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Letjend Suprapto 2
Medan North Sumatera
Postal Code : 20151

Letjend Suprapto 2 Medan North Sumatera Postal Code : 20151




Become a leading company in
integrated agroindustry business

Become a leading company in integrated agroindustry business

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PTPN IV is a state owned plantation company and was found in 1996. After 25 year of business, we have become one of the biggest plantation company in Indonesia. Our major business are palm oil and tea plantation and the production of crude palm oil, palm kernel, palm kernel oil, palm kernel meal, and also tea. We have a first class plantation area that support our business to produce first class product. The total concession area that managed by our company is 175.375 Hectare, consist of 169.058 Ha (95%) of palm oil plantation and 6.373 Ha (5%) of tea plantation area. As we grow bigger in business, we also have many employee, as a partner, to maintain the continuity of our business. Until now, we have 18.036 employee. These employee work in 30 palm oil plantation, 16 palm oil factory, 1 tea plantation, 2 tea factory, 1 workshop, 1 representative office, and 1 resesearch plantation. We do our best to manage all of these employee, so they can give maximum performance to the company.

As mentioned above, our company will do the best to manage all of our employee, and it is not easy. As a human resource division, we build policy to develop human capital system that will support efficiency and maintain employee motivation at work. Regulations such as recruitment and selection, people development and training, remuneration, and also talent management are vital to increase employee motivation at work. In recruitment and selection, we build a system which employee from administration staff can develop their career, and become a leader in the company. The process of recruitment and selection also involve third party. This system build to make sure fairness in the recruitment and selection process. Also for the training and development programme, we build training system based on competency. This to make sure that the training design really based on employee competency fullfilness. We also continuously develop our employee competency, such as give them certification training, or other training to increase their capability in doing their work.

As for remuneration and benefit policy, the company try to give the best compensation for employee’s work. Our salary based on government regulation, with additional benefit. These additional benefit based on 3P, Pay for Person, Pay for Position, and Pay for Performance. With this 3P policy, our benefit different based on position, work area, and others factors. For example, employee who is working in site area has a different benefit than the employee who is working in head office. Beside these regular compensation, we also give other benefit that we hope can increase employee work motivation. For example, in the head office we provide gym, so after work employee can do some sport activities. And also, in our plantation site, there are many facilities that can be use by employee such as tennis court, jogging track, and also in some site we have golf court.
For the career development, we develop system called integrated talent management system. This is a systematic approach to attract, develop, and maintain talent in our company. Basically, with this system, every one in the company has a same chance to be a leader. With this system, everyone has a purpose in their work, not only for money, but also for self actualization. These career management system, support by assesment center, mapped all of our employee, their strength and weakness, and we use this information to develop training and succession program. One additional benefit for our employee due to actual condition about Covid-19 spreadness, the company provide vaccination program, not only for the employee, but also for their family. This policy prove that the company notice the importance of employee family member in employee’s work.

All of these benefit has increase the employee performance and maintain the best talent in our company. From our engagement survey 2020 where we got 86,43 that our employee engagement’s score. This result shows that our employee engage to their work and have a good job satisfaction. We got 86,43% for job satisfaction factor and 87,60% for work commitment. As an addition, our turnover rate is very low, and in last recruitment process, the total participant who applied was about 18.000 person. These data prove that our company still one of the favorite company to work for in Indonesia.
To develop good corporate image, we try to build a good relationship with our stakeholders. Our company has several programme as a responsibility to the social environtment. Recently, our company held a mangrove replanting with a total 1000 trees at Teluk Lalang Beach. And also we continuously held a blood donor, in a collaboration with Indonesian Red Cross as our CSR programme. Beside that, we have a Sub Department that help local entrepreneur to develop their business, so they can grow bigger and increase their income. This Sub Department provide capital and training for small business so they can compete with other business.