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No.7, Guangyi Road, Nansha District,
Guangzhou, P.R.China

No.7, Guangyi Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou, P.R.China


Label & Packaging


Intelligent, Creative and Sustainable
Solutions that Elevate Brands and
Accelerate Performance Throughout
the Global Retail Supply Chain

Intelligent, Creative and Sustainable Solutions that Elevate Brands and
Accelerate Performance Throughout the Global Retail Supply Chain

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30,000++ (Worldwide)



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Avery Dennison entered the Chinese market in 1994 and has experienced strong annual sales growth. Today, the company employs approximately 10,000 employees in Mainland China with Avery Dennison's core businesses – Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS), Label and Graphic Materials (LGM), Industrial and Healthcare Materials (IHM) and Intelligent Labels (IL) – which have a strong presence in the Asia region. The company has a network of strategically located sales and distribution centers, including facilities in China (including mainland, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan), Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India.


Our workplace policies and practices are strong supports for the company to build a diverse, engaged and ethical workforce in a high performing and interdependent organization. The company is committed to creating a culture that advocates diversity and inclusion, promotes flexibility and provides equal opportunities to our employees to grow and develop their careers at Avery Dennison.

We have launched a workplace program to help build greater flexibility for our employees. The program features tools for managers and their teams to incorporate flexible schedules, remote working, and job sharing to help employees achieve work-life balance. We are committed to fostering an environment of inclusion as an integral part of the employee experience. We are a part of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge. Our aim is to create a more inclusive workplace where every employee has an opportunity to be and do their best.


Employee Benefits & Activities
We provide a comprehensive compensation and benefit program to attract talents and support employees' well- being. In addition to health, wellness and financial programs, the company is dedicated to supporting employees with their career development and providing rich learning opportunities. Avery Dennison demonstrates that we value the people who make our business happen.

Employee engagement is critically important to Avery Dennison. We conduct an annual global employee engagement survey to gather feedback from employees, then use that input to help make Avery Dennison an even better place to work. This survey allows us to reflect on our journey to become more competitive, faster and simpler, and enhance our efforts to build a winning team. We are proud that our employee engagement rate continues to rise each year.

Our high employee engagement score is also a reflection of the focus we place on ensuring employees feel connected and supported. One example of our ongoing efforts is the employee staff committee that we formed. This team arranges various activities and programs within the company to improve our employee engagement. Funded by the company, the committee organizes festival events such as International Women’s Day, Earth Day and Chinese Ethnic Minority Carnival. We share the company's success with the employees and hold celebration events for business achievements. Our aim is for employees to enjoy coming to work each day, and feel that they can bring their full selves to Avery Dennison.

Growing and Advancing the Career
When employees grow and perform, we all win - together. The company provides tools to help employees to create the plan and work towards clear goals, obtain continuous feedback, and support their ongoing development to grow, perform and succeed.

Our Career Development Toolkit helps employees find their focus, explore their options through the internal career center, develop their plan and create their future. Our online Development resources - Learning Adviser, enables agile learning anytime, anywhere, on- demand. All these tools and resources help our employees to be successful and equip them with the capabilities to perform at the next level as they advance their career.

Learning does not stop while working from home. It is equally important that employees take care of themselves. And because we know that home and work needs are interconnected, we support employees’ ‘whole self’. Our goal is to support and empower employees to be their best - at home and at work - by making it easy to access resources and help when they need it.


To continue leading the market and delighting our customers in an increasingly digitalised world, we must become more digital and data driven. Our strategic plan spans our four key business domains: customer experience, products and solutions, manufacturing, and employee and business processes.

Advancing our business along digital lines means changing the way we do things now. The digital journey represents opportunities for our employees to learn new skills, advance our capabilities, and actively innovate new ways to do our work, serve customers, and grow the business. We believe our digital workplace tools enable connection, collaboration and productivity across the enterprise. We are providing more opportunities for our employees to engage and learn via local and virtual sessions with leadership and training opportunities.


As a responsible company, Avery Dennison is committed to sustainable growth and strives to minimize our impact on the environment. Our products and solutions enable our customers' supply chains to be more sustainable. We have been working toward offering more sustainable solutions, including evaluating our products, processes and purposes. Equipped with an updated understanding of the social and environmental challenges facing our company and stakeholders, we reframed our eight original goals into three broader ones we’re aiming to meet by 2030, in areas where Avery Dennison can make the biggest impact. We continue to make great progress towards achieving these goals and more information can be found at www.averydennison.com/sustainability.

Our sustainability efforts are all about sustaining a thriving business that is a force for good - one that generates value in every respect for all involved. Our efforts in recent years have exceeded our goal for reducing absolute GHG emissions and are making steady progress towards achieving our 2025 sustainability goals leading Avery Dennison named to Barron as one of its 100 Most Sustainable US Companies, Forbes’ Best Employers for Diversity and Forbes' Global 2000 list of World's Best Employers for 2021.

The company also actively takes initiative to give back to the local communities. We organize a number of community programs that encourage our teams to get involved and make a positive difference, such as blood donation and environmental sustainability. For instance, we organized The Green Revolution campaign and raised 3,500+ RMB to support sustainability projects while achieving the energy saving of 3,500+ kilograms. We believe that by serving as a force for good, we can help advance education, sustainability and women's empowerment initiatives in many communities where our employees live, learn and work.

Thank you HR Asia for giving us the Award. It's such an honor for our management team and colleagues to be recognized. It's been a fast-changing and challenging environment over the past year. We have been trying our best to provide a digitalized, efficient and agile working environment, to support our colleagues to achieve a better work life balance, and be more adaptive for future career development. We believe employees in Avery Dennison are always company's greatest treasure. We will continuously strive to move forward and drive sustainable excellence.

首先要谢谢HR Asia颁这个奖给我们,这是对我们全体管理人员和同事们的认可。过去一年,运营环境仍然是多变,充满挑战的。我们尽我们最大的可能,为同事们创建数字化,高效灵活的工作环境,帮同事们建立工作和生活的平衡,以及更适应未来发展的职业规划。我们深知:员工是企业最大的财富。我们会继续努力,为同事们做得更好。

艾利丹尼森自1994年进入中国以来,年营业额持续增长,势头强劲。如今,在国内拥有逾10,000名员工, 经营公司的核心业务——零售品牌和信息解决方案(RBIS)、标签及标示材料(LGM)、工业及卫生保健材料(IHM)及智能标签(IL),并建立了一个强大的亚洲运营网络,在中国、日本、韩国、印尼、泰国、越南、斯里兰卡、孟加拉和印度等各个重要战略据点设立销售、生产和配送中心。









我们的“职业发展计划”帮助员工找到自己的目标, 透过内部线上职业规划中心探索他们的机会,制定个人发展计划,创造属于他们的未来。还有线上拓展资源——学习顾问,让员工可以快速灵敏、随时随地,按照个人需求进修。所有工具和资源,都有助于我们的员工取得成功,并使他们具备推动职业生涯更上一层楼的能力。




实现美好 (A Force for good)