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11/F, No.555, Anyuan Road,
JingAn District, Shanghai, China

11/F, No.555, Anyuan Road, JingAn District, Shanghai, China




To be the most admired fashion
and lifestyle company in the world

To be the most admired fashion and lifestyle company in the world

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About PVH

PVH is one of the world’s largest and most admired fashion companies, connecting with consumers in over 40 countries.

Our global iconic brands include Calvin Klein and Tommy HILIFIGER. Our 140-year history is built on the strength of our brands, our team and our commitment to drive fashion forward for good.



To be the most admired fashion and lifestyle company in the world.


We power brands that drive fashion forward-for good.


Priorities are our roadmap to achieve our vision and drive our purpose for the company.
  • Drive consumer engagement through innovative designs and personalized brand and shopping experiences that captures the heart of the consumer
  • Expand our worldwide reach through organic growth and acquisitions
  • Invest in and evolve how we operate by leveraging technology and data to be dynamic, nimble and forward-thinking
  • Develop a talented and skilled workforce that embodies our core values and an entrepreneurial spirit while empowering our associates to design their future
  • Deliver sustainable, profitable growth and create long-term stockholder value


We live our values and put them into action
  • Individuality-Be you
  • Partnership-Work together
  • Passion-Inspire and innovate
  • Integrity-Do the right thing
  • Accountability-Own it

People First Strategy

The health and well-being of PVH associates remain our top priority. In 2020, we launched the Employee Pulse Survey to collect associates' feedback and suggestions on how the company better supports them to deal with the pandemic. As part of the following-up actions, the company provided the associates with Work from Home allowances to purchase the needed equipment or resources. Also, the company introduced the annual leave extension policy to help associates cope with travel restrictions during the pandemic.

Moreover, PVH launched the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in China to support associates' emotional well-being, help them manage stress, anxiety, work and life needs, and more. All associates and their family members have access to this benefit.

Thrive with our core values

We build on our core values as we navigate through the pandemic and create PVH’s next chapter. Partnership is one of our core values and we uphold the one-team spirit in fighting against the pandemic. In 2020, we held a Stand Strong Together Campaign, allowing our associates to share their stories on partnering with each other to stay strong during the pandemic. We also held a Thank-you campaign on Thanksgiving Day and encouraged our associates to express their gratefulness to their colleagues.

In 2020, PVH China launched PVH Value Ambassador Campaign to recognize the associates who demonstrated the company’s core values: Individuality, Partnership, Passion, Integrity, and Accountability.

Also PVH China launched the Successful Cross-department Collaboration Projects award to recognize the teams who demonstrated great partnership across functions and departments to drive business results.

PVH is committed to strengthening our culture by creating an inclusive and diverse environment that continually gives back to the communities in which we work and live. In China, PVH collaborates with NGOs including Save the Children, Shanghai Baby Home, as well as local communities to roll out voluntary activities with a focus on women and children.

As a responsible fashion company, PVH is committed to creating a more circular and inclusive future of fashion. In 2020, PVH China launched the Green Office initiative and reduced the use of electric power by 6% and paper by 27%.

Hear from associates to drive associate experience and workplace efficiency

Make Your Ideas Shine
PVH encourages associates to share their ideas and feedback for building a great place to work. In 2020, PVH China launched the Make Your Ideas Shine program to collect office associates’ ideas and suggestions via the Suggestion Box. The management's feedback and action plans were closely monitored and shared with associates on regular basis.

PVH Listens
Hearing PVH associates’ voice is an essential part of making PVH a great place to work. The PVH Listens survey (The employee satisfaction survey launched by Corporate) collects associates’ feedback and inputs for making consistent improvements. Thanks to China’s People-First strategy, China's 2021 survey results lead in many focus areas such as Meaningful Work, Associates Engagement, Vision and Priorities, Health and Wellbeing.

Quarterly Update Meeting and You Ask We Answer
The COVID-19 pandemic brings dramatic changes to the way we live and work, so does connect with associates and rally them up. During the pandemic, PVH China launched online Town hall meetings (QUM) and PVH Asia Pacific rolled out You Ask We Answer (YAWA) sessions that have been instrumental to connect associates for better understanding and alignment as well as enhance the workplace morale in challenging times.

2020 Awards and recognitions (PVH Corp. and PVH China)

  • PVH scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index
    *Third consecutive year
  • PVH honored with Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Award
  • PVH recognized on Fortune magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies List
    *PVH received since 2013
  • PVH recognized on Forbes magazine’s The Best Employers for Diversity List
    *Third consecutive year
  • PVH Chairman & CEO Manny Chirico named to NRF Foundations’ List of People Shaping Retail’s Future 2020
  • PVH recognized on Forbes magazine’s America’s Best Employers for Women List
    *Third consecutive Year
  • PVH ranked on Fairygodboss’ Best Companies for Women and Best Companies Where CEOs support Gender Diversity
  • PVH received HRO Today 2020 Most Admired Employer Brand Award for North America in the Most Admired Overall category
  • 2020 Most Creative Strategy Gold Award for Tommy Hilfiger Hey Box Campaign (China)
  • PVH Asia and PVH China recognized as The Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2020
  • 2020 JD Men's Best Growth Award-Tommy Hilfiger (China)
    *Third consecutive Year


