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Fonterra Brands Indonesia,
Prudential Centre Lt.19,
Kota Kasablanka Mall,
Jalan Casablanca Raya Kav 88,
Jakarta Selatan

Fonterra Brands Indonesia, Prudential Centre Lt.19, Kota Kasablanka Mall, Jalan Casablanca Raya Kav 88, Jakarta Selatan


Dairy (FMCG)


Our Co-operative is to empower people,
creating Good Together and goodness
for generations : You, me, us together.
We are here to create greater value for
our farmers, customers, consumers,
and our communities.

Our Co-operative is to empower people, creating Good Together and goodness
for generations : You, me, us together.

We are here to create greater value for our farmers, customers, consumers,
and our communities.

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As a leader in dairy industry, Fonterra Brands Indonesia has a trusted portfolio of consumer and foodservice brands including Anlene, Anmum (Materna, Lacta and Essential), Anchor Boneeto, Anchor Family, Mainland and Anchor Food Professionals. In Indonesia, we supply more than 8.000 foodservice establishments and provide more than 3,000 containers of dairy ingredients each year to leading food manufacturers in Indonesia. Until today, we have been supplying high-quality dairy nutrition to Indonesian families for more than 35 years.

In 2015 we opened our first manufacturing facility in the country – the IRD 340 billion facility, which is our largest investment in ASEAN in the past decade. At maximum capacity, the site produces over 173,000 packs of Anlene, Anmum and Anchor Boneeto each day.

Fonterra is globally owned by more than 10,000 farmer shareholders under New Zealand’s co-operative, made up of everyday good people who work together to do good things with dairy, good things with the land we work on and good things for the people that our products end up with. We are passionate about doing amazing things with dairy.

Together with our people and partners, we look to inspire families to get the most out of their lives through trusted dairy nutrition for a stronger, healthier and happier Indonesia.


Fonterra Brands Indonesia applies Company Regulations and policies which comply with the government regulations which always reviewed based on the latest business condition. The regulations are set together between management and employee’s representatives to be a guideline to maintain harmonious work relationship and help our team in managing human resources for the company’s growth.

We are applying flexi-working hours and agile working for most roles where employees are free to manage their work, time, and area to work as long as jobs are well-delivered. Our office ambience is set as comfortable as possible, enabling people to work from any areas in the office. Our pantry also enables us to mingle each other, equipped with the music corner where people can show their singing or musical skills to others. We also created activities that are family friendly for the employees’ kids.

Fonterra Brands Indonesia grows our talents for growth, from hire to retire. We always prioritize internal promotion and recruitment as part of our trust to employee’s capability. Company is implementing 70-20-10 development concept where 70% of development influenced by Experiential Learning throughout company. 20% is built by coaching & mentoring which our Leadership Team at BOD Level share their time to be coach for Senior Managers for leadership development. And 10% development is obtained from formal training where most of trainers are internal. We are also utilizing e-Learning tools called MyFonterra system and recently LinkedIn Learning platform where employees can join and learn relevant topics flexibly. We are committed to employees’ professional and personal development which is why we are proud to offer this eLearning to employees, showing how serious we are in enabling employees’ learning and development.

At Fonterra, we are practising ways of working with less bureaucracy and complexity which employees can easily reach top management. Any voice or ideas are counted responsibly as we are implementing our tagline: Do It Today as Tomorrow is Ours.


At Fonterra Brands Indonesia, we are creating an environment where Good Together is what we do and how we show up every day. Everyone is trying their best through the combination of Attitude, Speed, and Effort to demonstrate our core values: Make It Happen, Co-operative Spirit, Challenge Boundaries and Do What’s Right.

We believed that engaged employees will always spread the positivity to the environment by demonstrating our core values and Good Together philosophy. We invest our best selves – our hearts, minds and hands in the work we do in the spirit of Good Together philosophy. The company appreciates and acknowledges in regular basis these behaviours by giving the Champions Awards to those who have demonstrated these values and become role models for others.

Another appreciation given to those who have been contributing for 5 years of service and its multiples under the recognition of Long Services Awards, giving them gold medals as symbol of dedication to company.

