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21st Floor, Guangdong
Investment Tower,
148 Connaught Road Central,
Sheung Wan, HK

21st Floor, Guangdong Investment Tower, 148 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, HK




foodpanda is world's #1 online
food ordering platform, where
hungry customers can order
food for home delivery from
their favorite resturant.

foodpanda is world's #1 online food ordering platform, where hungry
customers can order food for home delivery from their favorite resturant.

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Since acquired by Delivery Hero (member of DAX) in 2016, a German mobile and online food delivery company, foodpanda strives to paint the word pink and delivers our services at 14 counties globally. The foodpanda Hong Kong team has been continuously growing and expanding our business as a one-stop solution in offering quality food and retail delivery services to customers. We aim to offer our customers great convenience in their food and shopping experience, delivering whatever they want and need as fast as possible. Today, we have more than 250 back-office staff in the foodpanda Hong Kong team. Thanks to the effort of our staff, we are the #1 top of mind food delivery company in Hong Kong, having more than 12,000 restaurant and retail partners and more to come.


At foodpanda, coming together is the beginning while coming together as One Team leads us to success. We believe people are our heroes and they contribute significantly to us in developing our business. As we continue to grow, we are hungry to become the Employer of Choice – in which attracting the best talents to join us, as well as retaining our existing talents. We endeavour to build a powerful Talent Management Strategy focusing on an all-rounded approach – From Internal Engagement to building external Employer Brand Awareness.

Internal Engagement

We strive to strengthen our Internal Engagement in the following aspects:

Our Values
At foodpanda, we embrace our five company values that shape our culture and inspire our people.
  • Be a Collaborative Panda: A helpful team player and build exceptional team synergy
  • Be a Thoughtful Panda: A person that cares about the environment, desires to impact the next generation and puts others before oneself
  • Be a Playful Panda: A humorous and playful person that you want to stay around and get along with
  • Be a Creative Panda: A person that always challenges the status quo with new ideas
  • Be a Hungry Panda: A person that craves for challenges and improvements

People Are Our Heroes
We strongly believe our culture is one of our strongest assets. We constantly build our culture of friendly, energetic, passionate, and committed with various employee recognition and staff engagement activities.

Employee Recognition
To acknowledge employees, we have the Gratitude Panda Corner and Panda Value Wall as a way for employees to show appreciation to other employees. We also hold foodpanda Value Awards quarterly to recognize our employees who lead and embody our company core values.

Employee Wellbeing
We value the importance to care and foster our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing, and we have been striving to set-up various mental health care measures with professional parties and internal activities.

Safety Measures During COVID-19
Office hygiene and staff’s health and safety is our utmost priority. Besides conducting deep cleaning and disinfection for all offices on a regular basis, we also go extra miles in protecting our operation, logistics and fleet staff by spraying medical-grade self-sanitising photocatalyst coating in all the pandamart warehouse stores and on the thermal bags.

Staff Mental Wellbeing
We collaborate with Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) and set up the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP program aims to provide face-to-face, email consultations, critical incident consultations and healthcare consultations to our staff and their immediate family members. Going further, we’ve also placed designated hotline service details at different office areas for employees’ private and immediate access to the details.

Pet Day
We’ve also set-up Pet Day as part of our mental well-being drive. During Pet Days, we encourage team members bringing their pets back to the office to share more precious times with their pets and bring-in more cheers into the office.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Pandemic impacts in various aspects in 2020-2021 and challenges us in how to shine our employees’ smile under face masks. At foodpanda, mask-on never drifts away and we take on extra efforts bringing staff engagement activities and festive celebrations virtually and physically in a safe way for employees who work in the office or from home.

Onboarding Experience
We believe providing excellent onboarding experience is essential to ensure our new joiners fit in seamlessly into our company. To provide a fruitful onboarding experience and help our new joiners to successfully ride through their first few months here, we have designed a 3-Month Onboarding Program with different activities, L&D training, and catch-up sessions:

New Joiners Orientation
On the New Joiner Orientation Day, we have a few highlights that polish their onboarding experience: they welcome our new joiners with:
  • Company Introduction
  • Meeting with our Managing Director
  • A welcoming kit with a branded T-shirt, notebook, and cutlery utensils
  • Staff Photo Shooting

New Joiners Challenge
Besides, to strengthen their understanding of our core businesses, we will also invite the new joiners to participate in the Walker’s Challenge, Picker’s Challenge and Kitchen Tour. Through the challenges and the tour, they can have a deeper understanding of the actual operations of our business at different levels.

Product & Skills Training
We have also designed a series of training for our new joiners with the aim to enhance both their hard and soft skills in various areas such as data visualization, product training and presentation & communication etc.

Regular Catch Up with People Team
To ensure our new joiners fit in seamlessly into our company, our People Team will have monthly catch ups with the new joiners as well as hiring managers. This helps the new joiners on their goal setting as well as to assist them should they encounter any difficulties at work.

