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Citra Towers, North Tower,
23rd & 25th Floor,
Jl. Benyamin Suaeb
Kav. A6, Kemayoran
Jakarta 10630

Citra Towers, North Tower, 23rd & 25th Floor, Jl. Benyamin Suaeb Kav. A6, Kemayoran Jakarta 10630


Home Improvement


To become a source of blessing
for all stakeholders as a world-class
family-oriented business lead
by professionals.

To become a source of blessing for all stakeholders as a world-class
family-oriented business lead by professionals.

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TACO Group is a leading provider of designer surfacing solutions, luxury vinyl flooring, carpet tile, and furniture fitting hardware for commercial and residential customers throughout Indonesia. As one of Indonesia's largest distributors of High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) and its complementary subsidiaries, our continuous investment in infrastructure and sales operations maintain the recognition of TACO as a premium national brand.

TACO always prides ourselves in our quality, service, and wide selection of product lines, and our sales consultants are trained as experts to provide creative solutions to our clients and ensure that every product meets their needs. In addition, our strong ties with architects, designers, and building developers have allowed us to be at the forefront of design and fashion trends, and this forward-thinking process is shown clearly by our emphasis on research and development.

Beyond the commercial market, we are also building close relationships with the regular homeowner and DIY project weekenders by providing knowledge of our product range capabilities at trade shows and exhibitions and actively engaging interior design students in schools and design clinics.


Achieve great customer satisfaction through providing the best quality home-improvement products that conform to market needs and are supplied on time.


TRUST, Fairness & Respect for everyone we touch.
ACCOUNTABILITY & Integrity in everything we do.
COMMITMENT to delivering great products & services.
OWNERSHIP of Company and Customers.


TACO aspire to become a source of blessing for all stakeholders by establishing and nurturing a family-oriented culture while maintaining professionalism. TACO culture fosters high levels of work satisfaction and contribution for our 900 employees. We provided employees with competitive remuneration, good career progression, and flexible working arrangement to ensure employees' needs are always fulfilled.

TACO believes that employees are the most important asset, so we provided competitive remuneration to attracted, retained, and motivated employees' performance. Our remuneration is based on total remuneration, including basic salary, incentive payment, annual bonus, health insurance, and employee health-social security administration. In addition, we also offered other attractive benefits such as a car ownership program (COP) and a gym membership. To maintain competitiveness, TACO adjusts employee remuneration based on government regulation, market salary survey, benchmarking with other companies or industries, company performance, and projected future growth. In addition, based on the TACO employees survey, our remuneration strategy directly impacts employee productivity.

TACO is committed to cultivating a positive work culture and foster an environment where employees feel valued. Therefore, TACO develops corresponding training programs and development paths for employees based on their performance and potentials. At the end of the year, TACO conducts employees evaluation using a performance management system (PMS) by identifying, measuring, and developing individual performance to align with strategic business goals. TACO development programs facilitate employees to obtain 70% of their knowledge based on job-related, 20% from coaching and counseling, and 10% from in-class training. In addition, the programs help employees to discover job-related skills, challenges within the job, collaborative learning with mentors, and formal learning to make their understanding more comprehensive.

TACO work on the values of creating a work-life balance and source of blessing for stakeholders including employees and their family. To execute great strategy and decisions, TACO uses these values as the core. Through work-life balance values, TACO provides flexible working time, flexible working uniform, and sports activities. Based on the TACO employee survey, 97% of employees feel flexible working time positively affects productivity and working motivation.

We believe, together, we can Make That Change.

TACO ensures employees' safety, comfortability, and productivity by a partnership with the best vendor. TACO provide lunch for all distribution center and manufacturing plant to support employees productivity and motivation. On some occasions like Ramadan and Idul Fitri, TACO holds the "Mudik Bersama TACO Group" program and "Buka Puasa Bersama TACO Group" to keep employees motivation while working. TACO survey shows, up to 90% of employees feel motivated after this program.

In 2020, TACO created an employer branding program called Life at TACO. We choose Instagram as a platform to reach a broader range of generations who are our prospective employees. Life at TACO aims to promote the authentic working atmosphere at TACO, our competitive advantages, events, and other information related to employees. Life at TACO is evidence of TACO's vision and mission implementation in daily work conditions, which lead by professionals but maintain family relationships.

TACO contribution to Indonesia

Throughout 39 years, TACO strives to support the Indonesian creative industry consistently. In collaboration with creative industry enthusiasts, TACO also holds an annual exhibition to spread the spirit of creativity and move forward to make that change.

The first Karya Kita in Senayan City has a "Mosaic of Diversity" theme and collaborates with many creative industry enthusiasts. The next Karya Kita TACO collaborate with Ashta District 8 and creative industry enthusiasts with the theme "Make that Change" that carried the spirit of change in this pandemic situation. In this exhibition, TACO also launched a Master Book that shows all of TACO products. Hopefully, this TACO Masterbook inspires users always to make better changes.

As an Indonesian company, TACO will continue to contribute to the nation by expanding the business, offering more jobs to more people, supporting the small and medium furniture business, and continuously becoming a source of blessing to all stakeholders.