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Level 25, The pinnacle, Persiaran Lagoon,
Bandar Sunway, 46150,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Level 25, The pinnacle, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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Evonik in Malaysia

As one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals, Evonik has been active in Malaysia for many years since we opened our first office in 1995. Today, besides sales and marketing activities, Evonik Malaysia also serves as a Shared Services Center which provides regional and global functional services to the Evonik Group including financial services, procurement, and IT. It also houses Evonik’s Business Analytics & Reporting Center, which combines different individual dashboard solutions to create a uniform understanding of the reported business-relevant figures to increase synergies.

For us, our employees are the key to our success. Our corporate culture is characterized by Performance, Trust, Openness and Speed, to create an atmosphere in which people enjoy working for Evonik. We provide opportunities for personal and professional development. In difficult times such as those brought about by the pandemic, we make sure to care for the mental and physical well-being of our employees. Evonik also values continuous feedback and learning because we believe that investing in our employees and sustainable business growth go hand-in-hand. This is what we mean by our promise as an employer: “Exploring Opportunities. Growing Together.”

Resources for continuous learning

Evonik strives to provide a holistic enrichment for our employees. We engage with a wide range of vendors to provide them with extensive training throughout the year. Topics range from Data Modelling and Visualization to Embracing Diversity & Inclusion. All employees are empowered with the necessary hard skills and mindsets to excel at their job and grow as individuals.

Health and Wellness

Evonik actively seeks out the best resources to help our employees continuously grow and support their well-being. Comprehensive wellness program
To combat the challenges of working from home, Evonik created a comprehensive program dedicated to promoting health and wellness. This includes fitness classes such as Yoga and Zumba, webinars, and consultations to empower and educate employees on nutrition and psychological topics.

Focus on mental health
We recognize the toll that pandemic conditions have taken on our employees’ mental health. Thus, we developed a work-based intervention program designed to enhance the emotional, mental, and general psychological wellbeing of employees. The program consists of individual therapy counselling sessions, a 24-hours hotline employees can call for support, and various talks and workshops that cater to employee needs.

Total package concept
Evonik aims to provide a competitive, fair, comprehensive, balanced, and holistic package to our employees across all employment levels. Our employees receive additional Employer Contribution under the Employees' Provident Fund, Long Service Awards which even contribute to retirement, and a wide range of other benefits including flexible work hours, insurance coverage, and comprehensive medical coverage.

Celebrating Company Culture

New office concept
After COVID-19 threw a spanner into the traditional office structure, Evonik invited employees to participate in an employee survey to gather insights on potential working arrangements.

Today, Evonik Malaysia offers a new flexible office concept. Employees can choose to work from home up to 2 days a week and are all equipped with necessary equipment such as a laptop and headset to work remotely. Employees also have their own lockers in the office to facilitate this flexible arrangement and are kept safe with daily sanitation of the office. Trust is one of Evonik’s core values, and it is perfectly displayed through this arrangement. Key performance indicators analysis for the past 2 years has shown that Evonik employees remained productive even while working from home.

Openness in communication
As another of Evonik’s core values, Openness is constantly maintained between the management and employees. Employees share suggestions and feedback during HR Skip Meetings. During these meetings, employees meet HR in small groups without their direct reporting managers, to facilitate a more candid sharing. In 2021, we held a total of 49 sessions across multiple functions in Evonik Malaysia.

Employees’ feedback often leads to tangible change. For example, the struggles and suggestions they shared surrounding work arrangements caused by Covid-19 created the basis for the flexible working arrangements mentioned above. Additionally, Evonik best practices and employee benefits are consistently being reviewed to see how employees can best benefit from them. Team bonding
To break the monotony of working from home during the pandemic, the Evonik Social Committee consistently plans team bonding activities virtually to support their follow colleagues. Activities in 2021 included photo competitions, a Team Building Day, and commemorating World Gratitude Day, to keep spirits high.

Employer branding

Evonik places a strong emphasis on its onboarding process, to ensure all new employees feel welcomed and valued. Our comprehensive virtual onboarding process developed to overcome pandemic limitations earned Evonik the Bronze award in the newly debuted regional Employee Experience Awards (Asia) within the category of Best Onboarding Experience. We have also achieved the HR Asia Award for three consecutive years since 2019.

Innovating together for the future

From corporate culture, to employee engagement activities and career opportunities, Evonik continues to develop a workforce that is firmly rooted in our vision and values. Employees are the people who make a difference in our products, and their contributions are what drives us to address the issues of tomorrow. This is Evonik as a global employer.