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36/F., Dorset House,
Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, HK

36/F., Dorset House, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, HK




Since 1975, we've strived to be our
customers’ first choice, and their
favorite place and way to eat.
Today there are around 245
McDonald's Restaurants in
Hong Kong, employing more
than 15,000 McDonald's staff.
And we are committed to offer
a pleasant dining experience
to every customers.

Since 1975, we've strived to be our customers’ first choice, and their favorite place
and way to eat. Today there are around 245 McDonald's Restaurants in Hong Kong,
employing more than 15,000 McDonald's staff. And we are committed to offer a
pleasant dining experience to every customers.

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Employer branding

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most renowned brands and a leader in the local fast casual dining industry. First opened in Hong Kong 45 years ago, operating over 240 restaurants around the city and employing a workforce of more than 15,000, the company delivers the next generation of customer experience through its “Experience of the Future” service concept that features stylish restaurant designs, intuitive facilities, attentive customer service and premium food. The brand took another step towards digitalization with the introduction of the McDonald’s App, an all-in-one mobile application that elevates customer convenience to a whole new level.

As one of the largest youth employer in Hong Kong, young talents aged 21 or below account for 50% of all McDonald’s employees. The company also keeps pace with the times by implementing digital transformation for HR-related initiatives so that employees could experience the company’s drive to innovate for growth.

Fostering diversity and inclusion, we offer job opportunities for ethnic minorities and disadvantaged individuals, hiring more than 170 non-Chinese and 350 disadvantaged employees. Our colleagues respect each other’s differences and commonalities. The company also provides sufficient training for disadvantaged colleagues while also joining hands with various NGOs to host career talks. McBuddy Program is initiated to help new colleagues familiarize with the corporate culture more easily.

Workplace policies and practices

Always putting people first, we devise people management strategies with our 3F Motto – Fun, Firm and Fair. “Fun”, we aim to create a joyful working environment for our employees, as happy employees make happy customers. “Firm”, we have to stay firm to do the right thing for our people and customers. When we make every single decision, we have to ask ourselves “is this the best decision for our employees and customers?” “Fair”, we have to provide a working environment that is open, transparent, and with integrity for our employees.

We put great effort in motivating our talents to work harder and better. When we receive customer compliments for our frontline colleagues’ outstanding services, we try to offer those employees a surprise delight of some kind to encourage them to keep up the good work.

Working for a global conglomerate, our employees also enjoy opportunities to attend worldwide award presentation galas. For example, the Ray Kroc Awards (Ray Kroc was the founder of McDonald’s) are bestowed upon the top-performing 1% of restaurant managers around the world. Meanwhile, one back office staff member from each market is also eligible to receive the global Presidents’ Award every year for their outstanding performance. Winners of these prestigious prizes are invited to the US to attend the prize presentation ceremony.

Employee Benefits

The company provides a comprehensive compensation and benefits package for employees, which is designed to meet their evolving needs. Flexible working hours for part-time staff and flexible work locations are offered for the convenience of frontline employees. There are also work-from-home arrangements and virtual meetings to assist office staff with personal needs. Besides, there is an eight-week sabbatical leave for every ten years of service, a five-day work week for full-time frontline staff, plus birthday leave and full-paid medical leave for full-time employees, which goes beyond what is required by the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance.

Other benefits include early release for office employees on traditional festive days, profit-sharing plan, additional maternity leave, employee assistance programme, well-being classes and comprehensive insurance coverage. Internal cohesion activities are regularly arranged, including annual Christmas party, annual staff gatherings and new store openings celebrations, demonstrating our commitment to putting people first. We are eager to recognize employees for their contributions, in particular employees, team, restaurant managers and crew showing outstanding performance, as well as long service employees.

Employees recognized for outstanding performance have opportunities for promotion and enjoy enhanced compensation and benefits packages. In 2020, over 1,400 employees were promoted, accounting for nearly 10% of total talent pool. Staff loyalty to the company is proven by around 1,000 long service awards presented each year from 2018 to 2020. Employees also receive special awards on the first and every fifth anniversary of their tenure with McDonald’s.

Employee Engagement

McDonald's Hong Kong believes that only happy employees can bring happiness to customers. When formulating human resources policies, we stay "people-oriented" and attach great value to employee participation to strengthen their identification with the company and foster a sense of belonging. McDonald's adopts a transparent approach in engaging all our internal and external stakeholders by emphasizing active communications across all levels. We reach out proactively to our employees to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard, and that our missions and visions are clearly aligned.

The company trusts that appreciation and recognition are keys to creating positive workplace ambience, boosting employees’ sense of satisfaction while bolstering morale as well as efficiency. Yearly, we offer opportunities for top-performing talents to attend worldwide award presentation galas.

Quarterly briefing sessions and annual communication days and regularly organized for value alignment and team building. Annual operations conventions in the form of overseas trips are also organized for more than 300 restaurant managers to reward their hard work. Past destinations include Seoul, Okinawa and Macau etc. These outings are conducive to the building of a positive and engaging culture, encouraging employees to share their thoughts and insights more proactively.

As part of our employee engagement strategy, McDonald’s established a volunteer team in 2012 to encourage employees to dedicate their office hours to contribute to the community. So far, the McDonald’s Hong Kong volunteer team has contributed over 4,700 service hours to a wide range of activities including Kidathon charity sales, blood donation and visits to the Ronald McDonald House.