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Menara Bank Danamon Jl. HR.
Rasuna Said Blok C No. 10,
RT 010 / RW 007, Kel. Karet,
Kec. Setiabudi, Jakarta 12920, Indonesia

Menara Bank Danamon Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Blok C No. 10, RT 010 / RW 007,
Kel. Karet, Kec. Setiabudi, Jakarta 12920, Indonesia




We Care and Enable Millions to
Prosper Danamon believes that
its purpose is to care for others:
its customers, employees, and
society at large, enabling them
to thrive, grow, and achieve

We Care and Enable Millions to Prosper Danamon believes that its purpose is to
care for others: its customers, employees, and society at large, enabling them to thrive,
grow, and achieve prosperity

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PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. was established on July, 1956 as PT Bank Kopra Indonesia. In 1976, the bank's name was changed to PT Bank Danamon Indonesia. as of March 31, 2021 Bank Danamon manages total consolidated assets of IDR 193 trillion with its subsidiary, namely PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk. (Adira Finance). In terms of share ownership, 92.47% of Danamon's shares are owned by MUFG Bank, Ltd. and 7.53% owned by the public.

Our Corporate Values: B I S A
  • Berkolaborasi / Collaboration : Great Collaboration Equals Great Success. We Collaborate and help each other to achieve common Goals
  • Integritas / Integrity : Integrity Above All Else. Zero Tolerance to Fraud
  • Sigap Melayani / Customer Centric : Always Ready to Offer the Best Version of Ourselves to Serve Customer. Anytime, Anywhere
  • Adaptif / Adaptive : Be Responsive, Proactive and Able to Adapt in Any situation.

Danamon is supported by a network of 846 conventional branch offices, Syariah units and branch offices of its subsidiaries as well as more than 60,000 networks of Danamon ATMs, ATM Bersama, PRIMA and ALTO networks spread across 34 provinces. Apart from the physical network, Danamon services can also be accessed through Danamon Online Banking, mobile banking through the D-Bank and D-Card applications, SMS Banking, and phone banking services via Hello Danamon. With a variety of financial products and services, Danamon is ready to serve the needs of customers from various segments including Consumer banking, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Wholesale (Corporate and Commercial), and Sharia as well as automotive financing through Adira Finance.

Why PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk is a Great Place to Work?

We Always Promote and Help our Employee to GROW.

GROW is our Employee Value Proposition, Danamon’s Commitment to Our Employee that we will do our best to ensure PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk is a Great Company to Work With.

G. Global Exposure

We Promised Global exposure and experiences through business collaboration and sharing of global best practices. As part of MUFG, a global financial group as well as the largest bank in Japan and one of the leading financial institutions in the world, Danamon will be able to access MUFG's strength, expertise and network to serve our customers and facilitate Danamon's growth in realizing long-term value for all stakeholders. Example of MUFG support to danamon including but not limited to :
  • Global Employee Exchange to Singapore (2020)
  • Relationship Manager Academy in MUFG Headquarter, Tokyo (2020)
  • Global Lead and Global Leaders Forum
  • Business Collaboration through “Global Collaboration Office” Builds within Danamon

R. Rise to Excellence

We Care and Help Millions of People to Achieve Prosperity. Danamon and its Employees Construct a supportive Collaborative Environment not only for the Internals but Also the Externals. These Supportive Collaborative including but not limited to :
  • Karyawan Danamon Peduli
    A Voluntary System Where Danamon Employees Could Provide Help, Both in the Form of Money or Any Other Goods/Needs to Fellow Employees, for example: Condolence Money, Medical Fees, Scholarship, Emergency Supply and Many More
  • Financial Friday and Wealth Series
    Educative Financial Talkshow With the Experts. Through this Program, we want to share Knowledge, especially Financial Literacy to Millions of People because we believe Knowledge is the Rights of Every Human Being. People can learn about Businesses, Investment, Macro-Microeconomics, Financial Tips and Many more. Available for Free, 24/7 on Official Danamon Youtube Channel
  • The Indonesia Summit 2021
    A Grand Economic Event by MUFG and Danamon to Discuss the Future of Indonesia Economy in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic. We Invite National and Overseas Experts as the speaker, including Indonesia Minister of State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) Mr. Erick Thohir

Winning a Prestigious Title like HR Asia awards is a very Important Milestone for Danamon and We Are Very Grateful for that. For us, competing in the Highest Level is not just about Winning, but what we will do after Winning. We will Collaborate more with each other, We will keep our Integrity at the highest Level, we will Adapt to any challenge in the future and of course We Always offer our best version to Customers and Stakeholders. Bank Danamon Indonesia Will Strive to Become Even Better

O. Own Your Future

In Danamon, any Employee could become anything as long as they have the will to Learn the required skills. We never limit any Possibilities or Potential of our Employees. In Danamon, Not Even Sky is the Limit.

In order to Realize Their Potentials, We Always offer our Supports. These supports including but not limited to:
  • Danamon Corporate University
    Dedicated Learning Center for our Employees to Encourage Their GROW with the Highest Quality Standard. Located in Ciawi, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
  • Danamon Way of Learning
    • Smart Library
    • Linkedin Learning
    • Intuition
    • Gamification
    • And Many More

W. Wellness and Well-being

Danamon Genuinely cares for employee wellness and well-being. As a part of Danamon’s family, together we support and take care of our social communities.
  • D’Club
    Promotes Work Life Balance in the Office with Various Club and Hobbies Activities. Employees are free to choose which club to join.
    • Photography Club
    • Cat Lovers
    • Mount Climbers
    • Music
    • And Many More
  • Danamon Charity
    Charity from Danamoners to Society. We Care About Our Society, Our Environment, Our Country. Our Commitment is To Make the World a Better Place, Not Just for Danamoners, But Also for Everyone
  • Covid-19 Employee Care
    We Formed the Crisis Command Center, a Dedicated Units Formed Specifically to Combat Covid-19 and Protect our employees :
    • Employee Health Survey
      A Daily and Weekly Survey To Assess our Employee Condition and To Ensure Appropriate Actions Are Taken As Soon As Possible Whenever Needed
    • Self-Quarantine Facility
      We Have Hotels Booked Specifically for our Company Use in Order to Provide our Employees and Their Family a Comfortable Place to Self-Quarantine Whenever They Need
    • Health Allowance
      We Give Our Employee a Health Allowance in Case They, or Their Family Need to See a Doctor or Buy Medicine
    • .
    • Danamon Commitment to Employees
      Ensuring Them a Safe and Stable Career During Pandemic Era, No Lay-offs, No Paycut, Incentives to Employees