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No. 3000, West Huancheng Road,
Fengxian Shanghai

No. 3000, West Huancheng Road, Fengxian Shanghai


Personal care products & nutritional supplements


Our vision is to become the world's
leading business opportunity platform

Our vision is to become the world's leading business opportunity platform

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Since its establishment in Provo, Utah in 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (hereinafter "Nu Skin") has spread its business to nearly 50 markets in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. Nu Skin is one of the leading global companies in personal care products and nutritional supplements. In 1996, Nu Skin was officially listed in the New York Stock Exchange. In 2020, Nu Skin's global revenue is US$2.58 billion. With integrated advanced technology and strong research teams, Nu Skin has established the leading anti-aging research center and provided high-quality and innovative anti-aging products constantly.

Mission, vision, values

Our mission is to be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.

Our vision is to become the world’s leading innovative beauty and wellness company, powered by our dynamic affiliate opportunity platform.

Our core values are ethical, honest, innovative, optimistic, compassionate and a Force for Good.

Major Products

  • Nu Skin personal care products:based on the concept of “All of the Good, None of the Bad,” manufacturing facial care, hair care, oral care products, and cosmetics as well as ageLOC anti-aging products, etc.
  • PHARMANEX nutritional supplements:Adhering to the concept of “Measurable Difference”, making high-quality vitamin, minerals, and nutritional supplements responding to individual needs as well as other products.

Employee Benefits

The considerable and competitive compensation & benefits for every Nu Skin employee, which is the mostly care and escort for their working and life.

Employee Assistance Program

To solve the verities of psychological or behavioral problems, we are committed to the consulting projects and welfare to improve work and life quality for all staff and their families, which ultimately combine the work and life perfectly.

Flexible Working Arrangement

Canteen, gym, aerobics room, beanbag, and even the cars are already prepared for all members. You can totally choose the working place for your convenience, even if home office. And you can also communicate anywhere through the soft phone in laptop to help you work more efficiently.

Product Benefits

The monthly products experience is the unique care from Nu Skin to all staff for their health and beauty.

We have different kinds of activities for our family members such as: New Year Staff Reunion, the Lantern Festival BBQ, Holiday special event, NU Life Club etc.

In addition, we also provide free daily nutrition supplements and monthly health care products. There is also free shuttle bus, gym, personal trainers etc.

Epidemic Prevention & Protection

Nu Skin kicked off the anti-epidemic action when COVID-19 broke out, we planned the overall resumption of work after Chinese New Year, prepare sufficient prevention materials including masks, thermometer, etc. Offering Nu Skin products, and ensure all of our employees work in a safe environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The uniqueness of “Force for Good” is not only incorporated in the charity concept of “Teaching a man to fish, keep doing good deeds and getting everyone involved.” We have supported hundreds of charity and research program, develop public charity activities to create more smiles, like Nourish the Children, Children Heart Fund, Nu Skin Volunteer Program. During the epidemic, Nu Skin donated 1,000,000 RMB and 400 air purifier to Wuhan, Hubei Province, through China Youth Development Foundation, for a total donation of more than 3,000,000 RMB. To help prevent and control the epidemic, and work together to tide over the difficulties.


Nu Skin 如新集团(以下简称「Nu Skin」)于1984年创立于美国犹他州普罗沃市(以下简称「普罗沃市」),并于1996年在纽约证券交易所挂牌上市,业务遍及亚洲、美洲、欧洲、非洲及太平洋地区等全球近50个市场,是一家深耕于个人保养品和营养补充品领域的跨国企业之一。2020年,Nu Skin 全球营收在25.8亿美元。Nu Skin 整合了先进科技和阵容强大的科研团队,打造业界领先的抗衰老科研中心,持续为市场研发出优质、创新的抗衰老产品。


  • 我们的使命是要在世界各地凝聚一股善的力量,凭借酬报优渥的事业机会、不断创新的优质产品,和充实积极的优良文化,赋予人们提高生活品质的力量。
  • 我们的愿景是凭借活力充沛的创业平台,致力成为全球创新的美丽与健康领导品牌。。
  • 我们的核心价值是诚实、正直、创新、乐观、体贴、传扬善的力量。


  • Nu Skin 个人保养品:以「荟萃优质,纯然无瑕」理念为本,制造脸部保养、头发养护、口腔护理与彩妆等产品;ageLOC抗衰老系列产品。
  • PHARMANEX如新华茂营养补充品:秉持「天然萃炼,科学验证」理念,制造高质量综合维生素、矿物质及针对个人需求的营养补充产品。


Nu Skin 全面而贴心的薪酬福利,为你的职场之旅保驾护航,让每一位员工都倍感关怀




餐厅,健身房,韵律室,懒人沙发,甚至连汽车也搬进了办公室,完全可以根据你心情和便利程度来选择工作地点,无线网络,全公司覆盖,公司里,班车上,每台笔记本都装有soft phone,沟通交流不受“线”制!


独一无二、每月一次的产品体验。一起奋斗,Nu Skin 关爱每一位家人的健康与美丽~


  • Nu Skin每年都会有丰富多彩的员工活动,主题新春会、元宵BBQ、端午包粽子、圣诞快闪、如新俱乐部,丰富多彩,应有尽有。
  • 除此之外,我们还提供每日免费营养补充品、产品体验、美食节、免费班车、健身课程和私人教练……是Nu Skin给家人提供的专属贴心福利。




Nu Skin 如新在“善的力量”企业文化的指引下,一直以来秉持着“授之以渔”、“持续行善”、“人人参与”的行善理念,支持了数以百计的慈善项目和多项研究计划,持续创新并卓有成效地开展社会公益活动,为爱行动,用心创微笑。“受饥儿滋养计划”,“Nu Skin 如新中华儿童心脏病基金”、“乐善汇员工志愿者活动”。在疫情期间,Nu Skin 通过青少年发展基金会,向湖北省武汉市捐赠100万元人民币和400台如新空气净化器,捐赠总额达人民币300多万元。助力疫情防控,同舟共济共渡难关。