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12F, Building A, SOHO Fuxing Plaza,
No. 299 Danshui Rd, Huangpu District,
Shanghai, PRC.

12F, Building A, SOHO Fuxing Plaza, No. 299 Danshui Rd, Huangpu District, Shanghai, PRC.




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Founded in 1872, Kimberly-Clark is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with approximately 46,000 employees worldwide and operations in 34 countries. K-C’s global brands, including five billion-dollar brands, are sold in more than 175 countries. The renowned brands like Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Pull-Ups and Kotex, hold the No. 1 or No. 2 brand share in 80 countries.

In 1994, Kimberly-Clark entered the China market. At present, the company has four manufacturing facilities in Beijing, Tianjin and Nanjing. The main business of Kimberly-Clark China includes baby and children care, family care, adult and feminine care, and has various high-quality products and brands, such as Kleenex, Huggies, Kotex, Poise and Depend. Our products are widely accepted by Chinese consumers.

In Kimberly-Clark, employees are our most valued resource and are at the center of everything we do. Their talent, diversity and commitment are crucial to our innovation and success. Our work environment fosters personal and corporate growth. It reflects a sense of community that nurtures innovation. Our talent management strategy is to develop employees and support the growth objectives in our Global Business Plan. We build a performance-driven organization to attract, develop, reward and retain top talent.

Aiming to win in the competitive market, it requires Kimberly-Clark China to keep enough talents within the organization in order to outperform its competitors. And it is the company’s priority to retain the Value-Based senior managers with compliance and accountability to ensure K-C China’s sustainable development in this country.

Meanwhile, facing the rapidly changing business environment and dynamic China market, the company feels pressure to urge its staff to refresh their insights and keep pace with the times. The unsolved challenges in front of China management team were how to attract talents to stay in K-C and how the company can achieve a “win-win” with its employees.

Kicking off a series of practices in Kimberly-Clark China is the answer, including Reverse Mentorship Pairs, EMBA/MBA Sponsored by K-C, Flexi-Working Moms and Accompany Your Child on the First Day of School, etc. All these programs are aiming to create a stable and highly motivated working place, develop a clear career path for talents with tangible support from the company, build up an egalitarian culture to encourage insights-exchanging, and at the same time effectively refresh talents’ minds to adapt to a rapidly-changing business environment
  • Insight-Based, Reverse Mentorship Pairs – Create reverse traditional mentorship pairing by having younger staff mentor senior leaders, and pairing participants based on differences to maximize strategic intelligence exchange.
  • EMBA/MBA Sponsored by K-C – Invest in K-C China’s talents via sponsoring their EMBA/MBA education. Moreover, invest in professional certification to enable technical expertise.
  • Flexi-Working Moms – Support K-C talents during this utmost important life phase by enabling working mothers with flexible working hours and locations to ensure they can take good care of their babies while maintaining their own careers.
  • Accompany Your Child on the First Day of School – Employees having young children will be permitted to arrive at work late on the first day of the new semester. They are encouraged to take their kids to school or bus stop in order to eliminate some of the anxious thoughts and make going to school a positive experience by accompanying the children.

It is also aligned with our “People Philosophy”. The People Philosophy clearly articulates what it expects from current and potential employees, and how the company support talents to grow faster in their career life.

The value of Caring has been rooted in the center of the company since the first day it established. We believe “People” are the most essential part that contributed to the long-time success of the company. We not only provide employees growth opportunities but also create caring working environment to them. Apart from the “Flexi-Working Moms” project mentioned above, the company in China also conducted a series of employee caring initiatives, including family day, role model recognition, and labor union, etc. In response to COVID-19's challenges, we launched Influenza Vaccination Sponsorship and EAP program in 2020 to provide dual security both physically & mentally to our people.

Other than caring people at workplace, we also extend our caring to the communities we live and work. As a leading company in household paper industry, Kimberly-Clark China is committed to use environmentally responsible fibers certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), to reinforce the fact that our tissue products are eco-friendly and sustainable throughout the entire life cycle including pulp source, manufacturing, transportation and delivery to consumers.

In China, we have donated a great number of products to handicapped children and elder citizens in foster homes and social welfare institutes over the past two decades along with our employees’ devotion in time and talent to support the traditional volunteer activity.

