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60 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan,
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60 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong




Together, to create exceptional
journeys that positively shape
the future of mobility in Asia.

Together, to create exceptional journeys that
positively shape the future of mobility in Asia.

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Employer Branding

As a member under Jardine Matheson Group, Zung Fu Company Limited (ZF) is the exclusive retailer of Mercedes-Benz automobiles in Hong Kong and Macau. Today, Mercedes-Benz's share of the automotive market in Hong Kong is one of the highest for Mercedes-Benz worldwide. The group also represents smart and Hyundai passenger cars, as well as Foton commercial vehicles in Hong Kong.

To give back to the community, ZF has done series of CSR programme. In an effort to change lives through enhanced mobility, promote mental health awareness and support the ideals of community-based care, ZF sold the Mercedes-Benz cuddly bear to raise funds in the Teddy Love Project. The Project supports the commute of people-in-recovery (PIR) by donating Mercedes Benz Vito vans to New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (NLPRA). The van is used to transport mental health patients to support their daily commutes & participation in social activities and social enterprise programmes, where they can gain the necessary skills & confidence for open employment & community integration.

To give a helping hand to the underprivileged in the community, especially in the tough pandemic situation, ZF has collaborated with Gingko House, to organize meal boxes making and distribution. ZF employees formed into groups and distributed meal boxes for the needy in Gingko House restaurants during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a valuable moment to not only distribute hot meals to the people in need, also the love, care and seasonal greetings within.

ZF also launched the No-Plastic Campaign which promotes reusable utensils in the workplace, mooncake giveaway to the needy, renovation work for Bangkok Primary School, Christmas Silent Auction by Gingko House which raises fund for the charity, company visit and leather workshop for underprivileged children. All these events have raised the awareness of caring for the needy in the company, which also changes the habits of our colleagues.

In addition, to aid PIRs in rejoining the workforce and building their confidence and necessary experience, ZF has been conducting coaching workshops and job fairs, also recruiting them in numerous departments. While the word ‘mobility’ in ZF's vision is often associated with physical mobility as we are in the automobile industry, the meaning is expanded to social mobility as well.

Moreover, ZF actively participated in promoting Gender Equality. This is one of our highest engagement drivers within the Annual Employee Engagement Survey. We also made use of the International Women’s Day to appreciate our female staff contribution to the company as well as celebrating the achievement the Company has on promoting gender equality.

Workplace Policies and Practices

ZF has been promoting and practicing an important value – Open & Transparent. We embrace honesty and transparency in our words and actions so that we can strive for our best to create a better workplace for our staff.

To collect opinions and feedbacks from fellow colleagues, the Employee Engagement Survey (EES) is given out annually. Colleagues will be invited to participate in the Survey which is collected and analyzed by Kincentric, a global HR consulting firm. Responses are anonymous and strictly confidential to any parties including the employer. The responses are analyzed into several engagement drivers, Diversity & Inclusion, Change Management, Communication, Collaboration, Trust in Action, Safety, etc. The management are open to all comments and taking them seriously with the follow-up actions including result sharing, focus groups, departmental committee for tackling departmental and company-wide issues raised by fellow colleagues. Beautifully designed opinion boards have been installed in offices as well so that staff do not need to wait for the Annual EES to express their views and recommendations. Their written comments and opinions will be thoroughly follow-up and taken actions will be communicated in the regular townhall meetings held by top management team.

ZF have putting in abundant resources to make our office a better place to work in. The Company equipped with nicely designed workspace in our Chai Wan Brand Center which includes light colored office design and giving small plants as gifts to our staff to promote good eye health, gym room to promote regular exercise, open-office design to facilitate collaboration, breastfeeding room and designated refrigerators for female staff, etc. Furthermore, the Company has arranged long-haul shuttle bus service in the morning and evening covering New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island Districts to and from Chai Wan ZF House to lessen the travel time during commute for our colleagues. During the spread of COVID-19, it also means significantly reduced the risk of catching the virus on public transport. Moreover, the Company provides daily food subsidies to all staff working in Chai Wan Brand Center to provide a higher level quality of working.

Employee Benefits

Caring is one of the core values in ZF. Through establishing long-term relationship with our colleagues, we believe that it is conducive to the business growth in the foreseeable future. The Key2Wellness programme covers the physical, mental, social and financial wellness of our employees.

Onsite health screening and Online Disease Risk Assessment (ODRA) were arranged for staff to raise the awareness of staying healthy. We facilitate our staff to understand, track, and manage their health through organizing Onsite Health Screening event which helps them to better understand their own health risk profile and encouraging them to complete an ODRA through mobile app that provides personalized tips for chronic diseases prevention.
Green Monday promotes consumption of green food by providing healthier choices on the staff canteen lunch menu every Monday and fresh fruits every day, which consequently contributes to personal wellbeing. Besides, during the Healthy Week, external speakers were invited to provide colleagues with a range of health resources and activities like wellness talks on spinal health, workplace stretching, Chinese medicinal dietary and tea therapies.

Mental wellbeing talks were held and our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) collaborates with Vital Employee Service Consultancy, providing private counselling and consultation 24-hour phone service – Care Line. Through the support line, professional counsellors will help staff to manage stress and emotional disturbances with work, family, social, etc encountered in daily life. Face-to-face counselling with the counsellor could be arranged if needed and case with special needs will be referred to clinical psychologist for in-depth assessment and treatment.

Apartment from the above, staff could choose among joining the regular MPF scheme or the Jardine Occupational Retirement Schemes. Employees whom selected to join the ORSO scheme do not need to make contribution and enjoys the above the market employer contribution which helps our staff to be well-prepared for their retirement life.

Employee Engagement

Strong working relationships in the workplace are essential for employee job satisfaction, happiness and work performance. Lunch & Learn Programme is held on a regular basis to create a learning culture. To maximize the social circle within the company, ZF has organized gatherings to celebrate festivals like CNY Poon Choi banquet and Halloween party. Colleagues enjoyed the feasts together and immersed themselves in the festive atmosphere.

To conclude, ZF has successfully lowered the turnover rate after the implementation of the aforementioned measures. Positive feedbacks were received from staff through Annual EES which reflected they value efforts taken by the Company to improve wellness and positive impacts the Company has brought to the community. They are proud to work in ZF and expect the Company to further excel to make a better community.