PVH 是世界上最大、最受尊敬的服饰公司之一,消费者遍布全球40 多个国家。 我们的全球标志性品牌包括 Calvin Klein 和 Tommy HILIFIGER。我们 140 年的历史建立在我们的品牌实力、我们的团队及我们致力于推动时尚向前发展的承诺之上。 这是我们的力量。 这是 PVH 的力量。






  • 通过创新设计和个性化品牌及购物体验赢得消费者
  • 通过业务增长及收购扩大我们的全球影响力
  • 投资于技术和数据以改进我们的运营方式,使其更具活力、敏捷性和前瞻性
  • 培养能够体现我们的核心价值观和创业精神,有才华和技能的员工队伍,同时让我们的员工能够掌握自己的未来发展
  • 实现可持续的盈利增长并创造长期的股东价值


个性- 展现自我
伙伴- 协同共事
热情- 激发创新
诚信- 做对的事
责任- 勇于承担


关注PVH 员工身心健康一直是我们工作之重。 疫情期间,我们开展了问卷调查(Pulse Survey),了解员工的心声,以更好提供支持。作为后续行动的一部分,公司为员工提供在家工作津贴,以购买所需的设备或资源。同时,公司还推出了年假延期政策,让员工可以更灵活地使用年假,以应对疫情期间旅行限制。

2020 年,PVH 在中国启动了员工援助计划 (EAP) ,支持我们员工的情感健康、工作、家庭和生活需求,帮助他们管理压力、焦虑等。所有员工及其家人都可以享受这项福利。


我们以公司核心价值观为基石,应对疫情带来的挑战,开创PVH 新篇章。 协同共事是我们倡导的核心价值观之一,我们并肩作战,共同抗击疫情。2020年,我们开展了Stand Strong Together 活动,让员工分享疫情期间如何与伙伴紧密协作,互相支持的经历。我们还组织了丰富的感恩节活动,鼓励同事感谢给予他们帮助的伙伴。

2020 年,PVH中国发起了“PVH 价值观大使评选活动”,对践行公司核心价值观(个性、伙伴关系、激情、诚信、责任感)做出表率的员工进行表彰奖励。

同时,PVH 中国首次启动成功的跨部门合作项目奖项评选,对于积极推进跨职、跨部门合作,并取得优秀项目成果的团队进行表彰奖励。

PVH 致力于创造一个包容和多样化的环境,并不断回馈我们工作和生活的社区。在中国,PVH与“救助儿童基金会“、“上海宝贝之家”等公益机构及当地社区合作,开展以妇女和儿童为重点的志愿活动。

作为一家负责任的服饰公司,PVH 致力打造更加环保和可持续的时尚未来。 2020年,PVH中国启动绿色办公室行动计划,取得显著效果:电量使用减少6%,纸张使用减少27%。


PVH 鼓励员工分享他们的想法和反馈,以建立一个理想的工作场所。 2020年,PVH中国推出“集思广益”计划,通过意见箱收集办公室员工的想法和建议,并及时将管理层的回复和行动计划与员工分享。

PVH Listens 员工满意度调查
聆听 PVH 员工心声是将 PVH 打造成为理想工作场所的重要部分。 PVH Listens 问卷调查(PVH全球员工满意度调查)收集员工的反馈和意见,以持续改进工作。中国以人为本的战略取得明显成果。2021 年,PVH中国的调查结果在许多员工关注领域得分全球领先,例如有意义的工作、员工敬业度、愿景和优先事项、员工身心健康。

疫情给我们的生活和工作方式带来了巨大变化,同事之间合作与沟通方式亦是如此。在疫情期间,PVH 中国召开了线上季度员工大会(QUM);同时PVH 亚太组织了”You Ask We Answer” (YAWA) 会议,让员工有机会同公司高层领导进行对话。在充满挑战的时期,这样的对话对加强彼此沟通和理解,达成共识,提升员工士气至关重要。

2020 年获得的奖项荣誉(PVH集团及PVH中国)

  • PVH 在人权运动基金会的企业平等指数中得分 100%
  • PVH荣获人权运动基金会的企业平等奖
  • PVH 入选《财富》杂志全球最受尊敬公司
    *PVH自 2013 年以来连续获得该殊荣
  • PVH 入选《福布斯》杂志的多元化佳雇主名单
  • 时任PVH 董事长兼首席执行官 Manny Chirico 入选 NRF 基金会 2020 年影响零售行业未来的人物名单
  • PVH 被《福布斯》杂志评为美国最受女性欢迎雇主
  • PVH 在 Fairygodboss 最受女性欢迎公司和 CEO 支持性别多元化的最佳公司评选中名列前茅
  • PVH 荣获 HRO Today 2020北美最受尊敬雇主品牌奖
  • 2020 Tommy Hilfiger 35周年#OG再造#天猫小黑盒全球独家首发最佳创意策划金奖
  • 2020 京东男装最佳成长奖-Tommy Hilfiger
  • PVH Asia and PVH China荣获《HR Asia》评选为2020亚洲最佳企业雇主奖