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16F, Hong Kong New World Tower,
300 Huaihai Zhong Road,
Shanghai 200021 China

16F, Hong Kong New World Tower, 300 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai 200021 China


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Colliers (NASDAQ, TSX: CIGI) is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company. With operations in 66 countries, our more than 18,000 enterprising professionals work collaboratively to provide expert advice to real estate occupiers, owners and investors. For more than 25 years, our experienced leadership with significant insider ownership has delivered compound annual investment returns of almost 20% for shareholders. With annualized revenues of $3.3 billion ($3.6 billion including affiliates) and $45 billion of assets under management, we maximize the potential of property and accelerate the success of our clients and our people.

For 14 consecutive years, Colliers has been listed in the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals Top 100 Global Outsourcing Companies, while Colliers China was awarded the China Influential Marketing Agency of the Year in the 2020 China Real Estate Style Awards,the Most Popular Property and Facility Management Company by Hotel Plus and 2021 Annual Influential Culture & Leisure Industry Model.

Our Core Values

At Colliers, we empower our people to…
  • Be enterprising to exceed expectations
  • Collaborate to drive exceptional results
  • Invest in relationships to deliver enduring value
  • Be experts to lead our industry into the future
  • Do what’s right for our clients, people and communities

2021 has been full of new opportunities and we are encouraged by the surprising progress our team has made with significant growth in talent, performance and scale. Across China, our team continued to demonstrate leadership in key markets by facilitating major transactions. We are accelerating our success through our client outreach and corporate culture, and we continue to attract market leaders to our team.

1) Be enterprising

At Colliers, we embrace change, break new ground and strive to innovate how we do business.

In 2021, we are exploring new business areas and developing new opportunities, such as film and television real estate operations. We also continue to extend our value-added service areas and launch a variety of business operations. While striving to help our clients succeed, Colliers itself is also actively innovating and expanding. We are committed to creating a dynamic and humane workplace environment to provide our employees with everything they need to succeed. In order to better support our business, our headquarters in North China and our branch office in Zhejiang have relocated to new offices this year.

2) Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Corporate Culture

At Colliers, we promote a culture of diversity and inclusion, building strong, cohesive teams in China and around the world to be key drivers in the industry. Wherever our clients do business, our global presence maximizes the potential of their properties to exceed expectations for service excellence.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, we worked with the local government and clients in Shanghai to organize a red orienteering tournament with a strong multi-cultural flavor. Colliers also set up Technology Innovation Service Centers in the Zhangjiang area of Shanghai and the Haiding area of Beijing to better serve clients in those regions with professional support for technological and industrial innovation.

3) Investing With Integrity to Create Long-Term Value

At Colliers, we build long-term partnerships with our colleagues and clients through integrity. We focus not just on immediate needs but also on trends and patterns to help our clients and employees achieve long-term success. This year, we are working with clients in the areas of urban rail transportation, building the future of urban shipping and financial technology hubs, as well as urban renewal to reshape the face of cities, thus creating long-term value.

4) Becoming a Flagship Benchmark in the Industry

Colliers is an industry-leading global real estate company, and our employees are experts in their fields, leading the industry into the future through continuous business refinement and innovative thinking.

Our experts have shared their industry expertise at several key industry summits and forums,such as 2021 Boao Real Estate Forum in Hainan, the DCCO China Data Center Construction and Operation & Maintenance Summit, Real Estate Global Summit Online China Investment Forum, and 2021 Asia Smart Innovation Logistics Exhibition.

5) Do What’s Right

At Colliers, we always act in the best interest of our clients, colleagues and the community as we provide sincere service.

Colliers is committed to environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance practices in society. This year, Colliers released its first Global Impact Report and made joint charitable donations with local charities and communities nationwide during the period of the Mid-Autumn Festival, translating CSR into practical actions and contributing to the enhancement of social well-being and sustainable development.

In regards to our employees, we attract and develop industry leaders, building a talent pipeline and a pool of professionals who can think and act differently to achieve excellence. We also focus on leadership development and empowerment by hosting courses relevant to leadership. Ms. Tammy Tang, Managing Director of China, not only teaches local managers in person but also leads multiple career development seminars and sales skills training sessions through our online platform and offline meetups to empower even more individuals.

We also enrich the happiness of our employees, optimizing the working environment and organizing a variety of employee activities to make work fun and give our people a true sense of belonging.


Name, Position

高力国际连续14年入围IAOP(国际外包专业协会)全球外包100强企业;同时,高力中国荣膺2020年度中国地产风尚大奖 “中国年度影响力营销机构”, Hotel Plus发布的“最受欢迎物业及设施管理公司”大奖以及2021年度影响力文旅产业模式奖项


  • 进取精神 以超越预期卓越服务
  • 团队意识 以取得杰出成绩
  • 诚信投入 以创造长期价值
  • 精研业务 以引领行业走向未来
  • 精诚服务 以客户、同仁和社会的最佳利益行事



在高力国际,我们拥抱变革,推陈出新,致力于革新经营之道。 在2021年我们积极开拓新的商业领域,不断发展新机遇,如影视地产版块的开拓;又持续延伸增值服务领域,重磅发布多种经营业;在努力帮助客户取得成功的同时,高力国际自身也在积极地创新和扩张,致力于营造充满活力,人性化的职场环境从而给员工创造更多成功机遇。为了更好的支持业务,今年我们的华北总部和浙江分公司分别迎来乔迁新喜。

2) 推崇多元共融的企业文化







我们行业专家在多个权威行业峰会和论坛分享行业专业知识,如海南 “2021博鳌房地产论坛”、DCCO中国数据中心建设与运维峰会、房地产全球峰会线上中国投资论坛、2021亚洲智慧创新物流展览会等权威行业峰会上发表主旨演讲。

5) 审时度势,我们做正确的事。

在高力国际,我们始终以客户、同仁和社会的最佳利益行事,提供精诚的服务。 于社会,高力国际致力于落实环境保护、社会责任和公司治理的实践。今年高力国际发布首份《全球影响力报告》,并于中秋前夕在全国与当地慈善机构及社区联合开展慈善捐助活动,将企业社会责任转化为实际行动,为社会福祉提升,可持续发展贡献力量。