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Units G-L, 21/F, MG Tower,
133 Hoi Bun Road,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon East,
Hong Kong

Units G-L, 21/F, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon East, Hong Kong


Multinational Conglomerate


Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM)

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Established in 1998 with the first location in Hong Kong, the QI Group of Companies is a diversified multinational entity with a presence around the world through business interests in e-commerce based direct selling, education, travel and leisure, lifestyle and luxury, and retail. More than 2000 employees work in various Group companies in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and USA, with 46% of them being women.

The constantly evolving Group has invested in the hospitality segment in Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Africa and Turkey through a range of spa resorts and boutique hotels. The Group also ventured into the education sector in 2011 with the establishment of the Quest International University (QIU) in Perak, Malaysia.

The QI Group is committed to make a positive impact in the lives of its people, the communities in which it operates and the environment. Guided by its sustainability pillars; Empowering People, Transforming Communities and Safeguarding the Environment, the QI Group aspires to help build a better and sustainable tomorrow.

The QI Group is a Forum Partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF), a member of the Horasis Global Visions Community, a Patron Member of Concordia, and a member of the UN Global Compact. For more information, please visit www.qigroup.com


Our Founders are inspired by the life and the message from Mahatma Gandhi, our corporate icon, base our corporate philosophy, RYTHM, an acronym for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, on his life principles. Our core values of Integrity, Service, Sustainability and Leadership are built on the ethos of this philosophy.

Truth above all. Truth in all!
Integrity in thought, word and action.

We serve to lead and lead to serve. Service to all is our credo.

We are merely caretakers for the next generation. We must preserve, sustain and even resurrect.

Lead to Inspire and Inspire to Lead! We nurture and inculcate entrepreneurial passion as the path to independence, inclusiveness and innovation.


Recently, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) of Hong Kong recognized QI Group as an Equal Opportunity Employer from across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors for its best practices under the categories of Gender Equality and Family Status Equality.

Our diverse and inclusive work culture is a testament to the Group’s commitment to its mission of RYTHM, which is reflected in all aspects of the organisation that encourages employees to realise their full potential.

Our global workforce includes 46 nationalities, who speak in over 50 languages. Many of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years with approximately 46% of our global workforce made up of women. Additionally, about 40% of the management positions are occupied by female staff. Our team in Hong Kong is highly multinational, with more than 25% of employees are from countries outside of Hong Kong. We thrive in cultural differences and benefit from diversified skills and mindsets.


Driven by the concept of RYTHM, we have established RYTHM Foundation, the QI Group’s social impact initiative. It invests in the communities in which we operate, through strategic partnerships, employee volunteering, and community service. The Foundation’s core values are built on the principles of Empowerment, Volunteerism, and Resilience.

RYTHM in its simplest form means empowering yourself before you can help someone else. And this philosophy has held us in good stead for over two decades because it is the driving force of everything we do. Our aim is to make a sustainable social impact through all that we are involved in, be it business, philanthropy, investments, or sponsorships.

Through all of our work, be it grant making, volunteer engagement or investing in human development programmes, our goal is to empower lives and transform communities.

Environmental Friendly

At QI, we strongly believe in preserving the environment for a sustainable future. In view of this, we have implemented two policies; going meat-free and plastic-free.

Since our inception in 1998, the QI Group has incorporated a meat-free and plastic-free policy globally in all their offices, including Hong Kong, to reduce the company’s environmental impact. Additionally, employees of the Group have donated over 100,000 volunteer hours to more than 750 environmental and social causes in over ten countries in the last five years. The company is also deeply involved in giving back to the community through its social impact initiative, the RYTHM Foundation, and with youth development through its investment in the PJ City Football Club.

‘As a responsible corporate citizen, we have taken a stand to make all our premises and events meat-free. Going meat-free is the most important environmental action we can take to mitigate the harmful effects of the meat industry which affects land, water, and the atmosphere.

We live in a world where sustainability needs to be everyone’s priority and we believe a plant-based economy can contribute to the betterment of Mother Earth. Going meat-free is our endeavour towards sustainability, preserving precious natural resources for our children.

In our effort to contribute to the global cause of reducing the negative impact of single-use plastic, which is killing and harming animals and causing irreversible harm to the environment, we have discontinued the use of all single-use plastic products in all the offices of the QI Group.

We will also focus our efforts on sourcing more environmentally sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic and will continue to do so as part of our commitment to ban single-use plastics from our operations.

Staff Social Responsibility

At QI Group, the spirit of giving back is exemplified through its employee-led Staff Social Responsibility (SSR) programme. SSR participation is highly encouraged, and it makes up a significant percentage of the annual staff performance appraisal.

QI, despite the stark challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn, we had remained steadfast in our commitment to the values of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

We continue to organize SSR activities to care for our community. In February 2020, there were shortage of masks and sanitizing products, we organized an activity to distribute the sanitizing bags to the elderly centers. To keep the social distancing, we organized the virtual run and the virtual clean up in October 2020. Our staff selected their own place and time to finish the running based on the specific requirements. For the cleanup activity, staff can choose their own route of hiking trail, beach or Country Park to clean up the rubbish with their family members. Our Hong Kong team enthusiastically participated in the activities and we are truly proud to be serving the community under the new normal situation.



The QI Office in Hong Kong holds regular general assemblies that allow the management to have a dialogue with employees about company news and updates, company goals, status of projects, employee issues, and Human Resources policies. Employees are strongly encouraged to speak up and share opinions through all communication channels. Our Founders regularly host QI Speaks – an engagement platform where our managerial staff and aspiring leaders are given the opportunity to engage with most senior members of the management.


We provide comprehensive and positive Human Resources and Training policies. Business rules and processes are well communicated, and SOPs and business forms are readily accessible to all employees worldwide through the employee communication tools such as the QI Intranet.


We offer employee benefits that are above market practice in terms of variety and quality, such as our competitive salary and bonus structure; employer top-up scheme for Mandatory Provident Fund contributions; long service recognition with monetary and non-monetary rewards; and, compassionate payment in addition to compassionate leave for employees losing immediate family members.

We continuously review policies to upgrade our employee benefits. We offer fully paid Paternity Leaves, which is better than local legal requirements in Hong Kong. We offer optical benefits for our staff and we continue to offer birthday leave with an option for junior staff to receive a cash gift when they are unable to take the birthday leave due to work commitment. In 2018, we expanded our leave policy and added an extra holiday. In Hong Kong, we picked an extra holiday after Chinese New Year to allow our staff to enjoy more time with their loved ones. We continue to adopt flexible working hours worldwide to cater to the needs of our employees and encourage work-life balance. In addition, we setup the adoption leaves for our staff to bond with and care for their adopted child.

At QI, our employees’ well-being is treated with utmost importance. We continue to offer regular yoga classes at the office after work to encourage healthier lifestyle. In 2018, we are collaborating with a social enterprise to introduce an employee assistance program. This professional counseling service is available for those who need assistance in resolving professional or personal issues.


We believe in talent development. In case of job or career advancement opportunities, internal employees are offered the first priority for promotion or internal transfer among teams/departments/locations. We encourage continuous learning, and we gladly offer training sponsorships and programme which are relevant to the job requirements and career development of our employees. We also introduced the Reverse Mentorship Program to the team this year. We paired up the young generation (Gen Z) as mentor and senior executives (Chiefs and Chairman) as mentee. They have meeting, sharing and activity during the program. It promotes diversity, empowers emerging and established leaders and is a good opportunity for bringing in new ideas to the business. Also, it can drive the culture change and close the knowledge gap between long-time employees and new generation.