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No. 1-2. North District, Ind & Trading City,
Qi Bao, Xin Hui District, Jiang Men City,

No. 1-2. North District, Ind & Trading City, Qi Bao, Xin Hui District, Jiang Men City, Guangdong




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Established in 1995, Lee Kum Kee (Xin Hui) Food Co. Ltd. began its operations in April 1996, and is the largest, most advanced production base under the Lee Kum Kee Group. Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui, which employs 2,700 people, produces soy sauce, oyster sauce, shrimp paste, sesame oil, chili sauce, condiment packets, etc. With its production of various sauces exceeds 700,000 tons annually, the company is one of the leaders in China’s sauce industry.

As a company with over 130 years of history, Lee Kum Kee embraces the company culture of “Pragmatism, Integrity, Constant Entrepreneurship, Si Li Ji Ren (Considering Others’ Interest)”, Benefitting the Community, Sharing Fruits of Success, as well as the concept of “Tri- Balance – Health, Family, and Career”. We build a good employer reputation internally through three aspects: salary and welfare, career development and sense of belonging. Externally, we present a good brand image with our quality management philosophy of "Exceeding the Standards" and "100-1=0", and at the same time, we take the initiative to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

1. Developing a Comprehensive Salary and Welfare System

1. Developing a Comprehensive Salary and Welfare System In order to meet employees’ welfare expectations and maintain our competitiveness, Lee Kum Kee is committed to establishing an incentivising salary and welfare system. In terms of career development incentives, the company offers annual double pay and salary adjustment, promotion opportunities, bonus scheme, various allowances, long service awards, etc. In terms of employee welfare, we also offer insurance, annual health examination, supplementary housing subsidy, annual leave, new born gift, nursing rooms, free shuttle bus service and meals, traditional festival gift packs, staff discount on company products and so on.

2. Creating a Well-structured Career Development System

2. Creating a Well-structured Career Development System Corporate culture is the secret to our business longevity. We attach great importance to building a strong culture, as well as training and developing our talent. Through new employee orientation, corporate culture trip, book sharing sessions, team building and other activities, employees can first deeply understand the corporate culture, then practice it in their daily work and life. To lay a solid foundation for career development, we tailor made training courses for different levels of employees, such as general courses for new employees, supervisory level courses, and management leadership courses, etc. In order to deepen and promote corporate culture and build a talent pool, we carry out team building activities and effective leadership training, which enhanced the cohesion and collaboration of the team. At the same time, the MT9+3 Management Trainee Program also improves the professional skills of management trainees through on-the-job training, cross-functional group learning, sales support and other activities, so as to inject new strength into the development of the company.

3. Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Lee Kum Kee advocates the concept of “Tri-Balance”, which encompasses the elements of health, family and career. Through organising engagement activities, such as birthday party, family day and annual company trip, and inviting both employees and their families to participate, we aim to foster a sense of“family”with the company. The activities also increased the cohesion of our company, thereby greatly enhanced the sense of belonging of employees.

We also pay great attention to employee communication and employee feedback. The company encourages employees of all levels to get involved in the management process. We conduct Mass Communication event and employee engagement survey regularly. These activities serve two purposes: to review the company's achievements of the year and allow employees to fully understand the business directions; and secondly is to provide platforms for employees to express their opinions, and for the company to actively respond to their suggestions.

4. Benefitting the Community, Sharing Fruits of Success

In its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Lee Kum Kee considers the interest of staff in the production process, as well as responsibility and contribution to consumers, the environment, and the community. The company passed the internationally recognised green building system standards, and became the first enterprise in the fermented food industry in the world to be honoured with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification. At the same time, the company also actively responds to the national call to adhere to energy conservation, emissions reduction and green development. It recently introduced the use of heat exchangers and cooling towers to cool and condense steam, recover heat and improve the environment. In addition, Lee Kum Kee Volunteer Team also held environment protection activities including green walk and tree planting to promote environmental awareness among employees.

Adhering to our corporate culture of "Benefitting the Community", Lee Kum Kee not only assists the government in various pandemic prevention work, but also actively donates funds and gifts to the front-line medical staff to support them. It received the "Outstanding Anti-Pandemic Contribution Award" issued by the Jiangmen Chamber of Commerce and recognition from Jiangmen Red Cross and other units. Besides, the company provided staunch support to the charities in Jiangmen to help the underprivileged, while our volunteer team visited special schools, welfare homes, low-income families and homes for the elderly regularly.

In the face of the challenges brought by the pandemic, Lee Kum Kee will continue to strive for change, innovate and focus on employee engagement and talent development to build a better workplace. We will work together with our employees to seize opportunities and create a win-win situation.

Mr. Louie Kwan, Human Resources and Administration Director



作为一家拥有超过130年历史的集团企业,公司一直秉承“务实、诚信、永远创业精神、思利及人、造福社会、共享成果”和“三平衡 – 健康、家庭和事业相互平衡”的企业文化理念,对内塑造优秀的雇主口碑,注重为员工提供优质与特色的服务,从薪酬福利、职业发展和企业归属感三方面建立良好的雇主形象;对外打造优质的品牌美誉度,以“超越标准”和“100-1=0”的质量理念把控产品品质,同时主动履行各种社会责任。











人才资源及行政总监关镇威先生表示:“面对疫情所带来的挑战,李锦记将继续敢于求变,勇于创新,持续地做好员工关怀与人才培养,为员工缔造一个更 佳的工作场所,携手合作抓紧机遇,共创双赢。”