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Kraft Heinz ABC Indonesia
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To sustainably grow by delighting
more consumer globally

To sustainably grow by delighting more consumer globally

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Kraft Heinz Indonesia is a subsidiary of the Kraft Heinz Company, a leading global food and beverage company in the world with a long history in delighting consumers every day and everywhere around the world. The company’s long success is built on a strong foundation of providing consumers with food and beverages which deliver taste, nutrition, and consistent quality.

Kraft Heinz Indonesia is the largest Heinz business in Asia and one of the largest business unit globally with over 1900 employees and 3 manufacturing facilities. The Company’s Head Office is located in Jakarta, with factories and distribution centers located in Jakarta, Karawang, Pasuruan, and Surabaya. As a leading producer of food and beverage products in Indonesia, Kraft Heinz understand the power of food to connect people, unite cultures and enrich daily life. The ABC products, ranging from soy sauce, chili sauce, canned fish, cordials, and RTD are produced with global quality standards and enjoyed by millions of Indonesian consumers every day for over 40 years. We also now have our global brand Heinz, which has delivered international food experiences in more than 200 countries for more than 150 years.

Bringing our purpose “Let’s Make Life Delicious!” as our reason to exist, we continuously create innovation and products to spark joy, bring people together, and create memorable moments for people. Our vision “proudly make delicious food available for every Indonesian family” makes our ambition clear and points the way to where we want to go as a Company – help feed the nation and do it deliciously!

Workplace Practices

Here at Kraft Heinz, we have a strong culture of ownership, meritocracy, and collaboration in which everyone in the company will have the same opportunity to grow, make impactful contributions, and achieve our common goals. This meritocracy principle is reflected from how we recognize and rewards our people by focusing on their performance regardless of their age, race, religion, and tenure.

One of our values is We Demand Diversity. We are living in diverse workplace where we are inclusive, lead with honesty and integrity, and we embrace sense of inclusion and equality through our Diversity, Inclusivity, and Belonging (D,I,B) programs to have a shared understanding and stimulate more insights, ideas, and innovations to elevate the business to greater heights.

During the pandemic situation, we implement a more flexible working arrangement to help our people cope with the current situation - juggling work and family responsibilities while everyone in the family works/studies from home. In the future, we are planning to have hybrid office model to accommodate the needs of people.

Wellbeing and Engagement

Having a strong and quality wellbeing strategy is as crucial as achieving business goals and companies’ targets. We have a robust and comprehensive and comprehensive workplace wellbeing strategy called LiveWell which covers three main aspects of our people wellbeing: physical, emotional, and financial. Through this program, we offer our people an extensive range of benefits, ranging from sport activities, health class, mental health sessions, to financial workshops, and fun entertainment. We have 24/7 Employee Assistance Program for our people to consult with an experienced professional. On top of that, we also extend paternity leave for new fathers by 10 days to give our people time to focus on their family and take care of a newborn baby and we encourage our employees to have a quality leave as well. During this pandemic situation, we continue to put the health of our people as priority by providing office doctor 24/7 and having vaccination program for our people and their family - with more than 85% of our people have been vaccinated so far.

To achieve our goal to be the top tier employer of choice with most engaged team and a leader powerhouse, our engagement strategy goes beyond free meals or a ping-pong table in the office, but rather a strategic approach that combines our business objectives with our people’s needs through a data-driven approach for our employee engagement strategy so that we can create high performing teams that win in the marketplace. Our national engagement themes are aligned with our business strategy over the years and we conducted monthly engagement events gleaned from our regular pulse check survey – the result shows that we has improved in continues improvement, company direction, and customer focus aspects.

Learning and Development

At Kraft Heinz, we believe in continuous improvement and adopting a growth mindset – supporting our people with adequate skills, knowledge, and unlimited growth opportunity. We support the employees with adequate skills and knowledge to improve their personal and professional development with a series of learning opportunities. This includes a mix of online-offline training (leadership, culture, foundational skills, and functional skills), coaching/mentoring, and on-job training. We recently launched our newest learning program which gives our people monthly dedicated 90 mins of learning time to create a better, solid culture of learning in the company.

Maintaining sustainability means that we, as a company, are always committed to fostering consistency in growing our business as well as developing our talent. We incorporate our people’s learning plans during our quarterly performance review; together with feedback on how our people can improve on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. We do this through our people routines: quarterly performance review, bi-annual Organization People Review (OPR), and 360 feedback for leaders.

Our quarterly performance reviews look at the performance in the quarter, behavioural strengths and opportunities, and development plans for both performance and behaviour. This is a platform for manager and their team members to discuss and improve on ways of working and developmental plans. We also have set of platforms in our talent development, such as Individual Action Plan (IAP) to help our people identify their plan to achieve goals and keep them on tracks, and Individual Development Plan (IDP) to outline their development needs to elevate themselves. We also recently launched Competency Matrix to measure current competencies and identify the gaps for our people’s next career aspiration with a total of 57 competencies and 242 roles.