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No.1, Lane 1466, Shenchang Road,
Minhang District, Shanghai China

No.1, Lane 1466, Shenchang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai China


Renewable Energy


Change the way we generate and
use electricity, optimize energy
porfolio, take responsibibility of
enabling a sustainable future by
delivering the cleanest, most
efficient and economic solar
energy solutions

Change the way we generate and use electricity, optimize energy porfolio,
take responsibibility of enabling a sustainable future by delivering the
cleanest, most efficient and economic solar energy solutions

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关于我们About Us

晶科能源有限公司(纽交所代码:JKS) (以下简称:晶科能源),成立于2006年,于2010年在美国纽约交易所上市,晶科能源在全球拥有超过25,000名员工及12个全球化生产基地35个全球服务中心;是全球极具创新力的光伏企业。

JinkoSolar Co., Ltd. (NYSE: JKS) (hereinafter referred to as JinkoSolar) was established in 2006 and priced on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010. JinkoSolar has over 25,000 employees across its 12 productions facilities globally, 35 global service center. JinkoSolar is one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world.


With vertically integrated capacity, high-quality and innovative modules as well as super eminent marketing services, jinkosolar distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and other countries and regions.


JinkoSolar became the world's largest module manufacturer in 2016, and has been the world's largest in PV module shipments for four consecutive years. As of December 31, 2020, JinkoSolar's global cumulative shipments exceeded 70GW, ranking first in the industry. The company has vertically integrated production capacity, which is expected to reach approximately 33GW of monocrystalline silicon wafers, approximately 27GW of battery wafers, and approximately 37GW of components by the end of 2021.

愿景、使命与核心价值观Vision, Mission and Vital Values

JinkoSolar’s Vision: Provide one-stop solution of clean energy and become industry leader.
JinkoSolar’s Mission: Optimize the energy portfolio, and take responsibility for enabling a sustainable future.

社会责任Social Responsibility


Caring for the earth and future generations is an important and undisputable part of JinkoSolar’s corporate social responsibility. In 2017, in addition to continuing its existing plans and projects, JinkoSolar has combined the company’s resources with its employees’ love and wisdom to work together, show compassion, bring warmth and care. Funding for our social impact activities is aligned with our strategic focus areas of education and supporting local community needs. Strategic giving includes charitable giving (cash and in-kind ) as well as other investments, such as programs that empower employee giving and service, and adoption of solar energy to create positive impact.

晶科能源作为全球首家太阳能企业,加入RE100和EP100绿色倡议。这两项全球运动由气候组织(The Climate Group)发起。RE100倡议联合了全世界最有影响力的公司,包括苹果、谷歌、Facebook、宜家、可口可乐等承诺100%使用可再生能源。为了实现这项全球气候目标,推动低碳经济,加入该倡议的公司承诺在全球运营中100% 使用可再生能源。EP100倡议则汇聚了越来越多的能源智能型企业,承诺用更少的能源做更多的事。

As the first solar company in the world, jinkosolar joined the RE100 and EP100 green initiatives. These global campaigns are led by The Climate Group. The RE100 initiative brings together the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, IKEA, Coca-Cola and more. To reach this global climate goal and drive a low carbon economy, each company has committed to source 100% of the electricity used across their global operations from renewable sources. The EP100 initiative brings together a growing group of energy-smart companies committed to doing more with less.

