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Menara Astra Lt. 59
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 5-6
Jakarta 10220


Conglomerate (Holding Company)


1. To be one of the best managed
corporations in Asia Pacific with
emphasis on sustainable growth
by building competence through
people development, solid financial
structure, customer satisfaction
and efficiency.

2. To be socially responsible
corporation and to be
environmentally friendly.

1. To be one of the best managed corporations in Asia Pacific with emphasis on
sustainable growth by building competence through people development, solid
financial structure, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

2. To be socially responsible corporation and to be environmentally friendly.

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Since established in 1957, Astra has been expanding their businesses to 7 business segments with market capitalization of Rp175 trillion at the end of 2020 and become one of the nation’s largest business group. Astra expanded its business by implementing a business model based on synergies and diversification within seven business segments, consisting of: 1) Automotive, 2) Financial Services, 3) Heavy Equipment, Mining, Construction and Energy, 4) Agribusiness, 5) Infrastructure and Logistics, 6) Information Technology and 7) Property. This has been the result on how Astra prioritizes Human Capital as a key factor that determine the success and sustainability of the company.


A company’s success is inextricable from the performance of all individuals within it. Therefore, Astra consistently focuses on developing employees to ensure the cadre process runs smoothly. In 2020, Astra continued its efforts to build quality human capital, while improving the implementation of human capital (HC)-related strategies. In the past few years, HC development has adjusted to the digital changes characterized as industrial revolution 4.0. Astra has launched HC strategies and adjusted its business model in response to this, through three things. First, strengthening digital leadership by adjusting the business model to the latest developments of the industry. Second, fostering a “startup” spirit to create a work environment that can motivate millenial employees. Third, reinventing HC functions to continue learning and adapting with business needs.

The enhancement of Astra’s HC capability with digital technology showed marked results in 2020, when all sectors were hit by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The change of work culture from office to home demanded Insan Astra to adapt, prioritizing health while maintaining maximal performance. Astra, with the spirit of Pride of the Nation as its 2030 goal, tried to set an example by implementing health protocols according to regulations. Astra does business by prioritizing the health of employees and adhering government regulations. From the start, Astra prepared for the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by forming a Pandemic Working Team responsible for designing policy, monitoring and taking mitigating measures against COVID-19 in the Company. At the Group level, a COVID Crisis Center was formed to provide call center services assisting employees and families impacted by COVID-19. The Company also took preventative steps in the form of a Daily Health Survey of employees, enforcement of health protocols and other supporting facilities for the welfare of employees. These are aimed to create a sense of security for all Astra individuals in doing their jobs.


In implementing Human Capital strategy, Astra always refer to our core value, called Catur Dharma. Catur Dharma has become the foundation for Astra in conducting business practices, also a guidance for Insan Astra to interact with one another. Therefore, Catur Dharma is internalized through all employment aspect, starting from becoming criteria for new employee recruitment process, and also embedded on the new employee orientation training, and sustainable people development programs. Catur Dharma consists of 4 values which are 1) To be an Asset to the Nation, 2) To Provide the Best Service to Our Customers, 3) To Respect Individuals and Promote Teamwork, 4) To Continually Strive for Excellence.


Astra strongly promotes innovation and improvement at every employee level. Therefore, Astra committed to develop Insan Astra and designs tiered, structured, and comprehensive development program such as training, mentoring, rotation, career development, leadership, coaching, and feedback sessions based on Catur Dharma. The main goal is to create Astra future leaders who are groomed from within with the appropriate and adequate knowledge, experience, competence, and characters.

Astra also understands the needs of having specialists, besides generalists. Therefore, there is dual career ladder where employees who are deemed as specialist and generalist will have equal rights. Astra will also launch an Astra professional certification institution to help support competence development and continues to refine the system to prepare future leader potentials to gap between generations.


Astra greatly prioritizes the welfare of Insan Astra. Astra have some exciting and unique benefits that sets Astra apart from Astra’s competitors. Astra remuneration policy is based on the 3P concept: Pay for Position, Pay for Person and Pay for Performance. The remuneration system is based on performance appraisal to ensure fairness between job value and responsibilities as well as the level of performance.

Our compensation system consists of fixed component for monthly salary, and a variable component called the year-end bonus, on which the amount depends on an individual performance, thus maintaining motivation and work productivity. Insan Astra are also entitled to various facilities such as meal allowance, transportation allowance, car loan for certain levels, medical coverage, insurance, and also scholarship for Insan Astra family members of a certain level.


Engagement between employees and the Company they work for is crucial, especially for new employees from the millennial generation. Therefore, increases engagement by optimizing the employee value proposition (EVP) of employees has been Astra priority focus in the past few years. Now, we concretely created employee experiences programs that can support young generation of Insan Astra to be comfortable and productive at work as Astra values the importance of work-life balance. Astra provides numerous quality facilities in the workplace, including nursery rooms, clinics, fitness centers, libraries, sports halls, game console facilities and also facilitated employees activities outside other work activities, such as badminton, futsal, dance, etc. Astra ensure to create a safe and comfortable work area for employees, reinforced by the implementation of the Environmental, Safety, Health, Security, and Work Discipline Policy (LK5).

Astra also continuously conducts improvement of routine engagement programs. These programs are expected to continue from the smallest scope, which is individuals, organizations, and even corporations to grow employee engagement according to their aspirations. As for the routine engagement programs that we have, includes Sports and Arts Week, Astra Got Talent, Family Day, and even Agent of Change who works within the scope of individual.