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15F, 16F and 36F
Trade Center ASEM Tower,
Samsung1-Dong, Gangnam-Gu,
Seoul, Korea

15F, 16F and 36F Trade Center ASEM Tower, Samsung1-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea




Our mission is to help people
see data in new ways, discover
insights, unlock endless possibilities.

Our mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights,
unlock endless possibilities.

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Oracle opened its doors in Korea in 1989, and has since expanded its footprint in the market and across the region. As part of its overall transformation and cloud expansion strategy, Oracle announced in 2016 its plan to grow its workforce and build Digital sales hubs placed strategically throughout Asia Pacific to keep pace with continued demand for cloud, among organizations. Oracle launched its Cloud regions in Seoul in 2019 and Chuncheon in 2020. The multiple cloud regions provide enterprise cloud customers in South Korea with the ability to run primary and disaster recovery capacity for their critical production workloads in-country, avoiding the need to send data elsewhere. With its mission “to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities”, Oracle is helping all sizes of the enterprise customers to strengthen their business capabilities and accelerate digital transformation powered by Oracle’s integrated cloud. “

At the heart of the company is a strong culture of innovation. As emerging technologies continue to disrupt businesses in the digital economy, Oracle champions the importance of a future-ready workforce, and as such encourages its employees to continuously evolve and pursue a lifelong journey of both personal and professional growth. With 133,000 employees globally, the company is committed to supporting its diverse employee base with region-specific programmes to best manage work and personal responsibilities.


Oracle encourages and empowers employees at all levels to engage in professional development. There are a range of initiatives and platforms that provide employees the opportunity to continuously learn and grow. For a start, every employee has access to their personalized career roadmaps via the Oracle HCM Cloud tool, where both the employee and their managers can provide inputs on their career goals and aspirations. Through this tool, employees can also identify relevant training programmes that are aligned to their respective growth plans, explore career opportunities both within and outside of their lines of business or job functions, depending on their interest areas and competencies.

After reviewing employees’ feedback and keeping aligned with proven HR trends, Oracle begin looking at developing a programme aimed at providing employees bite-sized and easily accessible learning sessions. In 2020, Oracle Emerge program was born which is part of Oracle's talent development road map in Korea that is designed to support various learning needs of employees under the pillar such as Career success & development, performance management, fundamental manager essentials and etc. Internal First campaign we are committed to enhancing internal mobility within Oracle and help employee to navigate more various career opportunities and development. Giving our employees autonomy and putting them in the drivers seat to navigate their own career paths have proven to be a great recipe to our people’s success.

Oracle drives employees to be more engaged in various type activities. The opportunities were built to bridge between leaders and employees to connect with each other through social activities like Coffee Chat, which is the casual communication program hosting senior leadership in JAPAC. Employee annual festival called “FestOval” and E-card system support to appreciate and recognize employee achievement and celebration.


Oracle Korea Ltd. has employee clubs activities such as orchestra, photography, Leisure and tennis. Employees love to participate to these club activities and have fun. Mutual aid community called Nanuri provides various supports for employees’ congratulations and condolences events as well as promoting mutual support and interactions as well as internal & external volunteer activities.

We often hear that businesses can’t thrive without delivering the right customer experience. Same can be said about the right employee experience – at Oracle, we ensure that our employees have the best possible experience at work for them to succeed. And this is imperative to our success as an organization too. This award is a great recognition of our efforts in making Oracle Korea a great place to work

Aristotle who said this quote? “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” We will continue our momentum in our pursuit of enhancing employee experience, to make Oracle Korea an irresistible place to work

Rachna Sampayo, Vice President, Human Resources, Oracle Corporation Asia Pacific & Japan at Oracle


Health and safety of our employees remain our top priority. A series of virtual well-being workshops was held via online platform in this year, which focused on aspect of wellness – Physical, Psychological, and Financial etc. In each pillar, subject matter experts were invited to facilitate talks and health screenings to employees and their families. This has successfully raised the awareness of the holistic well-being and the importance of that for a person to excel in all areas of their lives. Employee wellness has been a key focus this year particularly in COVID-19 pandemic, It’s been analyzed that to provide employees with the support they need to perform at work, it goes beyond equipping them with technical skills and professional knowledge. It was imperative to relook at existing benefit policies and practices internally to ensure that employees’ overall wellness was cared for.

Apart from occasional events and talks, Oracle aims to create a productive environment for our employees on a daily basis. A program is being crafted to enable managers to create a safe setting for employees and detect any potential mental health conditions. This is crucial for employees to feel taken care of and belonged in Oracle’s inclusive culture.
EMBRACING A DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE CULTURE At Oracle, we foster an inclusive environment that leverages the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of all our employees, suppliers, customers and partners to drive a sustainable global competitive advantage. Individual differences present us with opportunities to examine business issues from varying perspectives. Incorporating these different viewpoints gives us greater agility and creativity. The result is a workforce unified by common goals yet strengthened by uncommon outlooks.

We have employee resource groups for various communities and interest groups and that includes one for employees with mental health conditions and others who are interested in the topic. This way, we can enable and support fellow employees to bring their whole true selves into the company and in turn excel in meeting their aspirations.

In Korea, we have a strong bench of women leaders in the organization, where women are given equal opportunities and consideration for leadership positions. This is especially important as we continue to champion more female representation in the technology industry.

Through employee resource groups like Oracle Women Leaders (OWL) and Oracle Pride Employees Network (OPEN), employees are given platforms to discuss and initiate efforts towards diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“We strongly believe in creating an environment where employees should feel safe and comfortable to be the best versions of themselves, both in and out of the office. We have made great progress in the past few years with eliminating bias in our hiring and to provide equal opportunities for all employees,” said Rachna Sampayo, Vice President Human Resources, Oracle Corporation Asia Pacific & Japan at Oracle

To further advance its corporate mission to improve lives within the communities it operates in, Oracle encourages its employees to champion a community cause through its corporate social responsibility programmes. It’s important for all new colleagues to understand this facet of Oracle, and the company believes it helps them all deliver better – be it at the workplace or to the community.