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Jl Raya Surabaya - Situbondo Km 141
Paiton Probolinggo 67291

Jl Raya Surabaya - Situbondo Km 141 Paiton Probolinggo 67291


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Will be recognized as a world class
operator power plant

Will be recognized as a world class operator power plant

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Paiton Operation & Maintenance Indonesia (POMI) operates and maintains the Paiton Energy Power Plant by promoting safety and environmental best practices, offering sustained financial returns for its Owners and achieving excellence in all that it does.

Company Value

  • Trust “ We work with high integrity and are fully committed to being a trusted person in every way”
  • Empowerment “ We lead ourselves and others to achieve shared goals with a positive attitude and motivation to drive team empowerment.”
  • Teamwork “We work together actively to create synergies with others in achieving company goals”
  • Continuous Improvement “We have an open, adaptive and creative way of thinking to innovate continuously which benefits the company.”

Company History

1996 : Start operating unit 7 & 8, the joining company was initially formed with by the establishment of mission operations and maintenance Indonesia (MOMI) as joint venture between Edison Mission Energy and Mitsui

1997 : The name of MOMI was amended to Edison Mission Operation and Maintenance Indonesia (EMOMI)

2004: Following the takeover of Edison Mission shares by International Power (UK)

2005: The name of EMOMI was amended to IPM Operation and Maintenance Indonesia (IPMOMI)

2012: Unit 3, the first highly efficient 815 MW Coal – Fired super Critical Power Plant in Indonesia , Stated commercial operations

2017: The name of IPMOMI was amended to PT Operations and Maintenance Indonesia (PT POMI)

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic was a very challenging condition in how Human Resources remained focused on employee engagement by implementing the employee value proposition program. Several positive indicators achieved by the company in 2020 were the employee engagement score increased by 17% from the previous year and voluntary turnover decreased from 3.5% to 2.1% which was supported by several featured programs as follows:
  • Employee Development Program
    Not only succession planning through promotion opportunities from internal cadres, during 2020 the company continued to focus on people development, it was proven even in a pandemic condition, the achievement in employee training hours during 2020 reached 10, 276 hours and sharing programs both internal / external experts for employees reach 9,200 hours with a combination of online and offline sessions. In addition, the Management Development program in collaboration with PPM management was successfully carried out in order to equip leaders and prospective leaders in responding to future business challenges.

    And responding to independent learning needs, that flexible from anywhere and anytime, the company also collaborates with Linkedin learning to provide access to 100 employees who have an interest.

    On the other hand, as a form of concern for the company in employee education, the company also provides opportunities for employees to continue their education to higher levels, for example from Diploma to Bachelor's and Bachelor's to Master's. And even given the opportunity for employees' children to get Diploma/Bachelor scholarships.

  • Employee Relation Program
    Several activities to create an interesting work atmosphere with the means to facilitating hobbies or talents interest through interest talent group such as female employee associations, employee’s wife associations, music, badminton, basketball, tennis, photography, volleyball, bicycles and archery. And even in a pandemic condition where adaptation and learning of new things are needed, not only refreshment and team building facilities, the company also organizes Virtual Team Building which is filled with several entertainment events and games for employees.

    And as a form of appreciation to employees and their families, several recognition programs are carried out such as employee service awards, condolences greetings for employees and their families, birthday greetings and the birth of employees' children as an integral part of the employee relations program.

  • Covid - Employee Caring Program
    The businesses and people response in facing of the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly one of the company focuses to maintain operational continuity and most importantly ensure that employees and their families are safe and healthy. Several initiatives such as a safe house for quarantine of employees and their families who are declared positive for COVID and their treatment, routine testing and tracing through Genosh, Antigent and PCR Tests, Provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment , additional supplements such as masks, vitamins, sanitizer, headsets, tablets phone for online meetings and smartwatch as well as other programs such as regular health talks from external parties about health tips and about pandemics and psychologists are a form of company concern for employees and their families.