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46/F, Champion Tower,
3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

46/F, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong


Financial Services


To be the leading Investment Bank
that provides a wide range of
investment products and services in
alignment with China Merchant Bank’s
operational and strategic focus of
whole integration and
internationalization and stands a
comparable position to
China Merchant Bank.

To be the leading Investment Bank that provides a wide range of investment
products and services in alignment with China Merchant Bank’s operational
and strategic focus of whole integration and internationalization and stands a
comparable position to China Merchant Bank.

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400+ Employees


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Established and registered in Hong Kong, CMB International Capital Corporation Limited (“CMBI”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchant Bank (“CMB”). CMBI is an integrated financial institution providing comprehensive and professional investment services covering Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Equity and Structured Finance to a broad range of corporations, institutions and wealth management clients. All front of house employees are supported by a centralized, shared pool of infrastructure professionals including Legal & Compliance, Risk Management, Information Technology, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Affairs & Internal Audit. All our professionals are equipped with seasoned relevant experience, with solid expertise in their own business focused area. We are committed to offer international and quality investment services to our clients in the PRC, Hong Kong and Overseas.

Our People Philosophy

Respect: CMBI respects each individual employee as we recognize personality and individual differences. We empower our employees to unleash their full potential so that they can devote their success and build their loyalty to the Company. Likewise, our employees respect each other at the workplace.

Caring: CMBI cares and concerns the work-life balance of employees. We place great emphasis on using both tangible and intangible means to motivate employees for their personal values and contributions.

Sharing: Every employee is an important member of the CMBI family, and shall come together to make a concerted effort in advancing the long-term development of the Company. We value openness and honesty in communication. With mutual trust comes mutual support, and with mutual support, we would be able to grow and move forward together.

Health and Safety

Our employees are our greatest assets, hence keeping them safe and healthy remains our biggest priority. Our employee benefits program is designed to promote the health and well-being of all our employees, providing them with an array of health benefits. Every year, CMBI gives employees the chance to take part in a free annual health check-up. Additionally, we work with a highly reputed global medical insurance service provider to ensure that our staff members are given access to comprehensive medical coverage.

In light of the Covid-19 epidemic, CMBI has embraced flexible working arrangements, allowing employees to work remotely in two groups. By adopting a remote working strategy, CMBI has managed to maintain normal business operations without compromising the safety of our people.

We continue to do everything we can to ensure a safe office environment by following physical distancing guidelines, providing face masks, antibacterial products, and enhancing our office cleaning protocols. Moreover, we understand that the pandemic has not only impacted our physical health but our mental health. To ease any uncertainty and anxiety, we have worked closely with Covid- test providers and private clinics to allow our staff to take a free virus test and receive vaccinations at a private clinic.

Promoting a culture of inclusivity

CMBI consistently strives to create an inclusive workspace for all our employees. To support working mothers, we have set up a designated nursing room that allows our female employees to better care for themselves and their children. Moreover, we also offer flexible working policies for new mothers in order to make their transition as comfortable as possible.


To simplify the onboarding process for our new joiners, we have created a tailor-made Welcome Kit. Our Welcome Kit simplifies the onboarding procedure and allows new joiners to understand our company structure, culture, and access essential information in a concise yet informative manner.

Additionally, to support our fresh graduates’ transition into the corporate world, we offer in-depth training and mentorship programs as part of our Management Trainee Program. Throughout the management trainee program, each trainee will be assigned with a mentor who will be able to support them transition into their new role, understand the company culture and help them with any questions they may have.

This is a very proud moment for us as this is the first time for CMB International to reach this highly recognizable platform. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my valuable HR colleagues and dedicated staff, as well as my supervisor Ms. Gao for being supportive of my work. This award shall motivate us to work harder to give the best services within our capacity. Receiving the award as one of “Best Companies to Work For in Asia” is a tremendous honor to us. We will keep our professionalism as a leading company in Asia and consider this award as our responsibility to strive for bigger success in the future.

Dominic Au, Deputy Head of Human Resources

Employee referral program

Attracting the best talent is essential to sustain and grow CMBI. We believe that there are great benefits in hiring and retaining the best in the business, as such our employee referral program allows existing employees to recommend people in their network for available positions. For every successful hire made using a recommendation the employee will receive a monetary reward.

Giving Back

Apart from sharing space within the workplace, we believe it is important for our employees to engage with each other in an environment that stimulates them physically and mentally. To promote the well-being of our employees, CMBI organizes various leisure activities that cater to a variety of different interests. For instance, we organize a reading month for employees to discuss and share their favorite books, dumpling, and mooncake workshops, as well as an array of sporting activities and tournaments.

Additionally, giving back to the local community and making an impact is a value that we hope to instill in all our employees. Our corporate volunteer programs allow employees to engage with important social issues and reach out to the community. CMBI continuously provides employees with volunteering opportunities.

Employee Recognition

Trust and transparency are vital elements of the company. We encourage and welcome feedback from employees. Employees that have any issues or queries are given various outlets to express their thoughts. This can be done through their line manager, supervisors, or our designated Human Resources staff. By having open, constructive employee feedback channels we can improve our processes, policies and create a better work environment for all our people.

In addition to our extensive medical and life insurance coverage, we believe in sharing our company's success with the people that make it possible. We provide high-performing employees with an annual Discretionary Bonus.

Putting our people first

CMBI is dedicated to nurturing and developing our employees to ensure that they are constantly growing and expanding upon their skills. We provide comprehensive training and mentorship within the organization, allowing employees to learn more about the business, provide opportunities for growth, networking, and improving their core competencies. Moreover, through our performance development programs, we are constantly identifying and training our employees to fulfill future leadership roles within the firm, allowing for greater internal mobility and career progression.