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Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.21,
RT.2/RW.3, Gambir, DKI Jakarta,
Central Jakarta 10110

Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.21, RT.2/RW.3,
Gambir, DKI Jakarta, Central Jakarta 10110




Indonesia’s Leading Digital Telco

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Local Jewel that Grows as a Multinational Company

Since the day of inception, Indosat Ooredoo has always believed that digitalization makes a better life. The company was established on November 10th, 1967 with the aim of providing telecommunication services in Indonesia. In 1980, the company became a State-Owned-Enterprise. To capitalize on the growing cellular market, Indosat then established its very own cellular service, IM3. This product then became the largest revenue stream for the company, due to its commitment to provide simple and transparent products and services to all Indonesians. The company was then rebranded from Indosat to Indosat Ooredoo in 2015, having been acquired by the Qatar-based telecommunications company. The rise of Indosat Ooredoo then continues, as the company successfully provides nationwide 4G offerings and coverage in 2018. Moreover, the company is growing at an extraordinary rate, as it currently serves more than 60 million loyal customers in Indonesia, 121 thousand BTS that covers almost the entire nation, and continuous strong performance, even during pandemic, that will carry the company to become the Leading Digital Telco in Indonesia.

Embracing the Digital Era

Although 2020 served as a massive challenge for Indosat Ooredoo the company keeps on moving forward for the better. The impact of Covid-19, organization streamlining and changes in labour law regulations only motivates the company to create stronger work paradigms and practices to reach the goal of digital leadership in Indonesia. To reach such massive ambitions, the company formulated a solid corporate strategy which one of the most important pillars is “Leap towards an empowered high performing team”.

This strategy is supported by the company’s HR, which aims to deliver it by focusing and creating more capable employees, more agile organization, and more efficient and effective Ways of Working. Thus, with the belief that the people inside the company are the key drivers to achieve these goals, Indosat Ooredoo strives in creating a performance-based culture by leveraging the company’s technologies and digital capabilities. Multiple tech-based practices have been offered for all employees, even before they join Indosat Ooredoo. Starting from ‘Career site’ that enables candidates to get real-time information on their applications, an app called ‘MyHiring’ for Hiring Managers to request for position fulfillment and track the progress. ‘NEO’ (New Employee Onboarding) app that guides and engages new employees during their onboarding process, and up to the company’s ‘MyLearning’ app, a digital learning platform containing more than 10,000 contents in the forms of video, write up, podcast, and e-seminar. To track their own development, as well as performance and career management, Indosat Ooredoo also equips employees with ‘MyDev ’and ‘MyTalent’ app. This is part of the company’s pursuit of promoting learning culture in their organization. With their digital capabilities, Indosat Ooredoo has also adopted agile way of working long before the pandemic. Since several years ago, Indosat Ooredoo employees have been able to work anywhere in the office, and even outside the office with flexible working hours that is suitable to their needs. Employees do not have to station in one desk all the time, they can reserve different desks at different working areas everyday by simply checking in using QR code.

Being a leading technology company, Indosat Ooredoo provides all the above seamless end-to-end employee experience in the palm of their hand. A mobile super-app called DigiOffice enables all the digital ways of working, learning, self developing, and hiring. The latest way of leveraging technology by Indosat Ooredoo was the introduction of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) called ASTRID which stands for Assistant for Robotic Administration Indosat Ooredoo. ASTRID does basic employee services with speed of five times faster than human, accuracy level up to 100%, and very minimum human intervention. This allows the company to give more meaningful job for their employees and let repetitive jobs being done by the robot.

Development for Talents as Company’s Number One Asset

As a company that gravitates strongly towards employees ’growth, there are multiple programs offered by the company to find, hone, and create the best talents in the telecommunications industry. Indosat Ooredoo attracts best talents with a 3-months apprenticeship program called INSPIRE (Indosat Ooredoo Apprenticeship Experience) which aimed at Developing Indonesian young Talents to become professionals. Prospective candidates will then enroll in iAccelerate, a 1-year acceleration program that aims to develop leaders at an early level to become Junior Managers. iAccelerators will be involved in Job rotation within function to enrich their knowledge, skills & experience; all while being guided by top notch coaches & mentors. These two programs; internship and acceleration programs, were kickstarted during pandemic and was all conducted fully online, thanks to the company’s digital capabilities.

For employees already working inside the company, Indosat Ooredoo has holistic and integrated Talent Management Programs which includes Leadership Development Program, Technology & Digital Development Programs, detailed Career Mapping & Rotations, and Global Talent Mobility that allows employees to be transferred to other Operating Companies across Ooredoo Group so they gain more valuable experiences.

Work-Life Balance for Employees’ Wellbeing

.Aside from providing learning opportunities for employees, Indosat Ooredoo always prides itself in providing the best employee benefits and activities to keep them engaged. All employees are encouraged to be active, form better chemistry with their colleagues and have a proper work-life balance through various extracurricular activities. The

It is an honor for us to be recognized as “The Best Company to Work For” for the second time in a row, amid all the challenges we all face in this pandemic period. It encourages us to continue focusing on what maters most: our employees. Sustaining achievement in this difficult time is a tangible form of harmonious cooperation between company and employees. Indosat Ooredoo, Rise Up Together! “Bisa Bangkit Bersama”!

With the spirit of maintaining their employees’ wellbeing during the pandemic, Indosat Ooredoo provides regular SWAB tests, multiple innovation workshops, weekly informal and fun gatherings, townhalls and chances to get to know the company’s Chiefs up close and personal. By leveraging their technologies, the company is also able to support employees serve their bigger life purpose with Corporate Social Responsibility programs such as providing free internet for students in the remote areas, scholarship for young developers called ‘IDCamp program, and give chances for those with disabilities to join the program. These are on top of their regular CSR activities like helping people in disaster areas, helping the government accelerate Covid-19 vaccination program, providing mobile clinic in remote areas, empowering women, and many more.

Indosat Ooredoo provides all these benefits and activities so that all employees generate a deeper bond with the company and feel that they are home, even when away from home.

Org Structure

Indosat Ooredoo is led by Mr. Ahmad Al-Neama, the company’s President Director & CEO. Working alongside him are nine other directors and chiefs. Mr. Vikram Sinha acts as the company’s Director & COO, Mr. Arief Musta’in as the Director & Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Mr. Irsyad Sahroni as Director & Chief Human Resources Officer, Mr. Eyas Naif Assaf as Director & Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Bayu Hanantasena as Chief Business Officer, Mr. Medhat El-Husseiny as Chief Technology & Information Officer, Ms. Natasha Nababan as Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer, Mr. Ritesh Kumar Singh as Chief Commercial Officer, and Mr. Mohammed Afzal Lodhi as Chief Internal Audit Officer. At the operational level, Indosat Ooredoo has 2,228 motivated and highly-driven employees across Indonesia that are ready to help Indonesia transform to become a digital nation.

Despite the multitude of challenges that can hamper the growth of Indosat Ooredoo, the company will never stop striving to develop its people so they can all rise above these challenges and together with Indosat Ooredoo, accelerate the digital transformation in Indonesia