Every year, Fonterra Brands Indonesia joins Gallup Survey called MySay Survey to explore the implementation of engagement. From the last survey, 73% of employees in Indonesia assessed as Engaged, way higher than Gallup Best Practice at 50%. The engagement score is 4.38 (while the Gallup Score only 4.07 out of scale 5) which means that the level of connection, enthusiasm and commitment to Fonterra as their workplace, role, team and environment are very high.

Wellbeing program is our main program to promote work-life balance and healthy life style to employees. The program is expected to maintain winning mental attitude and strengthen teamwork at the same time. Some series of activities are including talk shows, sports competition, sing and dance talent show, games and many more. Employee even can share any ideas and with company’s support, they are able to execute the initiatives.

During the covid pandemic, we keep running the wellbeing program to maintain moral and employee engagement by doing the events virtually such as sharing experience from survivors, stand-up comedy, virtual home visit, farm tour, games, health talk, and yoga exercise class. Engagement activity through simple yet powerful initiative by asking “Are you ok” to buddies or friends and show our caring each other. This is to support each other’s mental feelings and make sure everyone is in good condition.

As part of Good Together, we involve employees with sensory experts’ certification in our sensory test to receive inputs to for higher quality products. Then, we support and celebrate the success of product launch or project accomplishment by consuming our products with pride together.

Every year, all employees from all over Indonesia to meet in Annual National Conference to create team bonding and cohesion, which at the end it will increase our employee engagement. It is strengthened by regular High Performing Team (HPT) program to implement our Good Together philosophy in our daily lives.


We strongly consider the competitiveness of market practice within industry in providing total remuneration package, including competitive salary, annual bonus, incentives for sales and other employee benefits which maintained to be above median market target.

Festive allowance (Tunjangan Hari Raya) is not only given in Idul Fitri but also in Christmas, together with products packages which people can enjoy with their beloved ones, as we also care employees’ families.


We always keep connected with Consumer, Customer, and Community. In Fonterra Brands Indonesia we believe that our people are the best brand ambassadors of the Company. The experience that people get when they interact with our employees reflect our true organizational cultures and values.
  • Fonterra is one of the most chosen FMCGs by fresh graduates from reputable universities which enthusiastically apply for Management Trainee program.
  • We have the internship program as part of our employer branding initiatives. Coming from the final year students, the interns are assigned to a mentor who will work with them throughout the internship period around 2-6 months. They will learn about teamwork and business acumen to prepare them for professional work. It is used as a talent pipelining which we can get benefit of future employees when we have vacancy. We also do campus visits to get in touch with young talents and introduce our values as one of their best future employers.
  • We have Dairy Development Program to educate and develop selected Indonesian farmers by giving them 3 months scholarship in New Zealand to learn about cattle and dairy. They can learn the whole process from grass to glass and when back to Indonesia, they can practice and help to develop bigger community.
  • In Indonesia, we develop and assist dairy cluster in Padang Panjang, West Sumatera so they understand on how to raise dairy cluster that are good, profitable and empower the community. The program has been acknowledged by Indonesian government which help to strengthen relationship between Indonesia and New Zealand in the aspect of cow husbandry.
  • Through ‘Fonterra Berbagi’, we help deliver the goodness of dairy and serve healthy, nutritious and delicious meals for the break-fasting with orphanage children or people in need together with Fonterra employees who also help to engage with them. This is part of our CSR activity as we done it annually.
  • Every year, we always embarking on ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ movement as a call for action from Anlene to all Indonesians in support of the Government’s agenda of Gerakan Masyarakat Sehat (GERMAS) and encourage people to be more active and fight sedentary lifestyles.
  • We facilitate a broader recognition in the culinary world of the great talent of our customers’ Chefs and their signature creations using Anchor Food Professionals’ dairy products through Anchor Chef Competition.
  • During pandemic, we activate virtual cooking class for public through Instagram platform, facilitated by our chefs from Foodservice department, using our dairy healthy products. It managed to reach lots of views and positive responds from Indonesian netizens.