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Cyber 2 Tower, 16th floor, Jl H.R.
Rasuna Said Blok X-5 No.13,
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

Cyber 2 Tower, 16th floor, Jl H.R. Rasuna Said Blok X-5 No.13, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia




Through our mission -Bringing
health through food to as many
people as possible.- and dual
commitment to business success
and social progress, Danone aims
to inspire healthier and more
sustainable eating and drinking
practices, in line with our vision,
One Planet. One Health.

Through our mission -Bringing health through food to as many people as possible.-
and dual commitment to business success and social progress, Danone aims to inspire
healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices, in line with our vision,
One Planet. One Health.

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Danone Indonesia Strategy in Accelerating Business Transformation Amidst Global Pandemics

At the beginning of 2020, we had lots of expectations and innovation designed to grow bigger. Nevertheless, the pandemic has forced us to adapt where we need to be work diverging from our usual approach. In response to this, we strive in finding new ways to keep growing by transforming how we work and seeking new opportunities to accelerate our digital transformation to supports both our business and employees.

In line with our vision—One Planet. One Health.—, as a leading global food company with dual commitment towards business success and social progress, we aim to keep inspiring healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking habit through our business line in Indonesia: Waters (AQUA, Vit, Mizone) and Specialized Nutrition (SGM Eksplor, Nutrilon Royal, Bebelac). We put our collaborative effort with our business partners to launch numerous product innovations, run sustainable initiatives, and expand our market in digital platforms.

Employer Brand: “One Planet. One Health BY YOU”

In Danone Indonesia, more than 15,000 employees (Danoners) share the same values of HOPE (Humanism; Openness; Proximity; and Enthusiasm) that underlie our unique company culture and identity. To make it life, we implement CODES (Creates a meaningful future; Opens connections inside and outside; Drives for sustainable results; Empowers self and diverse teams; Self-aware) as our leadership value. Furthermore, we focus on five leadership behavioural competencies to support our transformation, unleash business opportunities, and move faster to be future-ready, which comprise of Human Centric; Inclusive and Collaborative; Agile; Accountable and Decisive; Courageous with Empathy.

Last year, we reintroduced our latest Employer Value Proposition (EVP) which reflects our promises to Danoners and external talents. These values were formulated based on an extensive survey and evaluation of what Danoners feel about working at Danone. Our EVP was channelled into 4 pillars:
  • Make an Impact. We want to invite Danoners to make a difference and join our purpose in supporting business success and social progress. So, we can go hand-in-hand to drive the movement in making the world healthier and steering us towards a sustainable future.
  • People-Centric Company. People are at the heart of what we do. We promote a collaborative and social workplace where we focus on Danoners’ well-being and happiness. Therefore, we place importance on networks and relationships above structure and process in our everyday interactions.
  • Step Out of Your Job Description. Entrepreneurship is valued and innovation is celebrated. Danoners are welcome to seize opportunities in stepping out of their everyday job by engaging with the community and industry. We encourage them to learn new skills, voice out their ideas, and embrace creativity.
  • A Great Place to Grow. We promote networking and knowledge-sharing where everyone can develop themselves. Danoners are supported with an extensive learning ecosystem equipped with modern facilities such as virtual learning assistant, digital learning environment while also promoting 60% on-the-job, 20% Networking, 10% in-class, and 10% offline learning framework as a base to grow their potential.

Extensive Benefit Model

We offer Danoners benefits which are not only relevant for their current daily life, but also support their future with an extensive model channelled through our 5 Star Benefits Pillars, covering:
  • Family: Danone is a pioneer in providing six-month maternity leave, 10 days paid paternity leave, and an initiator of the first 1000 days of life program for employees.
  • Health: Our medical coverage is surpassing the government’s statutory standards and continuously adjusted according to the change's relevancy.
  • Voice: OPOVOS (One Person, One Voice, One Share) is our innovative governance and employee engagement model that enables Danoners to co-own the company agenda, voice out their aspirations, empower their voting rights, and express themselves on various resolutions./li>
  • Future: We provide the talent management program for employees. Meanwhile for the long-term perspective, we also provide some of the best retirement benefits in the market above statutory standards.
  • Safety: Our global management is committed to protecting the well-being of not only Danoners, but also their family.

Health & Safety Protocols

The pandemic has driven our agility to accelerate and transform for business survival while simultaneously protecting our people. We modulate office protocol by formulating a return-to- office guidebook that equips Danoners with the latest safety and health working policies. It is made to strengthen our work-from-office (WFO) regulation: only Danoners who met specific criteria are permitted to work in the office. We do this by conforming to predetermined office capacity and employee’s health assessment results prior to their WFO schedule.

Agility amidst Covid 19 : Rapid Changes Management Support
We make some adjustments to Danoners benefits and create flexibility that may guarantee their health. Danoners are facilitated with an access to health professionals by providing vitamin immune support and telemedicine service to minimize risks from physical contact. Furthermore, we also monitor health protocol in response to the special cases by implementing contact tracing and PCR tests, while also updating our benefits that facilitate Danoners self-isolation in predetermined places. We also make sure 100% danoners and family vaccinated.

Danoners Well-being Program
As a support to Danoners emotional well-being, we initiated Danone Support Group, a personal counselling session that serves as a space for Danoners to find support and peace of mind while building resilience. Here, they may share their concern and express their emotion through the help of professional clinical psychologists.

Together with our stakeholders, we also launched Healthitude program that aims to improve employee’s health by improving occupational health management, knowledge, and behaviour change. Last, we promote #kitasalingjaga campaign to take collective actions in promoting safe and healthy lifestyle.