  • Whether the recruitment process is successful for the internal candidate or not, it textshould not affect candidate’s current role/position within the organization.
  • Competence development text is also one of the important aspects of the career development.

At KONE, we strive to build and nurture an inclusive culture that promotes and values diversity . Diverse workforce and inclusive culture and working environment support us to build a great place to work. This drives our innovation and connects us closer to the customers and communities we serve. D&I principles guide our work and help us to promote D&I in different practices and processes;
  • Strive for a supportive and open working environment
  • Build high performing and diverse teams
  • Realize each employee's full potential
  • Empower everyone to raise D&I concerns

KONE is an text equal opportunity employer and will assure equal treatment to all individuals regardless of for example race, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability or marital status.

Rewardstext plays a key role in being a great place to work – one of our five strategic targets. We make significant investment in the range of rewards, both monetary and non-monetary, that we offer. Total rewards consist of three different elements ;
  • Essentials - The foundation of our reward offering and are received on a regular basis
  • Opportunities -Additional reward elements that are influenced by employee performance
  • Experiences -We offer a variety of experiences that help employees to achieve their career and personal goals and enable them to live a healthy and balanced life
KONE cares about Well-being of our people . ‘Elevate Your Health’ is a company-wide program that aims to improve the overall well-being. Elevate Your Health program focuses on three aspects:
  • be aware – becoming aware of personal health risks, both physical and mental
  • be active – taking personal actions to address and improve risks or maintain good health
  • be responsible – committing personally to increasing habitual physical exercise
We all want to develop ourselves, and in our work, we have many opportunities to learn new competencies. When new technologies are changing our lives and work faster than ever, we also need to learn faster and in new ways.

At KONE we promote the 70-20-10 approach for learning ;
  • 70 % of our learning happens through experiences
  • 20 % through social learning
  • 10 % through formal development and training