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PT. AXA Mandiri Financial Services,
AXA Tower 10th Fl.
Jl. Prof . Dr. Satrio kav.18 Kuningan City,
South Jakarta, Indonesia

PT. AXA Mandiri Financial Services, AXA Tower 10th Fl. Jl. Prof . Dr. Satrio kav.18 Kuningan City, South Jakarta, Indonesia




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Continuing our journey as best company to work for in Asia, employee protection and engagement is always be our priority, as what AXA purposes “Act for human Progress by Protecting What Matters”.

Since March 2020 (covid-19 pandemic), we take an action to:
    • Taking action to meet the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic
    • Implement change on many fronts to ensure business continuity – from adaptive working, to restructuring benefits, to providing virtual support for employee health and well-being
    • Adapting quickly as people and business will return to a new normal
    • Redesigning the employee experience
    • Welcoming new ways of working
    • Reexamining business models
    • Adopting more sustainable practices
    • Embracing digital solutions to prepare for the future work
A continuous journey until 2023 that focus on Mental Health & Well Being and Smart Working. We start with listening our employee voice with employee pulse survey. We hear what their concern and problem, we check their mood, we listen what their need and we came with strategy and execution. We execute many programs with employee brand promise as based on our strategy. In AXA Global, we win best employee pulse survey. It is mean that AXA Indonesia committed to valued employee as company asset and always be best company to work for.

Learning & Development

#KnowYouCan be a Star

We believe our employee to be the best that they can be by providing the support and opportunity to grow within organization. To implement our LD strategy, we conducted some learning & development initiatives:
  • Increasing number of certification & mandatory regulator learning.
  • Transversal program to support 2020 challenges, such as data awareness, remote working, mental health & wellbeing, IT security, etc.
  • Shifting conventional learning into digital learning, liaise with LinkedIn Learning to provide thousand learning content, webinar from external expertise, etc.
  • Continuing build learning culture from Leaders with program AXA Learning Parade, where our Respective leader sharing to all of employees.

Talent Development

#KnowYouCan be a Champion

We believe that good performance from employee may result good performance for company. We maintain and develop our talents to be champion. Managing our talents has become one of AXA Indonesia priority as we are closely monitoring them regarding their developments and career path:
  • Development of Talents via Scholarship and Global Education. We put our Talents as a priority for every development that can enhance their technical and soft skill knowledge.
  • Global exposure to AXA Group Network
  • Executive Management of AXA Indonesia are closely monitoring our Talents to become their successor in the future.

Engagement & Communication

#KnowYouCan be Yourself

In AXA, we maintain our employee’s satisfaction because we value that employees are the best asset that a company has. We believe that happy employee will impact on happy customer. We actively hear our employee voice, by conducting routine employee survey and come up with any intervention, ideas, and activities needed based on the survey. 2020 is the year we learn so much about agility and culture shifting, we figured out how to keep the employees connect and engage without face-to-face interaction. We showed to the employees that we are in this together, no one should feel left behind or lonely because AXA provided you with various online activities to keep the social and emotional connection among employees such as Virtual Town Hall, Webinars, E-Sport Competitions, Trivia and Interactive Quizzes, and Religious Virtual Events. Our approach proven by significant increase e-NPS score with +25 points, the biggest in our history.

Employee Benefit

#KnowYouCan be Rewarded

Continuing our respond to current Pandemic situation, we are aligning our Company focus on Smart Working journey and Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing.

On Smart Working, we are supporting our employee to keep productive while Work From Home by providing Laptop, VPN and Ms Teams. To celebrate ‘Month of Love’ in February, we send all our employee a headset for more comfortable working, while continuing monthly internet allowance.

We also rebranding our flexible benefit policy by adding eligibility to reimburse the purchase of ‘smart working tools’ such as ergonomic chair, webcam, etc using this benefit.

As we are prioritizing our employee health, not only physical but also mental and wellbeing, we launch ‘One Day Off Work’ program for employee to be able to spend free time without any leave deduction.

And to complete our support, we have partnership with medical provider to provide teleconsultation and telemedicine.


#KnowYouCan be an Ambassador

CSR implementation is realization of our commitment to contribute in improving people’s lives quality in Indonesia.
  • Culture Solidarity Action of Flood in Jabodetabek. In early 2020, the Jabodetabek area was hit by a flood.
  • Donation to Health Medic from AXA and AXA Mandiri to A total of 456MIDR was distributed to 3 hospital (RS Fatmawati, RS Hasan Sadikin and RS Sanglah).
  • AXA COVID-19 Solidarity Challenge. For each post and hashtag that is shared by employees and sales force, AXA will be donated 5 Euro.
  • Program “Aman untuk Semua”. Program that would impact the society, responding the rising number of domestic violence cases.
  • CR WEEK 2020. In celebrating CR Week 2020, all AXA Employees is encouraged to live healthily while doing something good for society.
  • AXA World Wide Sport Challenge. For employees participated in this movement Company donated certain nominal (100KIDR/participants)
  • Mandiri Cinta Indonesia Program. We has distributed donation value 685M IDR and 2,000 basic food packages were distributed by BOD to the pre-prosperous community.