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HC Comm - HCOE
Telkom Landmark Tower
lt. 29, Jalan Gatot Subroto kav.52,

HC Comm - HCOE
Telkom Landmark Tower lt. 29, Jalan Gatot Subroto kav.52, Jakarta




To be the most preferred digital
telco to empower the society

To be the most preferred digital telco to empower the society

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PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) is a state-owned information and communications technology enterprise and telecommunications network in Indonesia. As it transforms to become a digital telecommunication company, TelkomGroup implements a customer-oriented business and company operational strategy. The transformation aims to trim down TelkomGroup’s organization to be leaner and more agile in adapting the fast-changing nature of the telecommunications industry. The new organization is expected to be able to improve efficiency and be more effective in producing a quality customer experience.

TelkomGroup’s activities grow and change in accordance with the development of new technology, information and digitalization, but still within the corridor of telecommunications and information technology. This is evident in the newly developed business lines, which complements the company’s existing legacy business. Telkom now categorizes its portfolio into three Digital Business Domains. First, Digital Connectivity including Fiber to the x (FTTx), 5G, Software Defined Networking (SDN)/ Network Function Virtualization (NFV)/ Satellite. Second, Digital Platform including Data Center, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data/ Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity. Lastly, Digital Services focus on the Enterprise and Consumer segment.

Digital Talent for Digital Telecommunication Company

Telkom employees are one of the key stakeholders that contribute to the successful realization of the company’s purpose, vision and mission. This has been a vital concern, particularly as Telkom Indonesia continued to make its transition into a digital telco throughout the pandemic. TelkomGroup employees are encouraged to have agility at work, by involving and forming cross-functional and cross expertise tribes and squads in the development of service products. This requires the Company to provide digital talents with superb abilities in developing digital digital product innovations. Telkom has been actively engaging talents to join Telkom in this era of digital talent war by adopting the strategy to fulfill its digital talent needs with these strategies: build, borrow, buy.

By focusing on digital talent, Telkom Indonesia now has 1.142 innovators who serve to give counsel and bring innovation to the company for developing digital products. As the number of employees in the digital department are still growing, the percentage of employees calculated as digital talents this early of the year reached 18 percent and gradually showed a positive increment.

Equal Opportunities in Competency Development

The Human Capital Management Framework (HCM Framework) has been implemented to address the issue of competency development. This framework comprises of Culture, People and Organization as HCM strategy to construct the best possible policy to provide the best working experience and pleasant corporate culture for every employee. All employees at Telkom receive the same opportunity to develop their career through learning and development programs and also an equal opportunity to be part of innovators in developing digital products. It shows that Telkom is transforming without neglecting that all the employees got their portion to develop based on their competency.

The main goal of the given framework and policies is to ensure that all employees are reassured of their presence and empowered throughout their career period since they joined the company until they reach the time to retire. Telkom believes that by implementing equal opportunities would allow them to be reassured, thus enabling them to reach the top leadership positions and develop their best competencies.

Implementing the Core Values of AKHLAK and Celebrating Ideas as a part of Innovations

As part of State Owned Enterprise (SOE), Telkom Indonesia adopts AKHLAK (Amanah, Kompeten, Harmonis, Loyal, Adaptif, Kolaboratif) as core values in activating the corporate culture. The implementation of AKHLAK supports the initiatives in establishing new ideas of innovation called IDEABOX. This is a single platform where all employees are able to convey ideas and collaborate to develop them. Employees can submit ideas at any time without having to wait for an innovation program to make it happen. Additionally, employees are also not required to create a team or develop the idea directly because anyone can contribute to provide input or be involved in developing existing ideas. This platform is considered as one of the impactful platforms to call forth important issues to be adapted as innovations and key take actions for the management.

Advancing Employee Experience: Cope with the Pandemic, Flexible Work Arrangement Implementation and Momments that Matter

Telkom has implemented a digital culture through the Digital Workstyle and Open Space concepts. Digital Workstyle refers to new working methods that are paperless, wireless, seamless and riskless while Open Spaces stands are associated with unassigned desks, collaborative spaces and warm ambience so as to increase work effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining work-life integration. The digital work environment is also equipped with tools to support more agile work methods with HR applications and smart office buildings.

Although Telkom also experienced constraints due to the pandemic, it did not let any employees go before retirement. Instead, Telkom implemented Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) to ensure that all the employees stay safe while at the same time getting the best experience of working in the digital era. Telkom provides an option to apply for Working From Home (WFH) or Working From Satellite Office.

Furthermore, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic era, employees are prone to experience mental health issues. Thus, regular companionship amongst themselves is essential, to ensure all employees are well-reserved where they are physically and mentally healthy. An online platform known as With-U is available and could be accessed to conduct a teleconsultation with professionals such as HR Team or psychologists, as well as the access to telemedicine for those in need of a doctor through optimizing online means.

Commitment and leadership are the two most principal values that we need to incorporate in order to ensure the initiatives and programs could be sustained. At TelkomGroup, we have witnessed these two values successfully contributed in many successful programs, including corporate planning towards the most preferred digital telco company to work for. By learning from these, we do believe once the leaders are committed to put forward this program as a priority, the employees would then be loyal to partake in the initiative and this would guarantee that the program would sustain.