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The Qube, B-201, B-204, M.V. Road,
Off International Airport Road, Marol,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 059,
Maharashtra, India

The Qube, B-201, B-204, M.V. Road, Off International Airport Road,
Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 059, Maharashtra, India


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A good mix of below mentioned qualities make our Organization a Great Place to work. The Key qualities are:

Performance Driven Culture : We look at creating a balance between focusing on financial measures and use of leading performance indicators to drive better business outcomes. The performance goals and targets for all employees are clearly defined and communicated to formally. The performance assessment/evaluation is equally effective and robust. There is a clear demarcation in terms of WHAT is to be achieved & HOW it is to be achieved. The “How” is defined by the behavioral competencies that are a part of the performance management system for all employees irrespective of the level. It is not just that the performance expectation is high from the workforce, but adequate amount of management support is also provided in terms of delivering the high performance.

Communication by Top Management: We have various platforms wherein Top Management regularly communicates with all employees on business performance. This not only serves the purpose of being transparent but also supports in communicating that everyone has an equal stake in achieving the objectives of the organization. These communication channels are also used by employees to voice out any suggestions that they have which in turn are actively worked upon by the concerned teams.

All Inclusiveness - Integration within the culture - One Team One Goal : Our organization has done 3 major acquisitions in the past 6 years and still the employee bonding is one key element which drives our business growth and revenues. There is culture driven external and internal trainings that help in amalgamating culture from both sides. When organization integration happens, utmost priority is given to making use of the best HR practices from both sides.

Degree of Human Touch-A Culture of Care – Leaders continuously reiterate that employees are a key value proposition for the long-term sustenance of the organization and in turn all employees care for each other. Some examples would be - we understand the importance of safety of our woman employees, and we have a cab policy for them. There is a certain section of our employees who are only on the road (runner boys, employees of ocean & airports) so we have certain safety accessories for them depending on their geographical location (like raincoats & gum boots in West).

Flexi-Time Policy - The Flexi time is a unique policy for the benefit of employees across all locations in India. It allows employees to adjust their work time in a specific schedule, without altering the total number of stipulated working hours per day. The organization has a comprehensive Medical Insurance policy covering the employee’s immediate family as well as dependent parents. This is one more example of an organization that wants to communicate to people that it cares. Finally, we want to create a workplace where a person feels happy coming to everyday to work. Therefore, one will find that all our offices are open, bright with a lot of natural light and of standard DSV corporate colors of blues and greys

High Employee Engagement Score- Our High engagement score talks about the employee connect with their job role and the organization The India Promoter score is 85%. Recently, we have participated in the GPTW Survey and we have been certified as Great Place to Work.

Reward & Recognition- A Perfect Blend of Monetary and Non-Monetary Rewards- Providing future career growth opportunities to all employees- hiring from internal talent pool, Education policy etc.
Career and Succession planning : We have a global Talent Review and Succession planning process wherein the internal talent is assessed on Performance and Potential. Performance rating is taken from Annual Appraisal rating. Potential assessment is done by evaluating an individual on 3 parameters that is - Ability and Learning agility, DSV leadership promise, engagement & aspiration. By evaluating all these aspects, we can assess and determine an individual’s potential that can be - Low / Retained at same level, Medium or High. This is a scientific way which helps us identify potential successors in the organization and a separate Talent File is made for them which also captures details like their career history, mobility, language, competencies and proposed next steps in terms of developing the individual. Apart from this, there is a mechanism of having regular team meetings by the people managers. On employee Performance, the organization keeps an open approach. Performers are given an opportunity to grow faster whereas, fair opportunity is extended to the rest to settle down and meet expectation set by the management.
Our Internal Job Posting policy outlines the instructions for posting and communicating open positions internally before doing so externally. We are committed to investing in our employees and helping them advance their careers within our company whenever possible. The objective of this policy is to motivate employees to apply for internal positions and grow themselves within the organization.

As an organization we’ve taken a conscious call to develop team leaders – basically the second line by recognizing the potential and giving a fair chance to middle management line managers in various teams which has a ripple effect in further increasing the productivity in various products.

While defining the actionable areas post our internal employee engagement survey (named as “SAMVAAD”) results - we make sure that every individual is involved in decision making and each suggestion is taken with the consent of employees and they are held responsible in successful implementation of the same.