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20F Wheelock Square, 1717,
Nanjing Road West, Shanghai 200040

20F Wheelock Square, 1717, Nanjing Road West, Shanghai 200040




To be a company where employees
love to work, great brands aspire to
be part of and investors believe in.

To be a company where employees love to work,
great brands aspire to be part of and investors believe in.

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Coach is a global design house of modern luxury leather goods, apparel, footwear, fragrance, eyewear and a full range of lifestyle accessories. Founded in 1941, Coach has a longstanding reputation built on quality craftsmanship and is defined by its confident New York style. The brand approaches design with a modern vision, reimagining luxury for today with an authenticity and innovation that is uniquely Coach.

Accounted for about 70% of Tapestry’s sales with an annual revenue business of USD 4.22 billion in fiscal year 2019, nearly 1,000 directly operated stores and 13,500 employees globally, Coach teams are focused on providing tremendous value and exceptional experience for customers.


Coach started as a family-run workshop in New York City in 1941. Its six artisans set out with a simple goal: to make beautiful, functional items in modern shapes from the finest leathers. As a pioneer in the leather goods and accessories space, the brand went on to establish itself as the Original American House of Leather. Coach remains inspired by its rich heritage, with the spirit of innovation it has had for more than 75 years.


We are Optimistic… we believe that with hard work and determination anything is possible. We foster and create opportunities for success and growth in everything that we do.

We are Innovative… we believe in the power of individual and collective creativity and imagination! Our inquisitive approach enables us to create new ways of thinking that inspires the world around us.

We are Inclusive… we warmly welcome all people, embracing our differences and inviting a diversity of perspectives. We believe there are no limitations on what you can achieve because of nationality, religion, race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.


Our values is not bestowed by previous generations or borrowed from tradition. It is determined by quality, craftsmanship and creativity - and the opportunity for self-expression that our employees provide. We believe anyone from anywhere can have the best idea and, with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. We aim to be a company where employees love to work, great brand aspire to be part of and investors believe in.


Our people are the main drivers of our business. We focus on their development, and committed to helping our employees grow and to providing an engaging work environment with people empowerment culture. We encourage our employees to bring something special and something different to the table to do their very best, to achieve and take personal pride in what they do — we’re incredibly dynamic with high performing culture where we celebrate success.

Everyone is part of our global house of brands.

Every contribution makes an impression that is part of something growing, beautiful and unique.

We provide a holistic performance management system with three key levers in which employees can participate and navigate their careers.
  • Become your best self - We’re invested in helping our employees grow personally and professionally through ongoing feedback, coaching and diverse learning opportunities
  • Explore the possibilities within our global house of brands - We offer exciting opportunities for career movement across brands, regions and functions
  • Your hard work, dedication and passion for our brands is celebrated - Make an impact and be recognized and rewarded through competitive compensation, benefits and exposure to the Tapestry house of brands and industry


Our people are the main drivers of our business. We focus on their development, and committed to helping our employees grow and to providing an engaging work environment with people empowerment culture.

Coach provide learning and development opportunities for all levels including Leaning Lunch, Onboarding Training for new joiners, Common Thread for people managers, Emerging Leadership Program for director above levels. In FY20, we organized over 22 sessions with 987 participants going through these programs in China. In addition, we launch program called “Learning on the fly” to enable e-learning.


For the retail store, nearly 3,000 staff (including full-time and part-time staff) have been trained by an online interactive learning platform called “Coach Journey”, 100% coverage in Coach China. It includes a global on-boarding plan critical to setting the tone and expectations for new associates as well as learning materials about our brand history, product and services.

Also each year, Coach will hold an annual regional event called Store Managers Conference (SMC), involving the retail team leaders from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Europe. The last session with physical gathering was organized in Macro in 2019. Recently, we also hosted virtual SMC 2020 giving the pandemic challenges, and around 1000+ leaders joined the on line event. SMC provides the marvelous opportunity for all retail leaders to connect with Company’s strategy and new training initiatives.


In Coach, our employees are connected digitally. We build an internal WeChat account called Coach Zone to share company news, learning opportunities, event enrollment and exciting moments. It has 100% following rate and 90% registration rate, which helps employees to know company events and register the one they like the first minute they see the news.

