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11-12th floor, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre,
Salisbury Road, Tshi Sha Tsui,
Kowloon, HK

11-12th floor, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, Salisbury Road, Tshi Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK


Real Estate


To make Sino the preffered
choice for customers,
investors and employees

To make Sino the preferred choice for customers, investors and employees

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Sino Group is one of the leading property developers in Hong Kong. The Group comprises three listed companies, namely Sino Land Company Limited (HSI: 083), Tsim Sha Tsui Properties Limited (HKSE: 0247) and Sino Hotels (Holdings) Limited (HKSE: 1221). The Group’s core business is development of residential, office, industrial, retail properties for sale and investment. It is complemented by a full range of property services encompassing management of shopping malls, property management, car park operations and management, security services, environmental services to ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless ‘Sino Experience’. In addition, Sino Group is a key player in hotel and club management.

Sino Group fosters a balanced, collaborative and caring work culture that nurtures creativity and productivity. We provide a platform where people can grow, collaborate and realise their potential. We have established policies, and offered a wide range of programmes to ensure that employees have opportunities for growth and a rewarding career. The Group seeks to retain talents through competitive remuneration packages, incentive and recognition schemes and a supportive work environment. Employee engagement and development are priorities on the corporate agenda.

Learning and Development

The Group fosters a continuous learning culture and provides comprehensive learning and development programmes to help employees at different levels to acquire skills, knowledge and qualifications to support career advancement.

The Group’s well-established training ‘Academies’ aim to help employees acquire industrial and professional expertise. The twelve ‘Academies’ offer specialised and job-related learning with more than 120 courses covering customer services, property management, leasing operation, building maintenance, clubhouse management, environmental conservation, car park operation, language skills and so forth to meet employees’ training and career development needs.

To enhance the effectiveness of training delivery across multiple locations of our property sites and offices, the Group has launched the staff eLearning mobile app and web portal ‘Sino iLearn’, with 35 courses (109 modules) available for employees to learn anytime and anywhere. Through ‘Sino iLearn’, employees can learn at their own pace and get access to learning materials by browsing the course list on their mobile phones or computers. Online training further improves employees’ learning experience by making the mode of learning more accessible, flexible and self-directed, within a systematic and structured framework and interactive features.

It is the Group’s policy and requirement that all employees, in particular those in front-line positions, must uphold the highest possible standards of services. A Train-the-Trainer programme has been launched since 2014. With a series of on-site training and assessment sessions, over 200 supervisors have been trained and accredited as site trainers to deliver timely and effective service training, ensuring continuous service improvement on sites.

External learning opportunities, education sponsorships and professional membership fee reimbursement are also provided for employees to advance their development, knowledge and skills.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is critical to organisational success and high priority is placed to ensure that two-way communication between management and employees at all levels are established.

The Group places emphasis on direct communication with employees to listen to their feedback and implement suggestions wherever feasible. Various types of communication meetings are hosted, ranging from yearly ‘Corporate Townhall Meeting’, quarterly ‘Mini-Townhall Meeting’, to bi-weekly ‘On-site Staff Communication Meeting’. The Management addresses employees’ questions and suggestions with a review of the relevant policies and practices afterwards.

Other communication channels, such as site visits and company newsletters have been harnessed to collect views directly from our employees. To cultivate an innovative culture, ‘Sinovation’ is an online platform to engage employees in creating and implementing innovative ideas and solutions for various business functions to enhance work performance, operational efficiency and customer service quality level. The Group has launched the 2nd season of “Sinovation” programme in 2021. A total of 90 innovative ideas were collected, and some of the outstanding ideas were brought to the “Learn & Grow” stage, where their ideas would be further developed into prototypes. On top of that, two of the innovation projects in the 1st season of “Sinovation” programme were awarded Gold Medals at the 2021 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

We put in effort and resources to engage employees and foster a strong sense of belonging and ensure that the voice of each employee is heard through transparent channels.

Employee Wellness

In addition to providing professional development and personal growth opportunities that enable individual employee to realise their potential, the Group places great emphasis on employees’ well-being, and strives to enhance team spirit and work-life balance by encouraging participation in various activities and events.

A comprehensive Employee Wellness Programme is in place to promote health and well-being among employees. It consists of a variety of initiatives spanning across 4 themes – physical health, mental health, family relationship and happy at work. All activities aim to help our employees live healthier and happier, both at work and at home. Major contents of the Programme include recreational activities, virtual interest classes / webinars, outdoor activities, family-friendly activities and socialising gatherings. Over 3,000 employees and their families and friends participate in various events annually. Apart from regular activities, employees can also enjoy a getaway at our holiday flat at Hong Kong Gold Coast or at holiday house in Cheung Sha to enjoy fun activities, welfare facilities and spend quality time with their family and friends.

Family-friendly Initiatives

We care about employees’ needs inside and outside the workplace. We regularly review employee benefits against the market to ensure they are fit for purpose and support employees’ well-being and needs at their different life stages.

Apart from the annual leave package, the Group also provides a generous range of leave entitlement, such as birthday leave, compassionate leave, examination leave for employees to balance their demands of family, personal and work responsibilities, and to care for their loved ones. To provide greater support for families, we have enhanced our leave policy in 2021, by increasing the paid maternity leave to 18 weeks, in addition to the 10 days paid parental leave in the first year after baby is born.

The Group has also implemented family-friendly practices such as Employee Children Education Scholarship and Bursary, Financial Assistance for Special Need Education, Textbook Subsidy and Employee Children Summer Internship, etc, to extend our care and support to children of our employees.

Employee Recognition

“Respect” is one of the core values of Sino Group. We believe that an effective way to live out this corporate value is to demonstrate appreciation to employees. We delight our employees with festive gifts for celebration of Christmas, Mid-Autumn and etc. Employee Appreciation Day is also an opportunity for senior management to recognise the hard work of our employees and create a culture of appreciation within the Group.

The Group organizes Outstanding Employees and Teams Award annually to recognize exemplary behavior and outstanding achievement and contribution of employees/terms, with an aim to motivate employees to perform and behave in an exemplary way to achieve the Vision, Mission and Values of the Group. We also present Long Service Awards every year in recognition of loyal employees who have served the Group for 10 years or more, underlining the effectiveness of our strategies in talents retention.