学习在晶科能源 Learning at Jinkosolar

  • 入职之初,为新员工组织欢迎会及答疑会,第一时间帮助员工全面了解公司的发展历程、文化、产品等。
  • 每月度开展不同主题的通用技能课程,提升员工能力的职场必备技能。
  • 针对不同部门/不同区域推出专项技能提升课程。
  • 在线课程学习:三分钟商学院,技术产品信息分享,新员工入职等。
  • 提供多种形式的培训学习,如产品知识线下答疑会、季度读书分享会,市场信息分享会等。
  • With the new employee onboarding, we do the welcome and Q&A session for them. Helping them fully understand company's development history, culture and products.
  • Every month, a series of general skills courses are launched to improve employees' necessary skills in the workplace.
  • Professional skills courses are offered for different functions and regions.
  • Online learning contains: Business Knowledge Learning, Technical Information Sharing and New Employee Orientation.
  • Provide various forms of training and learning, such as, technical Knowledge Q&A, quarterly reading & sharing session and marketing information sharing etc.
  • 为不同层级的员工设计不同发展项目,如应届毕业生的“全球商业培训生”计划;以及进阶管培生的“全球商业精英”计划;通过人才盘点项目,为中基层骨干提供“关键人才发展”计划;以及高阶管理者的工作坊项目。
  • 为优秀个人贡献者提供专项能力提升项目,如“跨文化沟通”项目。
  • 为新晋管理者提供线上及线下相结合的管理能力提升计划。
  • 提供国际工作机会,进行区域间(包括北美、拉美、欧洲、中东非、南亚、北亚、中亚及ROA区域)的轮岗项目。
  • Design different development programs for different levels of staff, such as the "Global Commercial Trainee" program for fresh graduates; and the "Global Commercial Growth" program for advanced management trainees; the "Key Talent Development" program for middle-level manager ; we also do the GM Leadership workshops for all GMs.
  • Provide specific competency enhancement programs for outstanding individual contributors, such as the "Cross-cultural Communication" program.
  • New managers will be assigned the online and offline training sessions for leadership development.
  • Provide international job opportunities for interregional (including North America, Latin America, Europe, central and East Africa, South Asia, north Asia, central Asia and ROA) rotation programs.

工作在晶科能源 Working at Jinkosolar

  • 具有竞争力的薪资和奖金(基本薪资、年终奖金、绩效奖金、话费补贴、午餐补贴等);
  • 工作与生活平衡(全薪年假等)。
  • 健康和幸福(五险一金、全薪病假、商业保险、年度体检等);
  • 对工作满5年/10年的员工进行认可并提供长期服务奖奖励。
  • 每年对优秀员工、优秀团队及优秀区域进行评选及奖励。
Compensation and Benefits
  • Competitive salary and bonus (basic salary, year-end bonus, performance bonus, telephone fee subsidy, lunch subsidy, etc.),
  • Health and happiness (five insurances and one fund, full-pay sick leave, commercial insurance, annual medical examination, etc.)
  • Work life balance (full pay annual leave, etc.)
  • Recognition and long service award for employees who have served JinkoSolar for 5 /10 years.
  • Annual selection and award of excellent employees, excellent teams and excellent regions.


Name, Position
  • 员工的认同,包括文化归属、主管支持、绩效管理等
  • 员工的期许,如流程、效率、沟通及个人发展
Voice of Employee
  • Recognition of Employee, including the Cultural Belonging, Leader Support, Performance Management, etc.
  • Expectation of Employee, such as Process & efficiency improvement, Communication and Individual development.

生活在晶科能源 Living at Jinkosolar

  • 员工俱乐部包含羽毛球、篮球、足球及瑜伽舞蹈四个协会,每周固定时间开展兴趣活动。
  • 定期举办家庭日活动。
  • 一年一度的年会活动。
  • 节假日发放精美礼品、员工生日当天送上礼品券及贺卡。
  • 为员工购买商业保险,并且提供年度体检等保障项目。
  • 各部门不定期组织团队建设活动。
To encourage employees to maintain a better life and work balance, enrich employee’s working experience, facilitate communication and strengthen enterprise cohesion, Jinkosolar organizes various activities:
  • Employee Club contains four associates including badminton, basketball, football and yoga & dance.
  • Organize “Family day” activities regularly.
  • Annual Gala.
  • Gifts will be given on holidays, gift vouchers and greeting cards will be sent to employees on their birthdays.
  • Purchase commercial insurance for employees, and provide annual physical examination and other employee benefits programs.
  • Team building will be organized by different functions or teams every year.