We are proud that K-C China was awarded the Excellence in Corporate Citizenship award from the China Committee of Corporate Citizenship for the 14th consecutive year since our continuously dedication on community development and environment protection.

As one of the world's most ethical companies, Kimberly-Clark treats all employees with courtesy, dignity, and respect. The company is dedicated to be the best place to work in China.

Words from K-C China Employees - “We were honored to be rewarded as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia for the 5th consecutive year. At K-C, we care about our people. We strive to create a unique company culture in a fiercely competitive market. Employees here do what they like, surpasses themselves, and work seamlessly with each other, and are proud of what we achieved as a team. That’s what set K-C apart from others. K-C China is committed to continuously create the best workplace for our employees to unleash their power.” Said by Caroline Yang, HR Director of Kimberly-Clark China.

“K-C is the first stop for me to enter the workplace, where there are responsible mentors for patient guidance and friendly colleagues working together to help me complete the transition from student to professionals faster and better.”

“K-C is a great workplace that encourages innovation, where we can input independent thinking and add value to the business, and in return, KC offers opportunities to advance career.”


金佰利认为员工是最宝贵的资源,是我们所有工作的核心。他们的才能,多样性和承诺对我们的创新和成功至关重要。 我们的工作环境促进员工个人和公司的共同发展。它反映出一种促进创新的社区意识。我们的人才管理策略是培养员工发展,从而支持我们实现全球业务计划中的增长目标。我们建立一个以绩效为导向的组织来吸引、发展、奖励并留住顶尖人才。


  • 反向辅导项目 - 通过让年轻的员工指导高级管理人员,形成反向指导,并根据差异进行配对,以最大限度地实现策略性的思维碰撞。
  • EMBA/MBA资助项目 – 赞助人才接受EMBA/MBA教育的同时,也帮助更多专业人才获得专业认证,提高技术专长。
  • 女性员工弹性工作制(拥有幼孩或怀孕的女性员工) - 使女性员工能灵活安排工作时间及工作地点,以确保她们能在追求职业发展的同时也能照顾好年幼的孩子,怀孕的员工能更好地度过人生中这一重要阶段。
  • 陪伴孩子的上学第一天 – 允许有幼儿的员工在得到主管提前批准下,可在孩子上学的第一天稍晚到达公司。公司鼓励他们在开学第一天送孩子去学校或校车站,以帮助孩子消除焦虑情绪,获得更积极愉快的上学体验。


自公司成立起,“关爱”已经植根于金佰利的行为价值观中。我们相信“人”是帮助公司实现长期成功的最重要的部分。我们不仅为员工提供成长的机会,而且为他们打造了关爱的工作环境。 除了上面提到的“弹性工作制度”项目外,金佰利中国还举办了一系列员工关怀活动,包括家庭日,行为楷模评选,组织工会等。面对新冠疫情的挑战,金佰利中国从2020年开始推出员工种植流感疫苗资助项目及EAP辅导项目,帮助员工在生理和心理上获得双重安全感。



我们非常自豪金佰利中国连续十四年被中国社会工作者协会企业公民委员会评选为优秀企业公民, 这正是对我们不断为社区发展和环境保护所付出努力的最佳肯定。


员工的话: 很荣幸金佰利中国能够连续第五年成为HR Asia亚洲最佳雇主奖的得主之一。在金佰利,没有什么比我们的员工更重要。我们着力在激烈竞争的市场氛围下打造独特的公司文化,每一位员工做自己喜欢的事,超越自我,和优秀的同事无间合作,以团队致胜为荣,这也是让金佰利卓尔不凡的原因所在。金佰利中国将继续致力于为我们的员工打造最佳工作场所,释放他们的潜能。”——金佰利(中国)有限公司人力资源总监杨嘉璐

“金佰利是我步入职场的第一站,在这里有负责的导师耐心指导,有友爱的同事一起协作,帮助我更快更好地完成从学生到职场人的身份转变。” “金佰利非常鼓励创新,每个人可以通过独立思考为公司业务提供价值,并且能在这里得到提升职业发展所需的各种机会。金佰利是一家尊重个体,又鼓励协同合作的企业。”