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Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 27, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat 11540, Indonesia

Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 27, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat 11540, Indonesia




Fostering and Empowering the
Society in Building and Serving
the Nation

Fostering and Empowering the Society in Building and Serving the Nation

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In celebrating its 40 years of educational excellence in 2021, BINA NUSANTARA (BINUS) started its journey with a humble beginning. By providing education from elementary school to doctoral program levels, BINUS is committed to developing the nation through continuous learning and building a global community through education and technology. Every step taken is a worthy contribution in achieving the goals of Fostering and Empowering the Society in Building and Serving the Nation.

40th Anniversary of BINUS in Empowering Society and Building the Nation

BINUS is grateful for the 40-year journey of achievements, innovations, and self-quality. BINUS also appreciates the success nurtured from the sincerity and struggles of all Binusians.

This year, to commemorate 40 years of BINUS, there are various special programs designed for employees. The 40th Dies Natalis of BINUS University is one of the event celebrations. The event consists of a wide range of activities, such as 40 awards for Higher Education Achievements and Research Highlights, Lecturer Awards, Student Awards, Alumni Awards, and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

BINUS also has 40 Acts of Kindness from BINUS to Binusians, which contains various benefits and well-being programs for employees. Besides that, employees can participate in a series of fun activities and challenges (i.e., a singing competition, a lip sync competition, collecting 40 BINUS merchandise, and 40 themes of a photo competition). Furthermore, BINUS conducts a special edition of the Best Employee Award to honor employees with outstanding performance (i.e., Tribute to Binusians, a virtual tour event, a BINUS 40th Anniversary special gold coin edition for 40 Binusians).

People, Innovation, and Excellence is our tagline; SPIRIT is our values.

Binusians base their actions and behaviors on SPIRIT values (Striving for Excellence, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Teamwork). The values are implemented throughout the course of their work, and BINUS also inspires employees to implement the core values in their daily interactions. The work culture at BINUS always embeds a can-do attitude, passion in education, sense of closure, diversity, courtesy & humility, and agility. These are the attributes in achieving the overall goals of the organization. BINUS also motivates employees to work with a purpose and continuously strengthen their values in working.

Employee Welfare and Well-being

BINUS develops employee policies and programs based on comprehensive and holistic views. During the pandemic, various programs were developed to help employees during this challenging time. BINUS encourages its employees to always be fit and do physical activities. One such program is BINUS Virtual Sports, where employees can participate according to their preferred sports activities. The program consists of a virtual run/walk and virtual cycling. The Workout from Home program is held twice every week virtually through Zoom. It provides various open workout sessions such as zumba, aerobics, and yoga.

To support employee well-being, BINUS also offers a Mental Health Awareness program. A series of mental health webinars and health talks provide employees with information on the importance of managing their mental health conditions. Next, employees should have prudent financial planning during this unsure economic condition. Therefore, BINUS strives to build awareness among its employees with a Wealth Management Program comprised of financial webinars and one-on-one sessions.

BINUS seeks to maintain and enhance effective communication with its employees. Therefore, various social media and communication channels are available for employees, such as an official Instagram account (@lifeatbinus), an online Letters to Leaders program, digital business cards, augmented identity cards (Binusian cards) for employees, and recently BINUS has also launched a Telegram channel.

Harmonizing mind, heart and soul of talent in Bina Nusantara to fostering & empowering the society to build the nation

Harry Surya Adam, Human Capital Director

Career and People Development

The right people are the most important assets in the organization. BINUS is determined to develop employees in enhancing their knowledge and work capabilities. A Succession Planning Program and a Talent Management Program consistently develop and nurture future talents to become versatile leaders. BINUS provides various scholarships and professional development programs to upgrade employee knowledge and competencies. As an education institution, BINUS provides special development programs for employees in the academic area. These employees have the chance to participate in a Faculty Member Internship and Professional Service Program and a Professional Academic Leave Program. In the Professional Academic Leave Program, employees will be given a paid leave to complete a post-doctoral program, conduct book writing, or participate in a faculty exchange program.

During the Pandemic: BINUS COVID-19 Taskforce

Throughout the pandemic, BINUS ensures that employee health and safety are the main priorities. Our COVID-19 Taskforce was established to prepare for required adjustments and handle various conditions during the pandemic. This taskforce issues various policies and regulations to aid employee work-related activities during the pandemic (e.g., health and safety protocols, information, and updates related to COVID-19). The taskforce also facilitates employees in conducting COVID-19 tests (e.g., rapid antigen test, PCR test) and provides employees with required health assistance. Binusian Care for COVID-19 collects donations from employees with 1:1 matching from BINUS. The total amount of donations has exceeded more than IDR 2.6 billion. The donations have been distributed through food donations for communities, personal protective equipment (e.g., face masks, gloves, and body suits) for 40 hospital and healthcare facilities in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, and Malang. BINUS also organizes mass vaccination programs for our Binusian community members (employees, lecturers, outsource employees, students, alumnae – and their families), as well as for fellow academic professionals from other universities. Vaccinations have been conducted since March 2021, and more than 25,000 Binusian community members have already been vaccinated.