We are also connect with customers via Coach China Retail KOL Program. We have cultivated at least 20 KOLs from the existing retail team. Most of them have tens of thousands followers and likes on Red book or Tiktok. Our staff have always been encouraged to show off their potential and passion in full in their work. In the past year Coach China have delivered 20 sessions of KOL trainings in purpose to build the capability of digitalization innovation.


We are actively interacting with talent internally and externally via Coach Recruitment Wechat, internal referrals and candidate job applications are much easier with only fingertips clicks; in addition, we are launching mobile based APP in Retail so that Store Managers can hire via a streamlined process.

Coach used diversified ways for Employer branding. We designed unique slogan and images for Coach China-“ZAO出你的时尚梦” and provide a Coach Insider view and show Coach values, benefits and cultures using various forms of staff videos, stories, interactions, gifts and surveys to build connection with audience on Coach Recruit WeChat, LinkedIn, recruitment day and campus talk.


The launch of Coach Global People Information Systems and Shared People Services enables both employees and People Managers to have the ownership and accountability of their team management and engagement. This is a powerful tool for people and talent management, as those systematic, transparent, real-time/on-demand, with easy-to-use processes and systems can enable staff to work at anytime, anywhere. More importantly, it is also a great platform to support the global multi-brand strategy. 21,000 employees in over 26 countries are now enjoying the benefits of easy/on-demand access and convenience from the systems.

Coach also launched Recognition & Reward Program for Corporate & Retail staff High Performers. This is a comprehensive and standardized R&R program covering both corporate and retail staff. It includes CEO breakfast for Coach new joiners, diversified recognition award like Star of the Quarter, Long Service Award, President Award, Lew Frankford Award and Million dollar club for top sellers in the field.


We provide the best-in-class Global People Information Systems and Shared People Services – enabling both employees and People Managers have high ownership and accountability of their team management and engagement. It is also a powerful tool/platform for people and talent management that is systematic, transparent, real-time/on-demand, with easy-to-use processes and systems, which enable staff at anytime, anywhere.


Coach focus on work life balance. Coach corporate employees enjoy Summer Hour, which starts from the end of May to Early September, enables staff early leave on each Friday if it doesn’t conflict with their work. There’s also an Event Committee with 11 volunteers to initiate lots of employee relationship activities like annual dinner, sponsorship for Gym, watching movie, football/badminton games, painting, hand making, Festival seminar like Kid’s day, Women’s day, The Dragon Boat Festival... This events gains high recognition and participation for employee and enhance company loyalty and belongings.


  • Achieved a score of 100 four years in a row on the Human Rights Campaign’s Best places to Work for LGBTQ Equality
  • Maintained a Board of Directors with ethnic, gender & national diversity
  • Recognized on the Forbes’ World’s Best Employers list 2020
  • Recognized on the Forbes Diversity & Inclusion List in 2018, 2019
  • Aon Best Employer in China in 2018
  • “Best Employer Brand Communication Award” in the “Employer Branding Creativity Awards in Greater China” in 2018
  • Signed the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion in 2017
  • Recognized by 2020 Woman on Boards and Women’s Forum of New York for Board diversity in fiscal 2017
  • Best Companies to Work for in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea by the HR Asia Magazine in 2020.

"Inspired Careers by Design

Everyone at Tapestry is part of our global house of brands. Every contribution makes an impression that is part of something growing, beautiful and unique. By Janet Zhong, VP, Head of HR - Coach & Tapestry Asia Coach & Tapestry"


Tapestry 的每个人都是我们全球品牌家族的一员。 每个人的贡献都是成长、美丽和独特事物的一部分。By 钟秋娟, 亚洲人力资源副总裁"



Coach占母公司Tapestry集团销售额的约70%,2019财年营收为422亿美元,全球有近1, 000家直营店和13, 500名员工,Coach团队致力于为客户提供最大的价值和卓越的体验。


  • 我们充满希望
  • 我们鼓励创新
  • 我们兼容并蓄

在Coach,我们相信世界上每个人都有独特的想法,只要努力工作、认真投入,一切皆可实现。 我们努力为充满热情的人们实现他们的梦想!