To congratulate new joiners that have successfully passed probation, we will prepare a post-probation gift pack to celebrate the delightful moment with them which includes a branded hoodie, pocket cup, and two hand sanitizers.

Creating a Better Workplace
We aim to provide a transparent and flexible workplace at foodpanda, and when we say so, we do work very hard in achieving this goal.

An energetic, transparent, and flexible working culture
Apart from promoting a flat structure with close communication between the management team and employees, we also continue to improve our employee experience by conducting Staff Satisfaction Surveys regularly. Furthermore, to promote flexibility, we have a casual dress code, flexible working hours and plenty of open desks. We also hold food tastings, provide unlimited beer and drinks, and offer corporate discounts to our internal staff from time to time.

Our employees’ safety is our top priority
In view of the current COVID-19 situation, we keep abreast of the latest situation and will provide updates to the employees frequently. We will also inform employees on areas that are at high risk at a particular time and will have them work from home should they are living in the vicinity of the affected neighbourhood.

Furthermore, we also provide the employees with the options of working from home as they wish to provide flexibility as well as minimize their risk through commuting.

An Agile Working Environment
Our office is designed in an open and transparent style to create an agile working environment for our employees. By creating a happy and enjoyable environment in the office, we believe it can foster effective cross-team collaboration and communication as well as higher working productivity.

Flexible working style
A working place that fits different styles, with multiple free seats and discussion areas.

Enjoyable working environment
User-friendly and homey facilities.

Open and transparent office
To foster effective cross-team collaboration and communication.

The Pantry
A spacious and multipurpose common area for staff activities that comes with the remarkable view of Victoria Harbour.

Nurturing Talents

Building a Learning Culture
Sit at the heart of Learning & Development, we embrace 4 pillars - Connect with each other to co-create knowledge; To be empowered to select own learning path, because L&D is an enabler not a task giver; Enable personal growth to be future leaders; Promote a sharing culture, we inspire each other.

In our L&D initiatives, we focus in providing learning and training opportunities to our employees in 4 areas:
  • Learning technical & professional skills
  • Building a collaborative and connected culture
  • Prospering personal development plan
  • Providing sustainable coaching and counselling to teams and individuals.

New Career Path Structure
We value our employees’ growth and development here at foodpanda. We provide development training to groom our existing talents from individual contributors to become a people manager.

Internship Programme
We never forget about nurturing our future young talents. We aim to provide a rewarding and fruitful internship programme to provide our interns with great learning opportunities and hands-on working experience.

Highlights of our Internship Programme include:
  • Fun and interactive orientation with games and quizzes
  • Walker/ picker challenge in which students can learn our business with real life experience
  • LinkedIn training that helps to develop their own professional profile
  • Challenging team building session
  • Rewarding cross-team hackathon project for new business ideas
  • Memorable graduation ceremony
  • Individual learning program for each intern, including structured on-the-job training and regular review sessions

Employer Brand Awareness

Apart from engaging our internal staff, increasing employer brand exposure & awareness to attract external potential talents to join our team is equally important:

Employer Brand Exposure - Professional Networking Events
Our People team acts as People ambassadors to promote our company’s culture through real-time interactions. We share our unique start-up business and people culture on various external events such as job career fairs, professional networking platforms, HR conferences and interviews etc.

Employer Brand Exposure - Campus Career Events
We never forget about nurturing and identifying our future talents. We participate in Campus Career Events, not only to promote our job openings to students, but also share career and job seeking advice to help students to ace their interviews and land to their desired career.
Employer Brand Exposure - Campus Career Events
We never forget about nurturing and identifying our future talents. We participate in Campus Career Events, not only to promote our job openings to students, but also share career and job seeking advice to help students to ace their interviews and land to their desired career.

Our Talent Acquisition team members also post their personal employee stories online to share our work, people, life, culture and more.

Corporate Social Responsibility
As a fast-growing food and retail delivery company, we never forget the importance of upholding our Corporate Social Responsibility to give back to society.

We encourage our pandas to take part in this and have held several CSR initiatives by partnering with Foodlink Foundation - a registered HK charity to provide nutritious and healthy meals to needy people in HK while reducing wastage in the food service industry.
Internal Referral Charity Program
This program encourages our employees to refer the best talents to foodpanda by internal referral . Upon successful referral, foodpanda will reward the referrer with a referral bonus and donate a certain amount of charity donation to Foodlink Foundation.

Rice Packing Event
More than 30 of our pandas joined this volunteering event and packed 500 bags of rice in just under 2 hours!
Donation of surplus food from pandamart stores
Since the launch in mid-January 2021, we have already donated 270kg of food - equivalent to almost 700 meals provided to people in need .
Summary - Hungry to Make a Difference &Impact
Cultivating an agile workplace and culture will always be our aspiration. We will continue to strengthen our employee journey and make every effort to become an Employer of Choice!