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BRI Building Jl. Jend.Sudirman
Kav 44-46 Jakarta Pusat 10210

BRI Building Jl. Jend.Sudirman Kav 44-46 Jakarta Pusat 10210




The Most Valuable Banking Group
in Southeast Asia & Champion
in Financial Inclusion

The Most Valuable Banking Group in Southeast Asia & Champion in Financial Inclusion

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BRI successfully maintained its position as Indonesia’s largest bank in 2020 and strong fundamental to answer the challenges in this-fast changing business environment with our resilient legacy for the last 125 year5. Companies moved faster than our thought possible. It is a must to continuous transform & innovate to keep our leading position and taken to the next level achievement.

Sharpening the vision become "The most Valuable Banking Group in South East Asia & Champion of Financial Inclusion in 2025, BRI transformation focus on two area : Digital & Culture. Our people that we called BRILiaN become main focus.

This requires world class Human Capital (HC) management & practices to foster BRI future. We formulated strategic human capital framework which focuses on 3 main pillars: people, culture and organization. Strengthened by an enabler system: creative & effective human capital communication, certified human capital practitioners, advancing human capital information system & digitalization and promoting healthy industrial & employee relation.


BRIvolution 2.0 put BRI One Culture for the BRI Group including subsidiaries as strong foundation to aim company vision & mission. We endorse BRILiaN Ways, 8 main behaviors as a manifestation of AKHLAK core values & BRILiaN belief, which can be measured to support the achievement of BRI performance driven behavior.

BRI One Culture embedded through all employment aspect, starting from the culture fit for newbie, onboarding and sustainable people development program. Internalized with numerous culture activation: Performance Improvement Forum (PIF), Sportacular, Family Gathering, Change Agent Forum, BRILiaN Rookie Program, BRI Peduli, BRIShine - BRI Millenials Forum & BRILiaN Excellence Award (BEA).


To attract the best and right talent candidates for BRI and retaining more engaged and productive BRILiaN, BRI defines Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which is Giving Value for Indonesia. BRI Group is a place of work that provides opportunities for learning, achievement, growth and development to contribute to Indonesia.

The company encourage BRILiaN become continuous learner, consistently improve through challenges & adventures while empowered BRILiaN to be a change maker & grow to be the star of life for the better Indonesia. BRI is home to the best talent.


BRILiaN Development Centre was founded to create Great Talent & Great Leader while giving the best employee experience journey since the first day, being develop, being retained until smooth landing and happy retirement. We aplied multi source recruitment : BRILIaN Scholarship Program, BRILiaN Creativity Contest, BRILiaN Get Talent Program and BRILiaN Internship Program. Multi channel recruitment open through BRILiaN Next Leader Program (BNLP), BRILIaN Future Leader Program (BFLP) and BRILiaN Banking Officer Program (BBOP).

BRILiaN Develepment Centre and BRI Corporate University introduced the Systematic Development Program, a three-pongs educational curriculum covered extensive technical, professional and leadership competencies. Both technical and professional competency are prepared to meet the national & regional (ASEAN) certification standards, proceed by BRI LSP - Banking Certification Institute .

BRILiaN will continue to be developed through: BRILIaN Specialist Development Program, BRILIAN Leader Development Program, BRILiaN Global Leader Program, BRILiaN Bright Scholarship Program, BRILiaN Society Elite Advancement Program and BRILIAN Leader Retirement Program. BRI also have fast track career ladder to accelerate young leaders to take an important role as BRI future BOD or BOD talent pool in ministry of state owned enterprise.


84% of our employee, currently more than 125 thousand are millennials & Gen Z, who respond positively to agile & easy accessible digital solutions. BRILiaN flexibly can work from everywhere including our BRIWork satellite office. We believe on productive everywhere principle to boost work performance while maintaining work life balance and integration. Employee could join more than 23 community of sports, arts and various hobbies available.

People First. BRI is give extraordinary attention for BRILiaN and families during the covid 19 pandemic. Intense communication on safety and healthy life style has been internalized. Covid Ranger is appointed to ensure the discipline corona protocol execution. Deploying mass influenza & pneumonia vaccination at the beginning of the outbreak to increase immunity, provides safe houses for the employees require isolation for speedy recovery.


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BRI implements total reward philosophy, a holistic approach for both financial and non financial benefits, including variable or fixed income for long and short term with fair principle internally & competitive externally. BRI provide benefits as addition to basic salary and bonus, such as health programs, pension fund, social security, employee loans with special rate and Employee Stock Ownership Programs to increase sense of belonging to become value creator for the company.

Our turn over rate in 2020 is 1,73 % lower than 15 % in banking industry and 85% employees stated their high engagement while 93% of employees satisfied working with BRI


BRILiaN equipped with BRIStars, digital tools which include e-office, e-budgeting, file sharing & collaboration. HC application for Integrated Talent Management System called BRILliance, allowing employees to share their career aspirations, discuss with mentors, using learning wallet to join development and training programs for skill and competency upgrading. BRILiaN could design their own careers and tailored their own BRILiaN Development Plan for their job enrichment and enlargement. Thousands online course & training could be retrieved anytime, anywhere with any devices from BRISmart, the digital integrated learning management system.

BRI received tens local and international awards as recognition for the incredible and brilliant hard work and performance result, among others : 2020 Best BUMN in the financial sector; The Most Resilient BUMN in Top BUMN Award 2020; The 1st Indonesia Largest Public Company, Global 2000 Forbes The World Largest Public companies and many others.

The huge investments of our HC various strategies & initiatives are reflecting BRI's seriousness on creating the best global competitive BRILiaN to be able to answer the company's future. As one of this nation agent of development BRI is bear a great noble task and strongly impact the growth of Indonesia’s economic. BRI empowering BRILiaN to change lives of many people and to create a meaningful life. Giving Value for Indonesia.