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28/F New World Tower,
18 Queen’s Road Central,
Hong Kong

28/F New World Tower, 18 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong


Investment Holding


To build a dynamic and premier
group of infrastructure and service
management companies driven
by a shared passion for customer
value and care.

To build a dynamic and premier group of infrastructure and service management
companies driven by a shared passion for customer value and care.

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Infrastructure and Service Conglomerate in the Greater China Region

NWS Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 659), as the diversified industries flagship of New World Development Company Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 17), invests and operates a wide range of businesses predominantly in Hong Kong and across Greater China. Our core businesses include toll roads, commercial aircraft leasing, construction and insurance, while we also manage a strategic portfolio spanning sectors from environment, logistics to facilities management.

NWS Holdings believes staff members are its most valuable asset. The pride, passion and commitment demonstrated by our talents are essential to our day-to-day operation and long-term sustainable development and success.

Diversified Strategies to Address Talents’ Needs

We firmly believe that active engagement with staff helps to foster a strong sense of belonging and empowerment. Multiple channels are in place to facilitate effective communication and encourage team members to express their thoughts on company policies. Staff are kept up to date through our internal newsletter in print and electronic versions, and company members are encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions through Staff Club, Employee Satisfaction Survey and Staff Suggestion Scheme.

A healthy work-life balance is a key factor in ensuring the long term health and motivation of employees. Our Sports & Recreational Committee organizes various sports classes and competitions regularly, such as yoga classes, dance classes, and table tennis competitions, to build strong team spirit. Moreover, a mindfulness workshop is introduced to help our staff members combat the feelings of stress and reduce negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. Other team activities such as Christmas Luncheon, Monthly Birthday Party, Spring Dinner and departmental events are also organized periodically to encourage staff integration. During festival days, in a bid to show the company’s care and share the festive joy with employees, some festival gifts will be given to them, such as mooncakes and rice dumplings in Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival respectively.

Building a Caring Culture and Family-Friendly Work Environment

We understand that a good working atmosphere is essential for retaining talents and we place great emphasis in giving support to our staff and maintaining effective communication. Taking the Corporate Office as an example, each staff is given a customized green plant to sooth eye strain after working at the computer for hours.

To support healthy working environment, we offer eligible employees a wide range of health and medical plans. Employees could enjoy free influenza vaccination, body check, medical and dental compensation. The Group also extends its care to staff family members. Besides, there is Medical and Dental Subsidy for Dependents Scheme which aims at providing extra medical care to employees’ family.

In order to build stronger bonding between the company and employees’ family, there are wide range of company events in which staff’s family members are also invited, such as Group Fun Day and Staff and Family Movie Day. Also, NWS offers discounted hotel rooms for staff members and their family to enjoy family time and maintain work-life balance.

Comprehensive Training and Development

In addition to offering competitive remuneration and compensation schemes to our highly valued talent, the Group places great emphasis on continuous professional development. The Annual Performance Management Mechanism helps identify training needs that play to individual strengths. Supervisory staff and department heads are encouraged to coach and mentor subordinates in a collaborative working environment that focuses on specific professional development needs.

The dedication to meeting and even surpassing employee training needs is achieved by offering a full spectrum of courses, from management and professional development to technical skills. A wide range of structured e-Learning courses, training classes, webinars and visits have been implemented to help unlock staff potential and encourage a culture of lifelong learning. Building on this strong commitment to staff development, employees are entitled to annual subsidies for external job-related training, in addition to three days of paid examination leave.

Initiatives to combat COVID-19

The unprecedented pandemic is a challenge for every business. Protecting our staff is always the top priority, therefore the Group has formulated and implemented various preventive measures against workplace infection such as “Work from Home” arrangements and contingency plans. Staff members are advised to make use of tools such as Zoom and “mobile office” to conduct web conferencing and reduce face-to-face meetings and physical contact.

Meanwhile, in order to remind our staff to stay strong and healthy during the tough period of time, a new initiative “Workouts Within Limits” campaign is launched. A fitness trainer is invited to coach our staff office workout exercises through Zoom. They can have some stretching exercises to move and loosen up, so it would decrease tightness and resistance in tendons and muscles. Moreover, to bring positivity amongst our staff on the road to fight the pandemic, we launched the “Stay Home Stay Positive” platform this year. Staff members were encouraged to share a photo of their home activities with a caption of a positive message to spread love and positivity.

To extend our care and support to our employee continuously, our Group have engaged with Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to provide the Employee Assistance Programme services to staff members. Counseling services would be delivered to them through hotline, to support them to cope with challenges.

Looking Forward

NWS is a pioneer in human resources management. Over the years, NWS Holdings have implemented many initiatives successfully and they have been consistently looking for ways to ensure that staff feel valued.

Our unyielding efforts were rewarded with the “Good MPF Employer Award 2019/20” by Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority; “Excellence in Workplace Wellbeing” by Human Resources Magazine and “Happiness-at-work” label by the Hong Kong Productivity Council. Most importantly, NWS Corporate Office staff turnover rate has been kept constantly below the market rate and the high staff satisfaction rate (over 80%) is truly encouraging.

Looking forward, NWS will continue to enrich our human assets and ensure that our people can take real pride in being part of NWS Holdings’ success. We will strive to sustain our good spirit and momentum to develop best-in-class practices and to grow together with our staff to create a prosperous future.