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A-24/10, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate,
Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110044

A-24/10, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110044


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Who Are We?

We are Air Liquide, a world leader in manufacturing gases. We also provide uncompromising technologies and services for Industry and Health.

Air Liquide has a widespread presence in 78 countries with a work family of approximately 64,500 and serves more than 3.8 million customers and patients. Gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen, the essential small molecules for life, matter and energy, embody Air Liquide’s scientific territory and have been at the core of the company’s activities since its creation in 1902.

Air Liquide India is committed to creating value for its customers by supplying innovative technologies, products and services for industrial, medical gas business and related activities. The ideas curated by us create unbelievable value over the long term. We not only anticipate the challenges of our markets, but we also trust our people, invest locally and globally, while delivering high-quality solutions. We are very committed to encouraging employee development, protecting the health and the environment.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Air Liquide India believes strongly in investing in enhancing employee experience by creating a culture of care. We take pride in our workplace practices and policies. Building an ideal employee experience involves genuinely caring for employees, having agility in listening, engaging collectively in the business strategy, and caring for employee needs and those of their families—an aspect that was even more emphasized during the pandemic—and just making everyone feel more integrated within the organization’s journey.

Our Workplace Policies
The care for the employees has thus been demonstrated through the need-based policies and benefits at workplace. Our “Upskilling policy” provides a unique opportunity to our workforce to scale up, bridge gap or just simply shift direction in the current role. Other policies like Medical and Top-Up Insurance, COVID deceased employee’s family assistance, Hybrid Working, Comprehensive leave policy, Domestic relocation policy, Fast track Internal career and global opportunity policies, Flexi work hour and Retirement benefits. We truly believe that giving preferred solutions to our employees is much better than just compensating them. That’s what forms the foundation of the organization, being there for them and they being there for the organization.

Our Employee Benefit Programs
Our employees benefit from manifold offerings and constant opportunities. Under Rewards and Recognition, we have employee-centric rewards like Employee of the Quarter, Spot on recognition, Sales rewards and recognition, Road Safety rewards and COVID extra miler to value the extra efforts during the COVID crisis.

We are always talking to our people, either through Tweets from the desk of management recognizing internal and external customer’s wins or inviting customer focused best practices sharing during E-connect. Not only this, we provide a special out of the box freedom to express through our Idea Platform where we also recognize and reward employees with unique Ideas that contribute to delivering better results.

A special mention would be of the peak COVID times when we introduced “Employee Assistance Program” aimed to provide emotional support and sustain mental health. We scheduled online yoga sessions to provide stress relief. We arranged for Fatigue leaves, Covid vaccination reimbursements, Annual Health Check-Up, Teleconsultation for employees and Women-specific health policy, Car facility in extended working hours. We also set up a COVID crisis team which had volunteers who assisted covid-struck individuals and families with all their might. During the core crisis period for oxygen availability, we set up a voice hotline overnight to assist our customers and employees to organize and manage requests well resolving all queries gaining insight into delivery statuses.

We love to see our people grow in their careers and we are eager to be such a platform for them. We also encourage “Internal mobility and transfers” along with upskilling and have introduced Air Liquide University which for international learning exposure and networking.
Our Employee Engagement Programs Air Liquide India unites all its employees by fostering their sense of responsibility and professionalism, by promoting a strong sense of teamwork as well as knowledge sharing. We offer all our employees working conditions focused on workplace safety, respect for people, culture of diversity, open-mindedness, transparency and a competitive level of compensation aligned with performance.

Under our engagement initiatives we have –
  • Employee connect sessions: E-connects, HR connects, Town hall meetings that create a two-way communication process.
  • Boost programs: Short-term International Assignments for employees contributing consistently with their performance and potential.
  • Employees and customers (EX and CX): A special Voice of customer and of employees, this program acts as a catalyst to organizational growth by pointing out appreciated areas along with areas that need work
  • GYM: To enhance performances and to have the means to invest in innovation, seize growth opportunities, take early positions in new markets and to create stronger competitive edge.
  • Digital/Learning Intervention: Virtual skill up sessions, Mandatory need-based learnings, Leadership development program and Customer centric learning programs
  • Continuous improvement Initiatives: “Remove Rock from your Shoes”, where employees are encouraged to set ONE SMART “Make a difference” GOAL; Focus, Execute and Complete within one month.
  • Catalyst Group: A socio-cultural cross-functional group where employees come together to spearhead exuberant initiatives ensuring collective involvement.
  • One-on-One discussion with the Senior Leadership team: Key Employees are recognized and appreciated by giving them opportunity to meet senior leadership teams.
  • Buddy Matters: An existing employee is encouraged to be the buddy of a new joiner.
  • One Value Added Objective: For employees to take up an additional goal, over and above their regular role, to promote innovation, digitalization, operational excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: We encourage women to pursue unconventional roles. 27.5% of the women employees have been on-board this year out of which many are adding tremendous value. We are also lucky to have less privileged resources and ‘yet to explore’ talent houses ready to take advantage of the platform offered to them. One such example is the collaboration between LP4Y (Life Projects 4 Youth) and through Air Liquide Foundation, we have developed their employability skills.
  • Synergy: A sports event to enhance the team-building culture.

Our Brand Value

Great Place to Work: We have been certified as Great Place to Work in March 2019 for 2 consecutive years, since then we have leveraged on the certification for brand building in the internal and external communication forums like Campus Connects, our website to attract, hire, engage and retain talent.

Voice of Employee: We have received the highest score in internal MyVoice employee experience survey; this initiative has been appreciated at all employee levels

Campus Management & Speaker forums: We build future talent pipeline for freshers’ direct campus or Internship programs under which students from various colleges and universities get a platform to perform and experience ALI culture.