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Suite 26-10, Level 26, G Tower,
199 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Suite 26-10, Level 26, G Tower, 199 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur


Information Technology


Empowering our people towards
business excellence through
digital transformation.

Empowering our people towards business excellence through digital transformation.

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Our Mission:

“Empowering Our People towards Business Excellence through Digital Transformation”
With over 70,000 competent digital leaders in over 40 countries today, Arvato Systems Malaysia (ASM) is a leading digital transformation partner offering diverse innovative customised breakthrough solutions that contribute to our customer’s business excellence. The key to our success is in having not only capable and competent people, but also create an environment that each of them can contribute, excel beyond their core responsibilities, developing and retaining them with the focus on long term growth prospect.

Thus, we firmly believe in attracting, retaining and accelerating the growth of diverse talents supplemented by an open and inclusive workplace to alive our desired corporate culture.

The harsh reality over the past 2 years here in Malaysia and globally has been on the ability to attract right as well as in retaining the identified talents that are part of the succession pipeline to stay. A concerning factor is that there is a rise of independent workers who offer their unique skill sets who does not want to be permanently employed in this digital age. They left the corporate world and have become independent talents. This is evident in the Information Technology field which now makes both HR and business leaders needing to battle for both permanent and independent talents to remain competitive. In addition, we also face the reality of:
  • Our Brand awareness to attract.
  • Shortage of specific skillset in this region.
  • Highly competitive talent environment and work tenure trend.
To overcome the above challenges, a positive environment that instils the sense of belonging is the ultimate goal to attract, grow, develop and retain our people for the company’s success. We therefore target being Employer of Choice as one of our key Strategic Vision, whereby holistic employee engagement is the main driver to achieve it.

Our key approaches:

“Living up to our Employee Value Proposition”
With creativity and entrepreneurship as our governing corporate core values of the Arvato Systems, we continually seek ways to introduce sustainable initiatives in becoming the strategic partner to the business. Our Managing Director and the entire management aspires ASM to become a purpose driven organisation that is sustained by a workforce that assumes ownership with a strong sense of belonging in accelerating success. The ultimate aim is to integrate the Purpose, Culture and People as one which the workforce shall feel involved, empowered, motivated and proud to be a part of.

Therefore, the Human Capital lines of action at ASM revolves around the 4 key pillars of our Employee Value Proposition in addition to our competitive compensation and benefit schemes:

Quality Products & Services
  • Continuous investment and projects in creating new digital systems and platforms both internally for the support function as well as for the customers.
  • Upholding the highest form of standards and best universal practices.
  • Assessment and Evaluation criterion established for the tools and business partners.

Learning & Development
  • Professional Certifications
  • Social Skills and Soft Skills Training Programmes
  • Leadership Development and Coaching Training
  • Technical Development Programme
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Overseas Training and Work Experience
  • Brown Bag Sessions (a knowledge sharing avenue)
  • Boot Camp/Innovation Day

Work-life Balance
  • Employee surveys
  • Employee Focus Group
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Flexi Work Arrangement
  • Birthday, Childcare, Parental, Sabbatical & Flexi leave
  • Work-From-Home Policy
  • Work-From-Home-Country Policy
  • Flexi Benefits Scheme
  • Sports Events—Futsal, Basketball, Badminton, Bowling
  • Company Trip
  • Family Day
  • Food & Gym subsidy

Fun & Friendly
  • Multigenerational, diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace.
  • Break out area with access to pool table, foosball, billiards or PS4 anytime during work.
  • After work sports and social gatherings with colleagues.
  • Job related events e.g,
  • Innovation Day – “using technology to improve health”.
    • Brand Ambassador Workshop.
    • Virtual Career Fair.
    • Virtual mamak session.
    • Culture @ Work workshops.

  • Appreciation gifts to our employees:
    • Fruits basket for Commerce day.
    • Special gift for Commerce day.
    • International Men’s & Women’s Day celebrations.
    • Return to office gift.

Come join us !

We take pride with our recently co-curate local Corporate Values that supports our new mission statement of text “Empowering our people towards business excellence through digital transformation”, that will be brought alive through the values of:
  • A = Attentive : We are passionate to develop innovative solutions that fulfil customer’s requirements.
  • R = Respect : We respect each other’s differences and work together to shape the future of our business.
  • V = Value Creation : We challenge the norm to unlock growth opportunities.
  • A = Agile : We collaborate to deliver business outcomes effectively and efficiently.
  • T = Trust : We are honest, genuine, open and ethical in guiding our decisions and actions.
  • O = Ownership : We are accountable and committed to uphold the company's vision, mission and values.
The above set of values are further supported by our core leadership competencies defined which forms the foundation of how we (the entire workforce as one) work in achieving our desired results for growth that is aligned to our overall purpose of our organisation’s existence.

Our successes till date had helped us create a positive workplace culture with a greater sense of belonging to drive organizational excellence and success.

Our focus continues to be employee centric and we welcome those of you sharing the same values with the right technical skills in joining us as we continue to break new grounds in the world of digital transformation for the customer, whilst investing on your professional growth and development.