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37/F, Infinitus Plaza,
199 Des Voeux Rd, Central, HK

37/F, Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Rd, Central, HK


Conglomerate with major businesses
in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Conglomerate with major businesses in Traditional Chinese Medicine



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LKK Health Products Group (“LKKHPG”) was established in 1992, with headquarters based in Hong Kong. LKKHPG operates a diversified spectrum of businesses including Chinese herbal health products, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) plantation management and sales, property investment, venture capital, leadership consultancy service and happiness consultancy project. Currently, it employs nearly 4,000 people. Over the years, LKKHPG has adhered to the unique corporate culture which sustained its business expansion to cover not only China but also a number of overseas markets, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The Group has always borne in mind its corporate citizenship while developing its business. Adhering to the spirit of "Si Li Ji Ren", we strive to contribute to society in socially responsible ways, aiming to transform the world into a healthier and happier place. The Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health was established in 2016. Over the years, the Centre has been actively advocating and contributing to scientific research on positive health and psychological well-being, which aims to help improve the quality of life and health of people worldwide.

Live Out Our Unique Corporate Culture

LKKHPG boasts unique corporate culture, which consists of the core values "Si Li Ji Ren", Autopilot Leadership Model and Constant Entrepreneurship, enabling it to constantly forge ahead and build a positive reputation among stakeholders, including consumers, government, business partners, and employees.

“Si Li Ji Ren” is the cultural gene of the century-old Lee Kum Kee and the core values of LKKHPG. It means “the interest of all of us should be considered before taking any actions”.

The Autopilot Leadership Model is a unique management model initiated by LKKHPG with the objectives of creating a "happy" atmosphere in the Company to unleash the staff’s potential, so as to attract more talents and guarantee the long-term success of the Company.

Constant Entrepreneurship advocates seizing opportunities for innovations and breakthroughs. LKKHPG has inherited and enriched the spirit by encouraging innovations and scaling new heights. With this spirit, the Group has maintained steady and sustainable business growth, overcoming many challenges to reaffirm its leading position in the industry and continuously pursue new aspirations.

Exceptional Workplace & Balance of Health, Family and Work

Employees are real people with families, friends and life. Life would have its own natural rhythm, where we could pursue hobbies, and spend time with family while the business would advance simultaneously. As such, we are committed to promoting a liberating working environment and "Three Balances" (Health, Family and Work).
  • Free access to fitness, snack and beverage machine in office area
  • Personalised commercial insurance plans for the employees and their families
  • Health Maintenance Exercises
  • Stringent preventive measures during the epidemic period to ensure employees’ safety and health, such as extensive sanitization thorughout the production bases and work areas, working from home, social distancing at office and meeting areas, distribution of protective supples etc

Build a Trust-based Team with Great Passion and High Engagement

'People' is the most important asset. By creating a cooperative community, generating a productive atmosphere, and providing the right resources, employees will have a sense of trust of the company and its leadership, demonstrating great passion and engagement.
  • Promptly provide online meeting tools to ensure efficient & timely communication and cooperation during the pandemic
  • To identify and practice employer value proposition and promote the human resource management
  • Well designed policies as a solid ground to encourage employees' loyalty, positive behaviors and job achievement
  • Practical and self-developed E-platform to support agile feedback and the culture of Appreciating Differences
  • Reset employee engagement survey systems and upgraded E-platforms to support business units' specific reques

Unleash the Power of People

LKKHPG always makes the best use of talent schemes to stimulate and inspire employees to reach their full potential, which includes:
  • Talent Identification
    "Cultural Fit > Capability" is incorporated into our assessment tool to make sure this philosophy applies in talent acquisition and retention. "Corporate Culture Behavior" is also introduced and integrated into Performance Management to make sure talents' culture fit.
  • Learn, Practice and Coach
    Everyone is encouraged to be a learner as well as a teacher – learners and teachers as a whole, forms a bank that continuously accumulates knowledge, skills and experience to boost development and inheritance.
  • Learning & Development
    Regular learning and sharing sessions as well as training courses on different topics help employees to improve their problem-solving skills and learn about external best practices. Tailor-made IDP supports the development needs of different types of talents, in order to motivate their potential.
  • Talent Review
    We make comprehensive talent review to build strong connection with talent programs. High-performers, High-potentials, Top-potentials and Successor of critical positions will have their own development scheme supported by own resources pool.