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Deloitte PLT, Level 16, Menara LGB, 1,
Jalan Wan Kadir, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Deloitte PLT, Level 16, Menara LGB, 1, Jalan Wan Kadir, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Our vision and strategy, developed in
collaboration with leadership and
member firm partners from around
the world, focuses on working together
As One across geographic, functional,
and business borders to deliver
excellence in all of the services
provided by the member firms.

Our vision and strategy, developed in collaboration with leadership and member firm
partners from around the world, focuses on working together As One across geographic,
functional, and business borders to deliver excellence in all of the services provided
by the member firms.

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Deloitte Malaysia (Deloitte PLT)

Deloitte Malaysia is affiliated to Deloitte Asia Pacific which is a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (“DTTL”), also referred to as “Deloitte Global”. Deloitte Malaysia provides professional services in audit and assurance, tax, financial advisory, risk advisory, consulting and related services. With 8 branches across the country, served by a workforce of more than 2400 professionals including 159 partners and directors , Deloitte Malaysia is one of the biggest firms within Deloitte South East Asia, supported by a global network of member firms and related entities in more than 150 countries and territories, serving four out of five Fortune Global 500® companies.

Making an Impact that matters

Deloitte Malaysia aims to serve clients with quality and distinction, making a measurable and attributable impact. Inspire our people to deliver value, mentoring and developing future leader and contribute to the community building confidence and trust, upholding integrity and supporting the society.

Workplace policies and practices

Diversity & Inclusion
Deloitte Malaysia continues to embrace talent diversity where the firm is home to professionals from 28 different nationalities making up about 7% of our total staffing. As part of supporting national agenda to develop professionally qualified talents, Deloitte Malaysia is also made up of 25% bumiputera talent . In line with our purpose, Deloitte Malaysia continues to advocate empowerment for women where close to 65% of our workforce are made up of females. 3 out of 5 business function leaders are also women while >43% of partners and directors of the firm also consist of females.

Women Empowerment Strategy
The ALL IN Strategy aims to accelerate representation of women in leadership roles with the primary objective of championing greater gender diversity at every level in the workplace through the three pillars below which we believe are critical to success:
Talent Programmes for Women

Learning & Development

Deloitte University as a L&D hub for all Deloitte staff.

Employee Mobility
As part of a global network of member firms, Deloitte staff have the opportunity to work across borders not just within the region, but also across other global offices. Staff who have consistently performed will have the opportunity to go on secondments which can range anywhere between 6 months up to 2 years. In times of the pandemic, where travel is not possible, secondment opportunities still continue with virtual mobility. International transfers are also available with similar conditions.

Inter-Business Transfers
The shifting of an employee from one job to another (either the same or different career level) for an indefinite period within or intra SEA Practice Offices. The Firm recognizes that opportunities to assume roles that are well suited to personal aspirations and interests enhance the motivation, productivity, and retention of our people. The Firm offers and encourages transfer opportunities for current employees. Business leaders are supportive of staff who have the desire to enhance their skills or develop new competencies to pursue different or greater responsibilities internally. Deloitte Learning Platforms

aDvance app provides users with a convenient platform to mark attendance during training, while also doing pre-work, sharing views of a particular workshop or providing survey feedback of a completed session. Cura is a dynamic technology-enabled learning platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide our talents with internal and external content which will help them in learning and upskilling. In addition to offering continuous learning opportunities to build strengths, Cura can also improve how our talents collaborate and share information with others. Cura is available to download as apps so that our people can learn on-demand and on-the-go. Saba Cloud in turn provides learner request, manage registrations, compliance status and generate completion reports in particular for e-learning modules.

Employee Engagement

As One Communication
As an organization with more than 2400 staff across 5 different businesses, it is crucial for our staff to be up to date with the firm’s latest developments. In line with the firm’s goal to be ‘ As One’ the Country Managing Partner together with the respective business leaders periodically engage the staff via townhalls and as well as sessions involving guest speakers from other organizations. This is especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic

Supporting Wellbeing
Not all sessions are about work as every Friday, the firm organizes Wellness programmes which include, health talks, focusing on stress related topics as well as advice from experts on how to manage their children during lockdown. Medical experts were also invited to provide talks and answer questions relating to mental health, handling stress and anxiety as well and even coping with children during lockdown. Light entertainment were also organized, such as a virtual concert, stand up comedy as well as celebrating Hari Raya virtually. These are also complemented with physical health activities where our resident athlete and sportsman have conducted some home workouts designed to keep everyone fit and healthy.

