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16th floor , WPP Campus ,
Heng Feng Road 399 , JIngAn ,
Shanghai , 20000

16th floor , WPP Campus , Heng Feng Road 399 , JIngAn , Shanghai , 20000


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About Kantar: 关于凯度

Kantar is the world’s leading evidence-based insights and consulting company. We have a complete, unique and rounded understanding of how people think, feel and act; globally and locally in over 90 markets. By combining the deep expertise of our people, our data resources and benchmarks, our innovative analytics and technology, we help our clients understand people and inspire growth.



Understand people ,Inspire growth

We understand what makes people tick.
We’re proud to be helping change the world in which we all live


We have an open and inclusive culture where diversity in ideas, teams, and people are valued.

We’re not hierarchical. We love to listen and encourage everyone to have a voice. We dare to take accountability for the performance of ourselves and team.

We strive to ensure our people learn and improve through a variety of stretching work and continuous feedback.


In kantar, we have solid growth platform to support people/ leader and team’s growth.

iGrow is for all employees in Kantar, no matter role or job level. It is a toolkit of resources to help talent Flourish at work and be the best can be. Whether growing, maintaining skills or regenerating yourself, it’s useful when planning career moves, developing new skills or adjusting to different life phases.

iManager is helping to be a great manager. Be a Kantar manager has a huge role to play in our success and growth. So we launch more manager support and resources, to help refine management skills and become the greatest manager.

iLead is help you be the best leader possible. Great leaders can inspire everyone in an organization to achieve their very best.


We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse workplace at Kantar where a wide range of backgrounds, styles and thinking can come together to inspire our clients.

There are three pillars to our Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) strategy:

Talent: We will attract and nurture a diverse mix of talented individuals who bring greater creativity and innovation to the way we work

l e a d e r s : We will enable leaders across Kantar to build a more diverse workplace, driving greater awareness of the benefits of inclusion so that they dare to be different

ClienTs : We will stimulate our thinking and creativity by bringing diverse perspectives to opportunities and challenges across markets and cultures

We have I&D Steering Committees in 38 markets, as well as Executive Sponsors in our divisions and functions


#WellatWork Health and wellbeing is a vitally important area of focus for us here in Insights. We have a well-established wellbeing program, #WellatWork, which allows us to bring both physical and mental wellbeing to the forefront, driving a change in how we approach our working lives, ultimately moving us to a life-work balance. Our wellbeing programme is extensive and full of variety, here are a few examples of what you can get involved in:

adventUres : Compete in fun team and personal challenges designed to get us moving, off our devices, and looking after our health!

gUest speakers: Come along and listen to eye-opening talks from our expert guest speakers, also available as webinars for you to watch at your leisure.

Autonomy & Agency at Kantar, our Flexible Working Policy encourage staff to work in the way that suits them best.

We’re setup for remote work and the Kantar Healthy Working Program ensures you have everything need to safely work from home.

We love to collaborate across locations and have offices with a range of workspaces from beanbags to stand-up desks so there is something for everyone.


Recognizing extraordinary work and taking time out to thank our colleagues is part of our day-to-day. Our reward and recognition schemes are owned by each and every one of us, everyone has the chance to celebrate, thank and nominate their colleagues.

The Hero Wall is an online platform created to say thank you to your colleagues from across Insights and recognize their great work, tag them and let them now that they are a Hero for going the extra mile.

Thank you’s
We also regularly come together to celebrate the smaller but equally important things our colleagues really value. Whether it’s supporting someone through a tough time, or spending time mentoring new colleagues, we see appreciating and thanking each other as an integral part of our collective success

On behalf of Kantar China, I am very proud and humbled to receive this award and big congratulations to everyone at Kantar China for this special recognition. The credit goes to all out people at Kantar China and for their team spirit and resilience, for trusting and supporting each other, for staying focused on impacting our clients and driving growth and development of our own people.

Chirantan Ray, Managing Director of Brand and Creative Practice, Kantar Insights China.

This award shows huge recognition to our leadership achievement in putting best effort to make Kantar as the “best place to work” in China, I am extremely proud of being part of this team to lead Kantar moving forward. Nothing is better than celebrating continuous growth. We will carry on the great momentum with growth mindset to influence and attract more talents to join and love Kantar. At Kantar, we will continue value and promote positive Mental Health.

Lynn Zhang, Managing Director of Innovation and CX division, Kantar Insights China


Our corporate social responsibility program at Kantar

Our purpose: To inspire our people, our clients and society to create and flourish in an extraordinary world.

At Kantar, we know more about this extraordinary world than anyone else. We are committed to helping our clients better understand humans – how we live, think, feel, vote, shop, view and share – and help them and their businesses flourish. But this commitment does not stop with our clients. We want to ensure we’re helping to enable everyone to flourish, by building an inclusive and diverse society, creating positive impact in the communities we live and work in and encouraging our employees to tap into opportunities to support local causes and global program

Through our Extraordinary People program, we can give back to the communities we work in and take part in activities that make a difference to the world around us - we regularly engage in company wide fundraising initiatives and pro-bono work.

Volunteer with Charity Days
Everyone at Kantar is entitled to two days’ paid leave a year to undertake volunteering work at a charity. This can be taken as whole days or as hours of volunteering.

We encourage volunteering because it demonstrates our core values through involvement in the local communities we live and work in, whilst allowing employees to give back to causes they feel strongly about.


Our global partnership: Special Olympics
We are very proud to be global partners of Special Olympics, helping to advance their mission to end the ongoing exclusion, isolation, discrimination, and health injustice for people with intellectual disabilities. By achieving this Special Olympics seeks to create an inclusive world for all.

While most commonly known for their more than 100,000 global annual sport competitions for people with intellectual disabilities – Special Olympics is much more than this. Using sport as the vehicle for social change to foster inclusion, Special Olympics has created a global movement where people with intellectual disabilities can discover new strengths, abilities and skills. At Kantar, we know the world is not just incredibly interesting, it is hugely varied – and that’s what makes it extraordinary. In the work we do ( and the way we do it) we know the importance of inclusion and diversity.

We are excited to partner with Special Olympics on their Global Youth Leadership project, which brings together youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities at nearly 200 global, national and local summits. These summits provide a platform for youth leaders to discuss, and implement inclusion-based projects in their own communities, creating a generational shift towards inclusion in schools and communities around the world.

As part of our partnership with Special Olympics, we’ll be raising money to help those with intellectual disabilities and supporting these exciting Summits by finding moments for employees to volunteer and participate. Additionally, we will look for opportunities to engage and volunteer at their other annual events globally.