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Alterra Group
Setiabudi Tengah
No. 37 RT 2/RW 3,
Kuningan, Setia Budi,
South Jakarta City,
Special Capital Region of
Jakarta 12910

Alterra Group
Setiabudi Tengah No. 37 RT 2/RW 3, Kuningan, Setia Budi, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12910


Financial Technology Company


Innovate billing in Indonesia

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Our Mission

To provide every bill issuers in Indonesia with collection systems that connects with any payment channels Established as in 2015, Alterra Indonesia is now focusing its business in building a billing and payment technology ecosystem through innovative platforms to connect bill issuers, digital commerce and end-users in Indonesia.

With 600+ employees from 4 cities: Jakarta, Malang, Jambi & Denpasar, We strive for the best employee experience & promote it seriously.

Our History

We have grown from a B2C mobile recharge online seller, expanding into integrated B2B services for billers nationwide
  • Apr 2021: Winner at Digital Technology and Innovation Award 2021 for the Best IT Leadership and Best CEO for Digital Transformation in Financial Services
  • Sep 2020: Integrated Alterra Bills with Banks and Modern Retail Partners & launched Advancing Career Program (ACP) in ALTA
  • Aug 2019: Connected with 80+ PDAMs and Local Governments, exploring smart city collaboration
  • Apr 2019: Officially submitted a registration of AlterraPay to Bank Indonesia as Financial Technology system provider
  • Sep 2018: Processed >8 mil transactions/month & launched 1st Alterra Academy (ALTA) batch
  • Jan 2017: Released B2C app for offline retail to empower SMEs
  • Oct 2015: Released digital bill payment aggregator services
  • Mar 2015: As Sepulsa, released B2C app as 1st online bill payment in Indonesia

Our Products & Services

  • Alterra Bills
    An online service that connects bill owners (Bill Issuer) with various payment channels, digital commerce, and end-users.
    Partnered with over 200 e-commerce & digital commerce in Indonesia, processing up to 10 million transactions each day.
    Alterra Bills also partnered with major Telco players in Indonesia through becoming the official aggregator for digital bill payments since 2015, and with a wide range of bill issuers, such as BPJS, PDAM, PLN, and Telkom.
  • Alterra Pay
    An integrated online payment system and automatic reconciliation to help your business run more effectively and efficiently.
  • Bimasakti
    A subsidiary of Alterra that serves business needs for organizations such as PDAM, local governments, hospitals, etc., through provision of technology that can support operational activities.
  • Alterra Academy
    A tech talent incubator that provides the opportunities for many individuals to become professional and qualified tech talents even without an IT education background.

Our Reason for Being

  • To be the best place to work for in Indonesia
  • To be the best technology company in Indonesia
Our founders built Alterra with the passion to make their employees grow. For us the best place to work is a workplace that offers opportunities to grow as much as possible.

We believe that focusing on the growth of our people will make us the best technology company in Indonesia.

Our Values

In Alterra, we always put professionalism and Integrity in our Customer-Focus oriented service. Our marvelous team is ready to work in Collaboration to help your business grow as we strive to be a Champion in the market competition through continuously giving Innovation in every product that relies on data.

Building an organization that evolves around talent experience & engagement.

We have an open and caring culture where we treat everyone equally and give transparent updates about our business to our employees. Everyone in Alterra can reach out to our CEO and we also conduct regular town hall meetings with Q&A sessions with our CEO. We value our five values and we really walk the talk. We build our in-house software, called Alterra Saku, for employees to give both positive and constructive feedback to each other so that Alterrans can continuously improve themselves. We also have Alterra Course, our own learning portal where every Alterrans can learn and share their knowledge.

We love to be flexible & casual. Having offices in 3 cities since the first day we operate, we are used to working from home and remote collaboration with flexible working hours, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe a strong team is a team that interacts beyond work matters, so we give our full support in our employee activities, such as:
  • Sports Activities (yoga, futsal, badminton, swimming)
  • Tamiya club
  • Hiking club
  • Community meetups
During pandemics, we also make our own Charity Virtual Sport Competition where we’re not only competing but also donating money for people that are impacted by the pandemic.

As a result, we have a great eNPS score and scored really well in our Gallup engagement survey.

What we give to our employees

We believe that fulfilling our employee needs will make them grow and contribute better. Some of the benefits that we give to our employees are:
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical reimbursement
  • Free snacks & coffees
  • Grab Corporate
  • Soft Loan program
  • Working anniversary gifts
  • Learning budget
During pandemics, we do a lot to keep our employees engaged. We really care about the well being of our employees during this hard time. We heard their concerns, suggestions and opinions and ended up giving a number of things, including:
  • Office tools reimbursement (desk & chair)
  • Internet credit
  • Additional monthly allowance to support their daily WFH needs
  • Surprise love box

Spreading the excitement

Having a great place to work, we also want to share our culture and knowledge to people outside Alterra. This drives us to have a recurring public sharing session event called Learnterra. Learnterra aims to provide college students and fresh graduates with insight & best practices to kickstart their career. We also have our employee blog called KAMIS (Ketika Alterrans Menulis) where we routinely publish our employee articles and real story interviews.