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Level 11, Sunway Geo Tower,
Jalan Lagoon Selatan,Sunway South Quay,
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Level 11, Sunway Geo Tower, Jalan Lagoon Selatan,Sunway South Quay,
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan


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Drive digital transformation to
unlock commercial value.

Drive digital transformation to unlock commercial value.

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BAT is Building A Better Tomorrow ™

British American Tobacco (BAT) is founded in 1902 and first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1912, a constituent of the FTSE 100 since its creation in 1984, we have evolved, as a global company in consumer goods sector. The BAT of tomorrow will be a high-growth, consumer goods company: global, consumer-centric, multi-category, with sustainability at our core.

We are excited about our transformation journey in building A Better Tomorrow ™ by reducing health impact of our business. Our focus on scientifically substantiated, reduced risk tobacco and nicotine products continues, that’s why we are evolving: creating new products, backed by science, that provide adult smokers with less risky alternatives. We are expanding our portfolio ‘beyond nicotine’ – delivering products that stimulate the senses of adult consumers, while enhancing satisfaction, enjoyment, and wellbeing.

Digital transformation, technology, and innovation will drive our transformation and actioned by our people, our culture and ethos: bold, fast, empowered, responsible and diverse.

Driving the digital transformation with Digital Business Solutions (DBS)

BAT Digital Business Solutions (DBS) stands at the forefront of our transformational journey, driving digital transformation to unlock commercial value across the entire BAT value chain.

DBS brings end-to-end solutions to create value, leverage technology & data and streamlined processes to BAT. We further accelerate our automation, data and innovation journey; empower our teams with data-driven insights and platforms; delivering digital solutions at scale.

DBS is a key partner to BAT, bringing in new technologies and capabilities for our functions and regions, accelerating our transformation into a stronger, simpler, faster multi-category, consumer-centric business.

We are Bold

Our people are fearless to transform and create innovation. This motivates us to further embed and strengthen the continuous improvement mindset, we provide our people in-house curated learning playlists and collaboration platforms to realize ideas, with a focus on Digital DNA. We are bold to challenge norms –we gamified our recruitment tool through Pymetrics assessment, and also revamped the way we identify and assess our people through Leadermeter Online assessment – measuring candidates on motivations, drive, ambition & capacity to advance, compared against two levels up. Using the results, we also address their development gaps through targeted learning playlists.

We are fast

From conceptualizing new generational products to producing them, we implement big data and Robotic Process Automation in our everyday tasks – embedding technology and simplification at its best. We are quick in anticipating and shaping our digital DNA future. We have a strong Data & Analytics team, but continue to bring in new capabilities, covering supply planning, new products introduction etc, pushing us further up the value-adding curve as a key partner of BAT.

In DBS, we provide the right mix to ensure that sustained high performance is recognized and rewarded on-time. Our recognition framework is platform-enabled, making recognition fast and easy for our people to reward and be rewarded. Alongside their achievement, all winners are celebrated, and recognized through our internal communication channels, allowing our people to feel belonging and continue to be their best selves whilst transforming the business.

We are empowered

We believe and invest in our people’s future potential and see their career as a long-term commitment. Through continued development opportunities, we prioritise learning and their success is ultimately defined by themselves. We support them by providing readily available information allowing them to take the driver seat, steer their career direction and go down a multitude of paths, diversifying their experience within BAT. Leveraging our education assistance program, our people are encouraged to further studies, attain new digital capabilities, certifications, and skillsets; while we continue to unleash their potential through programs such as Leading Self, Leading Team, Global Graduate Program that focus on developing our next generation of leaders. We groom our people to be high performing leaders, expanding their career pathway options beyond DBS and provide them with exciting placements and projects. With the enabled supportive environment, people continue to thrive to their full potential with rewarding and fulfilling career growth.

We are diverse

We are dynamic and highly diverse in this era and big on breaking silos. Home to a highly dynamic and cross-cultural network of people, we are made up of 800+ high caliber and energized individuals, representing 27 nationalities with over 20 languages spoken, serving as the backbone to our business. DBS embraces an international mindset, influencing how we interact, spotting talent regardless of differences and championing diversity. Our international presence provides mobility opportunities across BAT and occasions to work with and learn from a network of BAT professionals, spanning across various continents and functions, encouraging cross-functional career development. We also embrace women career progression and have a strong female representation in our senior management teams enhanced by our “Women in Leadership” program.

We are responsible

Operating in a highly regulated industry requires rigour and responsibility, a strong sense of responsibility is embedded within us to be future-thinking, create positive impact on our consumers with high level of integrity while delivering outstanding results. We abide to our Standard of Business Conduct to guide us on our behaviour and decision making, coaching our managers into employee relations experts.

We are making a step-change on our sustainability ambition. Supporting our ambition to build A Better Tomorrow ™, various stretch targets have been set to accelerate our transformation which will benefit our stakeholders and society. These include achieving carbon neutrality, eliminating unnecessary disposable plastic usage and others.