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22/F, Li Po Chun Chambers,
189 Des Voeux Rd Central, HK

22/F, Li Po Chun Chambers, 189 Des Voeux Rd Central, HK


Brokerage and Financial Services


Haitong International Securities
Group Limited (“Haitong
International”; Stock Code: 665.HK)
is an international financial institution
with established presence in
Hong Kong and a rapidly expanding
network across the globe. It strives
to serve as a bridge linking up the
Chinese and overseas capital markets.
The parent company of Haitong
International is Haitong Securities
Co. Ltd (“Haitong Securities”,
Stock Code: 600837.SH; 6837.HK).

Haitong International Securities Group Limited (“Haitong International”;
Stock Code: 665.HK) is an international financial institution with established presence
in Hong Kong and a rapidly expanding network across the globe. It strives to serve as
a bridge linking up the Chinese and overseas capital markets. The parent company of
Haitong International is Haitong Securities Co. Ltd
(“Haitong Securities”, Stock Code: 600837.SH; 6837.HK).

Head Count

1,355 Employees (as of 31 December, 2020)

1,355 Employees
(as of 31 December, 2020)



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Haitong International is a Hong Kong-based Chinese financial service provider with a global footprint. It aims to become the industry leader with a clear commitment to pioneer new initiatives and services. To support its mission in becoming an international financial institution, Haitong International constantly strives to strengthen all its pillars of success, with extra emphasis on Human Resources.

Learning Organization

Haitong International is a learning organization that strives for continuous improvement. Giving employees the right incentives/sponsorship and providing training opportunities are crucial to employees’ motivation and engagement. Employees are encouraged to attend relevant training for at least 20 hours per year and obtain work-related professional qualifications for career development. In 2020, over 150 Internal training sessions were arranged, which covered product training, markets updates, compliance/regulatory training, risk management topics, soft-skills and FinTech training.

Haitong International encourages continuous learning. The Company encourages employees to seek self-development through acquiring higher academic qualifications, attending job-related external training courses and acquiring professional qualifications by providing incentives such as fee reimbursement for course tuition and examinations, cash bonuses for obtaining professional qualifications, study and examination leave. The Company sponsors employees at management-level to participate in well-known public programs to develop their strategic thinking and expand their global perspective.

Driving Internationalization

Haitong International moves towards internationalization and extends its network globally. By the end of 2020, Haitong International has 1,355 employees in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Japan, India, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, among which 25% are foreign employees. Under its “talent-oriented” philosophy, Haitong International applies fair recruitment practices and hires based on individual’s competencies. The senior management team welcomes a diversified talent pool which they believe will lead the Company into a new era.

Nurturing and Engaging Young Talents

Haitong International’s core people strategy is to build its own talent pipeline and foster a sustainable development across the organization. Haitong International started its Management Trainee (“MT”) Program in 2008, being one of the very few Hong Kong-based Chinese financial services providers to launch such a program. Haitong International continuously reviews the program to align with the best practices to attract, engage and retain young talents. Today, the Program is an integrated development journey which offers not only structured on-the-job rotations, classroom and experiential training but also a series of accelerator programs to facilitate ongoing personal and leadership development, as well as FinTech and Global Innovation practices.

Haitong International’s MT Club had been established in 2017 with the objectives of nurturing its talent pool for the strategic development of the group, enhancing cohesiveness and engagement in the Company and improve communication and networking among the MTs.

As an innovative and caring employer, Haitong International has set up the “Management Trainee Home Starter Loan Scheme” (“Scheme”) in 2019. The Company understands that it is a common aspiration of young adults to own property. The Scheme aims to partially ease the financial burden and support MTs as first time property buyers in Hong Kong.

To build a pipeline of future talents, Haitong International keeps a close connection with local universities. The Company partnered with CUHK and launched the “AI Early Talent Program” in 2019, which aimed to facilitate student development in FinTech projects. HTI was also invited to deliver speech to students at HKU MBA Program on leadership and industry knowledge for their career development purposes.

Cultivating Future Leaders Within the Organization

Haitong International launched its first “SAIL Program” in 2020, targeting at outstanding middle management employees who are identified as the Company’s key talent pool. This program aims to create the space for the selected staff to showcase their leadership potential, and to nurture a group of future leaders to fill the company’s leadership pipeline. Participants of the program were provided with leadership trainings and mentorship by the senior management, and opportunities in job rotations.

As one of the leading Chinese financial institutions, we are honored to be one of the Winners of this prestigious award for four consecutive years. This Award affirms our investment in human resources and recognizes our outstanding employer practices. We will continue the efforts to invest our talents whom they have enormous potential to be the future leaders and contributing to the continuous growth of Haitong International’s cross-regional and diversified business segments.

Stephen Chan, Group Head of Human Resources

Enhancing HR Efficiency via Digital Platforms

A new web-based HR system was launched globally in 2019 with a continuous enhancement in features during 2020. Today, the system includes online appraisal module, training module, recruitment module, employee self-service tool, as well as management’s approval function through mobile apps. These system enhancements shortened the process time and enhanced job candidates’ and employees’ experience.

Haitong International also extends the use of online platform in different recruitment and learning contexts. Webex platform are now commonly used in interviewing candidates and serves as virtual learning platform for delivering soft-skills and product trainings. Different learners’ preferences can be catered and geographical barriers are eliminated.

Building a Strong Employer Brand

Positioning HTI as an international financial institution, the Company has been recruiting talents with multi-national banking exposure and diversified skillsets. In order to build a stronger employer brand in attracting high potential talents, a new Recruitment Advertisement was launched in 2020 on TV channels and YouTube.

In addition, being a socially responsible company, HTI actively participated in both the “Financial Industry Recruitment Scheme for Tomorrow” scheme organized by Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau & Financial Services Development Council in Hong Kong, and “New Graduates – New Opportunities Scheme” organized by The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association. Through these programs, HTI created job opportunities for local university graduates during the difficult times of COVID-19.

Continuous Benefits Enhancement

Haitong International regularly reviews all benefits offered to employees. The Company reviews the Medical Scheme annually to enhance medical coverage provided to its employees. There is also a provision for dental benefits to employees who enjoy a fixed amount of reimbursement annually on all dental related expenses. Additionally, a voluntary medical insurance upgrade was introduced since 2019, offering better and more flexible medical coverage to employees and their dependents. The “e-medical claim” mobile app by the insurance company was launched and adopted by the Company for employees and their families, which is highly acclaimed by users for its added convenience.

Workplace Enhancement

Workplace safety is of utmost priority for Haitong International. The office is constantly upgrading the workplace facilities to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment for all employees. Haitong International has a well-established policy of ‘Office Area and Facilities Management’ to ensure all facilities are monitored and maintained in good conditions. The Company encourages a green office environment by encouraging less paper consumption through the use of digital documents as opposed to hard copies.


With “Courageous, Sincere, Innovative” as the core values of Haitong International, the Company demonstrates its ability to adapt quickly in an ever-changing market with a forward thinking mindset. The people strategy is well-designed to attract, retain and develop the right talents for the Company, and Haitong International will continue to strive for excellence and become the top employer for talents to unleash their potential.