Employee Benefits

Covid-19 Response
With the emergence of Covid-19 for now more than 1 ½ years, some policies have been modified to suit our employee needs. One of the key areas that we have developed is remote working where employees are allowed to determine their start and end time of their work day. Part time working arrangements are also available with reduced working hours per week. As part of our effort to promote mental health wellbeing, our medical benefits have also been expanded to cover areas pertaining to it. An Employee Assistance Program careline also been launched to support the mental health of staff.

Medical benefits have also been improved to cover outpatient care, inclusive of mental health and psychiatric consultation. Other support include broadband upgrades, additional computer screens, remote IT support as well as grief support for loss of loved ones due to Covid-19.

The firm has also supported the vaccination effort by offering the Selangkah programme to staff. Special arrangements are also made, ie. transportation to vaccine centers for staff. Care packs were also distributed to staff containing mask and sanitizers.

ACE Programme
The ACE programme , (Appreciate, Celebrate, Elevate) was launched as part of employee recognition aiming at encouraging employees to show appreciation to their colleagues and supervisors by awarding badges and tokens that can be redeemed for attractive gifts and treats via the e-store.

Working Parents Community
A Yammer community was also launched to support our staff with children where they can share tips, resources or just light-hearted experiences about their children.

Work Life Integration

Flexible work arrangements are available for all staff

Various activities made available for staff throughout the year, such as theme days, dinner and dance and sports related activities.

Besides facilities such as meeting rooms, cafeteria and workstations, the firm has also implement its very own playroom which is an area for staff to relax, socialize and also to have some fun with the games provided such as foosball and darts. Vending machines for light snacks and coffee are also place there for the convenience of staff.

Our Best Practices

At Deloitte Malaysia, we have always put great importance in education as the building blocks for a bright future. As part of this initiative, we have always been consistent in engaging communities with young children under our KidsEdu programme . Under this programme, Deloitte volunteers come together in providing periodic night classes to children from underprivileged families in English and Mathematics subjects.

Excellence Award, Scholarship, Student Ambassadors
At Deloitte Malaysia, we strongly believe that young people are the talent of the future. We take talent seriously which is why we have come up with the Deloitte Excellence Award where deserving students are awarded a certificate, cash prize as well as an internship or a permanent opportunity with the firm. Promising students with financial challenges are also encouraged to apply to the Yayasan Deloitte KassimChan scholarship. Candidates will receive full tuition support while being mentored by the firm’s leaders. Upon completion of their studies, these scholars will have the opportunity to join the firm’s business units. Adding on to these initiatives, Deloitte continues to invest in youth, in the form of Deloitte Student Ambassadors , where every year, a cohort of students selected from various universities will be part of the firm’s ambassador programme where they are mentored and further groomed into becoming leaders not just within their communities, but also potential leaders in the firm itself.

Top Talent Buddy Programme
As much as a culture of giving, we also strongly believe in a culture of teaching. At Deloitte Malaysia, each year we pride ourselves with attracting top talent in joining the firm. As part of what we believe in, our top talents are paired with Deloitte scholars , imparting knowledge and best practices where excellence nurture excellence.

University Business Challenges
Deloitte Malaysia has also been a pioneer in organizing annual competitions for undergraduates . This provides a platform for students to get a better understanding of not just the firm, but also how actual professional work in the industry. The competitions are namely the Deloitte Tax Challenge, Audit Business Challenge & Risk Intelligence Challenge.

Deloitte Student Ambassadors
Each year, a group of undergraduates will be identified to become the firm’s ambassadors to represent their universities. These ambassadors will receive mentoring by the firm’s partners helping them develop important skills to both succeed in their studies and to prepare for their future career.

Future Plans

Covid-19 has opened up many possibilities in terms of staff engagement and we are encouraged by the initial results of what some of the initiatives shown. We intend to build on the momentum of this change and have every intention to add on to the ‘ new way of working ’ post Covid-19, combining a hybrid model of online and physical programmes.

Satellite offices are currently considered an “office near home” to provide office facilities without the travel time. These satellite offices should be within walking distance of a high concentration of employee residences (for instance, at least 20% of staff living within 2km of a satellite office).

We need to accelerate the rate we advance women into leadership. Therefore, we have set a goal at SEA level that includes having at least 37% female partners by the end of 2025.

Future of L&D for the firm will be moving towards a blended way of delivery . In person, virtual classroom and digital platform on demand learning. We continue to explore various delivery approaches i.e. in-person, virtual and Cura to bring the best and optimal talent experiences to our people, improve impact serving clients and optimize learning investments and resources.