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No. 450 Hua Tie Road,
Songjiang Industrial Estate,
Shanghai 201600 China

No. 450 Hua Tie Road, Songjiang Industrial Estate, Shanghai 201600 China





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Ingredion is a global ingredient solutions company built on a rich legacy of exceptional performance and market-leading innovation. We make sweeteners, starches and unique ingredients from plant sources such as corn, tapioca, rice, sago and potato. In Asia Pacific, we operate in 12 countries with our headquarters based in Singapore. Every day, Ingredion employees bring their skills, creativity, and passion together to deliver ingredient solutions that make life better. At Ingredion China, we operate in Shanghai and Shandong with approximately 300 employees.

Our geographic footprint and diverse workforce give us the ability to deliver solutions on a global scale and the agility to meet the needs of local markets. We make it our business to understand industry trends and our customers’ challenges. They trust us to anticipate and deliver the consistently high-quality products and innovative solutions they need. Each day, we live our Company Value:
  • Care First,
  • Be Preferred
  • Everyone Belongs
  • Innovate Boldly
  • Owner’s Mindset
So that we can create enduring, mutual value for our customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

People DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

At Ingredion, we are all IN to make life better. To us, that starts with assembling a diverse team, building an inclusive culture, and eliminating barriers to equity and participation in order to foster a company where everyone belongs. We believe that in order to go all IN, people need to feel seen, heard, respected, supported and valued—with equal access to the information and opportunities needed to help them grow.

To us, the best ideas are born out of diverse cultural perspectives, different skillsets, and a broadly felt sense of belonging. With those ingredients in place, we’ll come together to boldly innovate and drive success in an ever-changing world.

Taking care of our people

Care first is our value. Ingredion trusting that a caring and warming work environment is important to our people. We have variable employee actives such as Festival activities, birthday gift, badminton game, outing and family day. In 2021, we provide Employee Assistance Program. The program will support and services for employees’ mental, financial, physical, and emotional well-being. Specialists can offer expert advice and work-life strategies, connect employees to financial or legal professionals, refer to counselling, and recommend resources such as community agencies to help you address whatever issue employees may be facing.

Workplace policies and practices

Achieve Recognition program is one Ingredion's initiative for recognizing and rewarding employees who exemplify Ingredion’s five Core Values. As a digital mobile-friendly platform accessible to all employees, the program has four tiers of awards from a thank you note to various levels of financial incentives. This also promotes peer to peer recognition.

Digitization & Future of Work are another priority of Ingredion. We have deployed Workday as the single HR Data Management system for all Human Capital Management modules including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, talent & career management, learning & development, leave management, etc. This has enabled us to use big data and advanced HR analytics to deliver impactful HR interventions. Using technology has helped to streamline and improve efficacy of our HR processes, which allows Ingredion HR team to priorities business needs and elevate employee experience with line manager/employee self-service.

Developing our people

At Ingredion, the employees are part of a diverse team committed to learn, grow, and succeed together. No matter where they work in our organization, we believe that their innovations and contributions will make life better for our customers and our communities. Our purpose and values define our culture; it is who we are. At Ingredion, we aspire people harness the power of our Values, and we will strive to foster an environment where our employees are supported and enabled to contribute their very best, every day. We want to help them plan a rewarding, fulfilling career at Ingredion. Their development journey starts with their experiences, preferences, skills, and interests. With their manager and Ingredion as their partners, we are all IN! to make life better!

We are committed to one another, and we work with dedication, focus, and integrity to make a positive impact. We celebrate our diversity while coming together with a shared purpose. Here’s how employees, managers, and Ingredion work together:

Responsible for their performance and their careers. They define what a career means to them. Guided by Ingredion’s values and motivated to succeed, they manage their careers to be ready for the challenges of a dynamic company and an ever changing world.

Coach and develop employees to help them reach their maximum potential. They ask insightful questions and give constructive feedback. They partner with employees to create quality development plans and support them in working toward their career goals.

Provides the vision, a diverse and collaborative environment, and all of the tools and support employees need to demonstrate Ingredion’s values, perform at their best, and progress their careers.
Ingredion (宜瑞安)是一家全球配料解决方案公司,传承发扬百年来超凡的表现和引领市场的创新能力。广泛的地域足迹和多样的组织架构让我们能够在全球范围内给出解决方案,同时又能灵活地满足当地市场的需求。我们从玉米、木薯淀粉、大米、西米和土豆等多种作物中提取甜味剂、淀粉和营养配料。我们亚太地区的总部设在新加坡,并且在12个国家开设公司。为了使生活更加美好,宜瑞安的员工每天都在将他们的技术、创新和热情转化成配料方案带给所有人。宜瑞安中国在中国的上海和山东设立了工厂并有近300名员工。



在宜瑞安,我们提出了“All IN”的口号来促使我们的工作生活变得更美好。于我们而言,百纳海川的意义在于创建一个多样性的团队,建立一个具有包容性的公司文化并且致力于消除各种工作中的障碍。我们相信,只有当所有人都感觉到自己被看见、被听见、被尊重、被支持并且被认为是有价值的;当所有人都被公平对待并且拥有同等的成长机会的时候“ALL IN”的口号才算是被实现。









在宜瑞安,每个员工都是多样化团队的一员。大家可以一起学习、成长并且获取成功。不管他们在哪里工作,我们相信他们都能给我们的客户和股东带来更好的体验和价值。在宜瑞安,我们的目标和价值观定义了我们公司的文化,我们鼓励我们的员工去实践我们的价值观。为此,我们将不遗余力的为我们的员工提供各种力所能及的支持。我们希望所有员工能在宜瑞安有一段丰富的工作经历并对他们的职业生涯有所帮助。宜瑞安将支持他们实现我们的口号“We are all IN! to make life better!”