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We Deliver Healthcare Solutions
to Improve Quality of Life

We Deliver Healthcare Solutions to Improve Quality of Life

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The foundation of idsMED culture lies in their history and values. They believe that they should always conduct themselves and their business openly, honestly and in compliance with all applicable laws. idsMED’s believes that their success should be based on a common vision of shared values and a consistent standard of conduct. In other words, all of idsMED have a responsibility to uphold their reputation and values.

Their policies provide the general principles on the way employees should conduct themselves and the business, how one should serve customers and how one should work with suppliers.

idsMED are committed to principles of good corporate governance which emphasize transparency, accountability and independence together with prudent enhancement and management of shareholder value.

Since pandemic, idsMED leaders emphasize the sense of responsibility of individuals as the policies become more flexible in accordance to health protocols.


idsMED encourage their employees to take leave for balancing work and personal life. Employees receive 15 – 23 days of annual leaves and others that accommodate emergencies or planned personal needs. With these special leaves, idsMED hopes that employees’ relationship with their loved ones at home will be strengthened, because idsMED knows the impact of family support in building and shaping one’s career.

idsMED also complies with the government’s regulation of Workforce Insurance, such as BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan. The company also provide private health insurance for their employees, which covers female employees with their spouse and children as well. It’s a part of company’s commitment on gender equality. They also conducted Medical Check Up for all employees to ensure the employees are healthy and ready to perform their best. Furthermore, the company also covers employees with Life Insurance and Total Permanent Disability benefits.

idsMED also values Loyalty, they provide a Long Service Award each year to be given out to loyal employees of the companies, in which the Group CEO and President will give a gold coin to appreciate the completion of every 5-years employee’s service.

The company also makes sure during the service period, employees develop themselves (both personal and skills) through training – locally and overseas – fully covered by the company as well as company sponsored scholarships.

idsMED considers Performance Management as a crucial part of their success. Annually, employees set their Performance & Development Plan, which are periodically reviewed and discussed together by their direct supervisors. At idsMED, employees are given the opportunities to grow and be exposed to the Group with various local initiatives and projects.


As the Company grows rapidly, they realize that the contribution of every person at idsMED is the key for breakthrough performance. That’s the reason why idsMED always do their best to strengthen the engagement of employees by transforming the words on their Values into real activities and events.

Every year, idsMED have an Annual Country Meeting (ACM) including employees gathering in the Head Office. The company also holds several internal events in a year, such as Christmas and New Year celebrations, Independence Day competition, Ramadan Iftar together, among many others. In 2019, idsMED held a health campaign for all Head Office & Branch Offices employees called Let’s Get Fit. Company provided health seminar & classes, such as Aerobic, Body Combat, etc. They also launched Gym room in our Head Office to be utilized by all employees for free. In 2020, idsMED gave effort in conduction numerous virtual activities, from Townhall until virtual engagement activities. The company also put more attention on both physical & mental health of the employees. It continues until now.

idsMED also pays attention to its employees’ career and development. Starting 2019, they provided sessions for internal employees sharing their knowledge or previous training material as well, giving them chances to build confidence and practice the presentation skill. After the pandemic outbreak in Indonesia, idsMED promotes learning even more intense through online training program. Even now, the pandemic can’t stop idsMED to roll out standardized comprehensive training program to its employees across the Group.


Looking at the Company’s development for the past few years, idsMED would like to introduce themselves as a ‘WOWsome’ company and their passion to ‘Dom1nate’ the healthcare industry. idsMED keeps maintaining all social media, website, and platform with full support by Customer Experience officers. They are available for live chat as well.

idsMED also is the primary supporter of the Indonesia Healthcare Forum (IndoHCF), a platform for healthcare practitioners, policy makers, academics, and parties relevant to the healthcare industry to conduct interactive dialogues discussing current healthcare issues and sharing knowledge. IndoHCF also facilitates healthcare education as well as collaboration from various healthcare fields and industry and contribute for a better healthcare service in Indonesia. In 2019, IndoHCF had established cooperation with KREKI, a new volunteer community on Emergency to make more initiative in healthcare industry. idsMED and IndoHCF joined force for doing numerous CSR activities as well to Hospitals during COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, idsMED had given donation to DoctorShare as part of support in improving quality of life for those unfortunate around small islands in Indonesia.