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18/F, Kerry Centre,
683 King's Road,
Quarry Bay, HK

18/F, Kerry Centre, 683 King's Road, Quarry Bay, HK




We are committed to adding
value to our colleagues and
customers with the aim to
improve the quality of life
of the Kong Kong people.
We exemplify our Core Values
(Joy, Courage, Equity and
Excellence) and strive for
continuous improvement,
centering on our purpose blueprint

We are committed to adding value to our colleagues and customers with the aim to
improve the quality of life of the Kong Kong people. We exemplify our Core Values
(Joy, Courage, Equity and Excellence) and strive for continuous improvement,
centering on our purpose blueprint

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Our Purpose: Breakthroughs that Change Patients’ Lives

Pfizer is a leading research-based biopharmaceutical company. We apply science and our global resources to deliver innovative therapies that extend and significantly improve lives for over 170 years. Since our establishment in Hong Kong in 1956, we endeavor to improve health with “prosperity” and “longevity”, as captured by Pfizer’s name in Chinese (輝瑞). It is our purpose blueprint to drive Breakthroughs that Change Patients’ Lives, with our core values – Joy, Excellence, Courage and Equity – embedded in everything we do.

Our Talent Philosophy: Unleash the Power of Our People

People are the cornerstone of our success. In Pfizer Hong Kong, we as a talent hub believe that “Everyone is a Leader” by empowering colleagues to explore different possibilities.

Starting with nurturing the young generation, Pfizer Hong Kong has recruited more than 120 fresh graduates and interns in the past 5 years. We developed the Graduate Trainee Program that provides graduates with job rotations and retention in various departments. Our passion for talent development is celebrated by Universum, with university students choosing us to be the only pharmaceutical company among the top 50 “The Most Attractive Employers of 2020 (Engineering/Natural Sciences)” in Hong Kong.

Learning and growth continue as colleagues progress in Pfizer with our underlying “CAN I” spirit – “Continuous And Never-ending Improvements”. Improvements come with exposure, motivating us to provide plentiful opportunities of job enrichment and internal transfer across business divisions and markets for colleagues to pursue #Excellence. This spirit has gained us recognitions such as “Best Companies to Work For in Asia 2018” (Hong Kong Edition) by HR Asia and the “Manpower Developer” in 2016-2018 by the Hong Kong Employee Retraining Board.

Our Team Work: Together We Are One

Our “CAN I” spirit and strive for #Excellence have further helped us foster a collaborative culture. Colleagues are encouraged to learn from and inspire each other through participating in cross-functional collaboration such as Digital Taskforce, Simplicity Taskforce and Innovation Team for work improvements, and recreational/social ones like Community Team and Pfizer Family Club. Communication is undoubtedly the prerequisite to collaboration. Through the company-wide Weekly Announcement at office/ virtually, our colleagues share #Equity by taking turns to share business updates and personal insights transparently. We also empower our colleagues with #Courage to speak out against biases in different forms with peers and seniors by initiating “Courageous Conversations”.

Respect and recognition are equally crucial to collaboration. Our “One-minute Praising” initiative encourages colleagues to proactively compliment the exemplary behavior of each other. We trust that the #Joy yielded from praise is the seeds for colleagues to keep up the good deeds.

Our Engagement Model: We Care for the Pfizer Family

Every Pfizer colleague is a family member to us, and our colleagues’ family members are the extended Pfizer family. As an inclusive workplace embracing #Equity, we have launched a “Breakthrough Benefits Campaign” to take care of our colleagues’ and their family’s diverse needs:
  • Enhanced Leave Policy: marriage leave, birthday leave, family care leave, power day, and exam/study leave
  • 360-degree Health Protection: personalized medical coverage according to colleagues’ and their family needs
  • Employee Assistance Program: a platform that offers professional personal counseling and work/life resources
We are thrilled that our dedication to the Pfizer family is recognized by the Department of Health through “Innovative Measures Award, Grand Award and Distinction in Mental Wellness Promotion 2020”.

In the unprecedented time of COVID-19, we went the extra mile to ensure our colleagues’ and their family’s safety by establishing a cross-functional taskforce to provide well-rounded support:
  • Monthly distribution of protective equipment and sanitizing gadgets since the beginning of the pandemic
  • Proactive tracking of colleagues’ addresses against confirmed cases, informing those living in the affected buildings to ensure their safety
  • Work from Home policy for better protection, with our Country Manager, Mr Stephen Leung, calling colleagues one by one to send his regards
  • Telemedicine option to take care of colleagues’ medical needs even when staying at home
To spark #Joy while staying healthy especially during the pandemic, we launched the “Pfizer Steps Challenge” campaign offering fitness device to track colleagues’ step count and encouraging them to exercise regularly. There is also Grokker, a virtual wellness platform whereby colleagues can access to video clips on health and mindfulness.

Our Pride: An Amazing Workplace For All

Thanks to the collective efforts of the Pfizer family in creating a people-oriented and caring culture, we managed to have a low average turnover rate of 14% as compared to the industry average of 19.5%. The strong sense of belonging also contributed to the long tenure of our colleagues, with more than 30% of them being with us for at least 10 years.

We also received overwhelming feedback from the most recent colleague engagement survey – Pfizer Pulse Survey. We managed to score over 90% across all four categories, including “Say”, Stay”, “Strive” and “Purpose Blueprint”. Within the survey, we are excited to have impressive result that 98% of the colleagues feel proud to work for Pfizer while 94% of them have an intense desire to be a part of us and are committed to staying even when offered another opportunity. The rating does not only show their affinity to Pfizer, it also endorses our mission to create an amazing workplace for all.