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26/F, E-Trade Plaza,
24 Lee Chung Street,
Chai Wan, Hong Kong

26/F, E-Trade Plaza, 24 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong




Rotam, A Global Leading Quality
Agro Tech Solutions Company

Rotam, A Global Leading Quality Agro Tech Solutions Company

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Rotam CropSciences delivers innovation in crop protection to growers locally to help sustain the growing demand of global food production. With a range of products, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and plant nutrition, we help growers maximize their farm's potential economically across a range of crops, regions and needs. Designed to bring growers the most in crop protection and yield, Rotam CropSciences has fully integrated research and development operations, product registration and manufacturing facilities around the world.

Our people are our greatest asset. We aim at creating a healthy, fun and motivating environment for our employees’ career as well as personal development.

We Promote Work-life Balance

We always try to accommodate our employees when it comes to a balance between work and personal life. To achieve this, we have different family-friendly employment practices.

We Support Our People Growth And Professional Development

People are the foundation of business success. At Rotam, we develop talents for tomorrow by cultivating Rotam's DNA (i.e. PEPBIG - Passionate Entrepreneurial People driving Branded Innovation for Growth) to employees and offering various learning and development opportunities and programs that will enhance capabilities and growth for all employees globally. We create a learning and development culture of encouraging our employees to move forward and equip with new skills. Different forms of learning methods are provided to foster a continuous learning culture.

We Engage With Our People

We believe that strong employee engagement is the key to a happy and effective work environment that will ultimately affect employee’s productivity and retention. We adopt a wide range of ways to connect and engage with our employees.




当谈到工作和个人生活之间的平衡时,我们努力包容我们的员工。 为实现这一目标,我们制定不同的家庭友好就業实践措施。


员工是企业成功的基础,我们通过向员工培育龙灯PEPBIG企业基因 “ 热情 ,创业 ,人际,品牌,创新,成长”,并提供各种学习、发展机会和计划来培养未来的人才,以提高全球员工的能力和成长。我们提供不同形式的学习方法,鼓励员工前进并掌握新技能,以培育持续学习和发展的企业文化。