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Menara Batavia, 31st Floor,
JL. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 126,
Jakarta 10220

Menara Batavia, 31st Floor, JL. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 126, Jakarta 10220


Transportation And Logistics


To be the global integrator of container
logistics, simplifying customers' supply chain

To be the global integrator of container logistics, simplifying customers' supply chain

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In Maersk we’re committed to continuously provide a world class employee experience regardless of the challenges. Relying on our agility and creativity we keep on exploring new approaches to overcome the obstacles, enabling us to continue taking care of our employees. Virtual learning, virtual onboarding, and virtual team connect are some of the new practices that we introduce as we thrive in the new normal.


Learning through Experience and Actual Practice (LEAP) is a local L&D program that offers various learning sessions. Through collaboration with other countries in Asia Pacific Region we’re able to expand the offering where local learning sessions are extended to wider audience. Under the umbrella of LEAP, we also launch Headstart, a casual talk-show format learning platform, which aims to promote more interaction and retention. These combined initiatives resulted in over 70 hours of training. All the sessions are recorded and stored in a repository, accessible to all employees to provide learning schedule flexibility.

Leaders Exploration and Development (LEAD) Program
A program that welcomes and develops accelerated, top-notch graduates to explore different functions and learning opportunities through job rotations every six months. LEAD trainees who have completed the program are now assigned in various functions.

Leadership for All: Leadership workouts for aspiring leaders and seasoned leaders who need refresher. It focus on foundational knowledge to build and sharpen understanding of being a leaders in Maersk.

Leading Maersk: New leaders participate in learning program to strengthen their leadership capabilities and our leadership pipeline. This course is delivered using various methodolody, from digital workouts, 1:1 coaching, and leadership assessments.

Inspiring Maersk: Inspiring Maersk is an advanced learning course targeted for senior leaders in organization. Developed in collaboration with leading business school, it aims to sharpen leaders capabilities to lead and inspire the team throughout transformation journey.

Strategies for Success: A leadership program for our women talents aims to maximize career potential and enhance performance by creating personal strategies to execute.

Short Term Assignments: We have successfully accelerated employee development through various short-term assignments and rotation within the functions in and outside the country and even across areas.

Employee Engagement Survey: Twice a year employee engagement survey is launched in order to have consistent pulse check on team engagement. This step enables us to assess and implement different strategies to transform the organizations culture.


At Maersk, we support our colleagues’ holistically. Our goal is “a state of well-being in which they recognize their own potentials and can function fruitfully and productively.

Webinars on various mental health topics, from managing stress, dealing with uncertainty to handling grief, are conducted throughout the year to support our employees in the maintaining their mental health in this challenging times.

Virtual team connect is introduced as a platform to get employees pulse check and minimize the feeling of disconnect in the face of remote working.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): A globally driven assistance program that’s accessible 24/7 by telephone, email, text and online, providing free, confidential information, referrals and in the moment support.


Maersk considers prevention an important part of our rewards strategy, aiming to create an environment for employees to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing, enabling them to be at their best for all the Moments that Matter.

Extended Maternity and Adoption Leave: All female employees and adopting employees are entitled to a fully paid leave of 18 weeks.

Returning from Maternity: We aim to achieve a minimum 90% maternity leave return rate to ensure the retention of valuable expertise by offering 20% reduced working hour for 6 months for new moms.

A Star Is Born: In welcoming our new baby superstars, we give a baby hamper as a welcome gift!

Health and Wellness: Virtual yoga class, wellness bulletin, and employee care package are our ways to express our commitment on employee’s wellbeing.

Culture of Appreciation and Recognition:
  • Instapat, a digitalized instant recognition platform where colleagues recognize anyone anywhere in the world!
  • Comprehensive rewards program including SPOT recognition and STAR BONUS awards for employees who went above and beyond. Adopting total reward principle STAR recognition is not only focusing on monetary reward but also non-monetary, in which we introduce a reward catalogue.


Achieving our Diversity and Inclusion ambition is up to all of us; across different nationalities, genders, generations, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations, ethnicities and perspectives.

As a priority, we focused on two big tickets: building inclusion and driving diversity.

Diversity and Inclusion Week: Strengthening our understanding on D&I, several local and regional learning sessions in various format are delivered by fellow colleagues and external guest speakers, corroborating the annual International Women’s Month

Reducing the Gap: Actionable strategies to reduce the following: staff ratio, pay gap and leadership ratio between male and female among others


Responsible Organization: Through Maersk Cares, we’re able to materialize our socio-economic commitments allowing us to champion our care for education, environment and host communities. We participated to various clean up and donation drives.


We have established several best practices which allows us to connect and engage with our employees:
  • Weekly Employee Broadcast
    We begin the week by understanding where we stand and bring in the focus priorities of the week
  • Monthly Townhall
  • Monthly and Quarterly Team Engagement
  • Quarterly Maersk Post
    Business and people stories and highlight are shared through digital newsletter