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29/F, New World Tower 1,
18 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

29/F, New World Tower 1, 18 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong


Property Development


To build a better society through
innovation and sustainable growth

To build a better society through innovation and sustainable growth

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New World Development Company Limited (NWD and the Group), a premium brand infused with a unique personality defined by The Artisanal Movement, was founded in 1970 and was publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972. Guided by a mission of Creating Shared Value (CSV), which aims to connect business success with social progress, NWD is a leading premium brand with core business areas stretching across investment in property and property development, and investment in and/or operation of roads, commercial aircraft leasing, construction, insurance, hotels and other strategic businesses within Hong Kong, Greater China, and Southeast Asia.

The Group's brand personality is best defined by The Artisanal Movement, a cultural vision, a philosophy for living. In the age of machines, we want to celebrate something more human and kindle the artisan spirit in us. Through Collect, Connect, Collide, The Artisanal Movement becomes an incubator for ideas, and a channel for audiences to experience them.

It is our belief in using the power of business and innovation to give back to society. Through three core areas – culture and creativity, sustainability, and social innovation - we will forge new paths that tie our business success to social progress.

We Create Jobs for Hong Kong People

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought upon unprecedented challenges to the economy of Hong Kong. Amid the pandemic, NWD is more committed to Creating Shared Value, and as we continue to build the next-gen ecosystem for our community, we aim to seek bright minds to co-write the next chapter with us. In March 2021, we hosted The New World Group Job Fair - “Create Jobs • Spark Hope”, as we believe that offering support and investing in the right people is what our community needs to ride out the store together. The job fair offers approximately 1,000 new positions across a wide range of our subsidiaries. More than 10,000 candidates have registered for the job fair and around 2,000 of them were invited to attend.

To reflect the trend for the new economy sectors, we have created news roles that cater for the new economy, such as customer service roles requiring “social media savvy photographic skills” and travel development strategist. By creating these new positions, we hope to leverage a new work force to foster the development of both the Group and the city in what we see as the new normal environment.

The New World Group Job Fair “Create Jobs • Spark Hope” offered talents from all walks of life an opportunity to forge a new path in their career and created opportunities and a sense of hope, especially for those who have been made unemployed or experiencing difficulties in searching for a job. This job fair was hoped to inspire corporations in Hong Kong to create opportunities and support our economic recovery.

We Create Connection with Employees

To ensure the same message – New World, New Growth – be spread among all colleagues, we organized a Group Town Hall Webinar. Senior management motivated all colleagues to embrace the New Normal and transform ourselves from Fear to Growth. By showing senior management’s commitment to leading the team to overcome the crisis altogether, these communications sowed the seeds for the paradigm shift in colleagues’ mindsets.

Also, as a way of showing gratitude to our staff for their efforts in achieving business objectives and driving the corporate strategy of CSV, the company arranged a series of “Mini Culture Roadshows” for different business units. These involved some games but also updates on recent business successes and pioneering breakthroughs in certain markets. This type of engagement enhances employees’ understanding of the corporate direction and allows them to witness their impact on the overall business performance.

To enhance the communications between the Group and employees, we have launched a bespoke mobile application – “A.Connect”. The application is an intuitive and innovative platform that allows employees to receive the latest corporate news and happenings on their phones. Furthermore, it has also simplified various employee service procedures, such as leave submission, reimbursement claims, and access to e-learning platforms.

We Create Shared Value to Stakeholders

In keeping with the Group’s guiding mission of CSV advocated by Dr. Adrian Cheng, the Group developed a set of strategies to assist employees and members of the community in tackling the healthcare crisis triggered by COVID-19.

This included launching a global shared platform - #LoveWithoutBordersfour million face masks for employees and group companies. Besides, lunch boxes were provided to minimise close contact between staff and maintain social distance.

Extra prevention measures were taken to ensure employees' health and safety while working in the building. For example, Humansa’s nano-titanium photocatalyst coating service was used to prevent the possible spread of viruses and bacteria in common areas of the office building.

Besides taking care of staff, the Group recognised its social responsibility for supporting the citizens and communities of Hong Kong to create shared value with stakeholders in need. In 2019, the Group announced the donation of over 3 million sp. ft of farmland to the HKSAR Government to address HK’s local housing shortage. Partnering with NGO “LightBe” to establish the first innovative social housing which will feature tailor-made creativity and cultural programmes to promote upward social mobility. To reach more people who are in need, the Group is working with other NGOs to expand the social housing proramme by donating around 3 million sq. ft of farmland, target to provide approximately 2,000 units for the society.

It is our belief of using the power of business and innovation to give back to society. We encourage our staff members to engage or initiate CSV initiatives with the expertise of different business units. At New World Development, employees would found themselves not just having a job, but a mission to help those with social needs. They are proud to be a member to contribute for the good of the society.

Because together as a United Front - We create, We are artisans, We are CSV.