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5-7/F., AXA Tower, Landmark East,
No.100 How Ming Street, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

5-7/F., AXA Tower, Landmark East, No.100 How Ming Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong




To be the most profitable
company in the industry

Customer Choice Employee Choice

To be the most profitable company in the industry

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About Crystal International

Crystal International Group Limited is a global leader in apparel manufacturing, dedicated to the idea that we are inspired by our customers and have been since we were founded in Hong Kong in 1970. This commitment drives us to continually seek to improve by embracing change and innovative technology, rooted in a sustainable mindset as we work with partners to protect our environment and the planet. Our diversified Group has built a leading position in key segments including lifestyle wear; denim; intimates; sweaters; sportswear and outdoor apparel. Our international footprint includes around 20 production facilities spanning five countries: Vietnam; China; Cambodia; Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Workplace policies and practices

To consolidate our leading position in the industry, to meet our investors' expectation and to comply with the listing requirements, we need to keep abreast of the latest corporate governance and internal control standard.
  • Master Policy is one of the essential parts of these. It covers different areas, including Finance, Information System, Quality Management, Business Conduct etc. In Human Resources, we have clear policies on a number of topics to give transparency to employees, such as promotion and transfer, compensation, performance management, compensation etc.
  • Based on our people-oriented philosophy, we are committed to our Code of Conduct and to the relevant laws and regulations in the countries where we operate, with the aim of creating a fair environment and equal opportunities for all employees. The standards govern recruitment practices, equal opportunity, diversity and anti-discrimination, as well as other benefits and welfare.
  • Integrity is a corporate value at Crystal. In order to build a fair and ethical working environment, we have established policies relating to bribery, extortion, fraud and money laundering that are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Employee benefits

As a traditional garment manufacturer, we strive our best to be on par with the key players in the market by providing a variety of benefits to accommodate employees’ needs. Apart from having general medical and insurance benefits, we would like to highlight 3 new benefits as below.
  • Monthly Fruit Day – Health of our employees are important and to show our care to them, we distribute fruits to employees on a monthly basis starting in January 2021. We have also been nominated by the social enterprise which we have partnered with and awarded the “Social Enterprise Supporter Award 2020” by Fullness Social Enterprise Society.
  • Rental Reimbursement Programme – Leveraging the tax efficiency program to retain employees and employee experience
  • Staff discount – We partner with local organizations for year-round offers (e.g. J select, Jebsen Fine Wines, United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service)

Crystal International always strives to be a better employer. Being recognized as the Best Companies to Work For is certainly a shot in the arm for us. Believing that employees are the engine of a company’s success, people is our top priority. Our next focus on people strategy will be servant leadership to cultivate empathy throughout our company – supporting our employees to do their job in the most effective and engaging way, and to build a meaningful career.

Elisa Wong, Chief Human Resources Officer

Employee Engagement

“Respect for People” is one of our corporate values. We have committed to fostering a strong sense of belonging among employees by meeting their needs, providing opportunities and customising experiences. These initiatives help us in achieving their work and life goals, and also have a positive impact on them, their families, the Company and wider communities.
  • Crystal Wellness Program: We recognize employees’ wellbeing is crucial to our company success. We focus on Mental, Physical, Financial and Social Wellness. In face of COVID-19, online webinars were conducted to provide tips on how to transit and adapt into the new normal such as work from home, non-face to face communication and health tips.
  • Employee Integration Survey – 30/60/365 days: We conduct onboarding survey to new joiners on a 30/60/365 days basis to collect their feedback and see which areas can be improved.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Launch: SF provides a complete, engaging and all-in-one platform to connect the whole company by streamlining all HR operations as well as personnel process. The full implementation of SF will be carried out in phases starting from 2021. The first module launched was the sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS), providing a modern learner experience to upskill executives and managers at Crystal.

Employer Branding

Our people are the foundation of our business, which is why we embrace diversity and uphold fairness and equity. Wherever we invest and build our factories, we commit to providing valuable job opportunities and meaningful career development for members of local communities. Together, we strive to positively influence those around us to protect and improve their environment.
  • LinkedIn Company Page: We have revamped the company page on LinkedIn stating in April 2020 by having a centralized page to represent the Group, rather than having multiple presence on LinkedIn which can be confusing to the audience with different entities. More than 79 updates have been posted up to present and the number of followers has doubled from 3600 to 7500 organically (without advertising investment). The engagement rate per update at market benchmark is around 3-4%. 94% of our posts have engagement rate at 5% or above, which is consistently above the market.
  • Employer Branding Champions: To expand and enrich the diversity of contents on LinkedIn, we have created a community of Employer Branding Champions across the Group to act as brand ambassadors (~30 people). After attending the training conducted by Corporate Talent Acquisition team, local champions will send us stories to update on LinkedIn.
  • Candidate Experience Survey: We have launched the survey last year and sent to 89 candidates with the response rate of 36%. It helped us to identify areas that can be further improved, such as including more information on our Career Website, as well as rolling out interview skills training to our hiring managers and recruiters.