  • 透过职涯发展计划成为最好的自己 我们致力透过持续不断的反馈、指导与多元学习机会,帮助员工自身及职涯成长。
  • 在我们的全球各品牌中探索各种可能性我们提供在所有品牌、地区、部门中自由转换职涯的绝佳机会。
  • 员工所付出的努力、奉献和热忱都会受到讚扬经由具竞争力的薪酬、福利以及对我们品牌与产业的接触,带来正面影响并获得认可与奖励。



Coach的学习发展机会涵盖公司的所有级别员工,包括Leaning Lunch,新员工入职培训,用人经理的Common Thread培训课程,总监及以上级别的ELP课程等。在2020 财年,我们在中国组织了22场培训,近1000人参加了各类培训。同时,我们还推出了“线上课堂”,使更多的人能够随时随地学习。

对于零售店铺员工,接近3000人参加并接受了线上互动学习平台——“Coach Journey”的课程学习,覆盖率达到100%。这个课程包括一系列为新员工提供的入职培训课程,以及涵盖品牌历史,产品和服务流程的学习资料。同时,每年举行的Coach的店长会议(SMC)邀请了来自中国大陆,中国香港,中国台湾,日本,韩国,新加坡,马来西亚和欧洲的店铺负责人共同参加。2019年的店长会议在澳门举行。2020年,由于疫情的影响,我们举行了线上的店长会议,约1000名同事共同参加。SMC为店铺精英提供了互相学习和交流的绝佳机会。


在 Coach, 我们的员工可以通过Coach Zone的微信平台随时随地了解到公司的最新通告和信息,看到学习的机会和预告。100% 的员工都注册并积极的通过Coach Zone参与到公司的最新活动中。



Coach全球员工信息系统以及员工服务中心的启动,使我们的雇员与用人经理对于团队的参与和管理拥有更多的自主权和职责感。这是对人员和人才管理的有力工具,提供了系统性、透明、实时/随需应变、易于操作的过程和系统,使员工在任何时间、任何地点都能使用。更重要的是,这是一个强大的平台来支持我们全球化的多品牌战略。来自26个国家的21, 000名员工都通过这一平台,尽享简便实时的系统支持和帮助。

同时,Coach通过认可和奖励计划及时认可总部和零售部门的高绩效员工。这个综合性和标准化的认可计划涵盖了多项内容:为新员工准备的“总裁早餐”,多元化的认可奖项,包括季度之星,长期服务奖,总裁奖,Lew Frankford奖。同时,零售部门的销售杰出员工将被授予百万美元俱乐部的认可。

随时随地,尽享便捷- 一流的线上工具和人力资源服务支援

我们提供最佳的全球人力资源系统(PeopleHub)和人员共享服务 - 使员工和管理人员对团队管理拥有高度的参与权和责任感。同时,它还是一个强大的人员和人才管理平台,系统化、透明、及时,易于使用的流程和系统,使员工可以随时随地,尽享便捷。


Coach关注员工的工作和生活平衡。Coach的办公室员工在每年的五月底至九月初都能享受Summer Hour。他们可以利用每周五下午的放假时光去更好为自己在工作之余充电。Coach拥有一支由11人组成的志愿者团队负责员工的关怀活动。包括各类活动:年会,健身,电影,足球和羽毛球,绘画,手工,陶艺,以及儿童节,妇女节,端午节,圣诞节等各类节假日活动。这些员工关怀福利在同事中获得了很高的认可度,大大提升了员工的忠诚度和归属感。

Coach Zone作为公司内部平台,会在第一时间向员工分享公司新闻,学习机会,活动报名以及值得庆祝的激动时刻。Coach Zone目前拥有100%的员工覆盖率,90%的注册率,帮助员工及时了解公司信息。



Coach China通过了持续努力,获得了雇主品牌建设的广泛认可:
  • 2020 年 Asia HR Award 最佳雇主奖;
  • 2019 年 Asia HR Award 最佳雇主奖;
  • 2018年Aon Hewitt 年度最佳雇主奖;
  • 2016年及2017年51job年度最佳雇主奖;
  • 2018年HRoot和the Great Place to Work ® 最佳雇主品牌宣传奖